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Latency Experience Comparison

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Forj, May 12, 2017.

  1. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    We all know that latency affects everything we do in-game, and that those with lower latency find it easier to hit targets and dodge attacks. I watch videos of people chaining headshots, and find myself thinking "That's not how it works for me - they'd dodge". So I thought it would be interesting to collect some footage of similar shooting at different latencies. I'm not making any point about balance or optimisation here, nor make an exhaustive analysis, just presenting the comparison with the intention to have you reconsider how universal your experience is.

    Now, there is an obvious skill gap here - I am nowhere near as good a shot as the other two. But the comparison isn't about how quickly we can kill things - it's how the targets react, and how the player is able to react to damage.

    Thanks to @EvLTimE and @DemonKingBAAL for the use of their video.

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  2. Davoodoo Recruit

    You can clearly see lag even on 25ms...
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  3. Saeritan Saeritan Arkhona Vanguard

    Looks like the hit detection issues many of us encounter are due primarily to latency then? Interesting.
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  4. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    You also have to take the targets latency into account as well.
  5. its the insta grenades that get me most. pity none on this vid but good comparison
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  6. b0ink7 Recruit

    Well logically the longer distance your packets have to travel the more datacenters and whatever it needs to travel through and thus more likely it will get lost on the way. But there's also an issue of the 'red blip hit' on client not actually relating to actual hits at all, i've killed people without the game telling me i actually scored a hit at all which I assume must be due to some desync on the enemy model and actual hitbox with the red blips only telling you if you hit the model displayed by your client.
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  7. TGM Jencent Arch-Cardinal

    @Forj i play with 110~160 ping and feel so much pain, when i hit the target and still take damage from "warp hitting". Or dying from stunned foe from his gunfire.
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  8. Forgrim Forj Battle-Skald

    That was one of the interesting things about comparing them - you see people reacting quickly and dodging at any latency, you see lag effects at any latency etc...The difference is how consistent these things are.

    It's certainly a factor. I've got some video that if you go frame by frame you can see me drop someone from 2/3rds health to dead with a single bolter round as the server catches up. I've also got video somewhere of me pouring HB shots into someone who takes no damage, only for someone to point out that I actually killed him - the kill notification and XP pops up and he's still moving.

    I think I'd deleted it, but I had video of me dying at the top of a JPA boost to a grenade that burst on the ground where I left. They can be pretty unforgiving at times.

    Unfortunately that's not something that's going to go away until someone invents FTL internet.
  9. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    Definitely a difference. Not as big of one as I expected on evltime's ping though. 250-380 is definitely noticable for obvious reasons hehe.
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  10. Dauntless Tyrium Steam Early Access

    The funny thing is I really haven't noticed lag when I play. Maybe its my internet or something but for the most part I die because I cant jump in close enough with my assault to kill ranged classes before they mow me down. But as for lag, I can honestly say I have never personally noticed any.

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