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Lash of Slaanesh Buffed, Flickering Fire/Stream still garbage

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by CyberneticSaturn, May 10, 2017.

  1. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    You wanna maximize stream? Stand in a window or at a high railing and cover doorways whole teams have to push into. Seriously a sorc at the balcony to any of the medusa points can poison entire pushes

    edit lulz at ma terribad cropping skills

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  2. Gaiton Recruit

    Hey, can you clarify what you mean by the charge/evade attacks with force axe - what's special about them? (I know strong attacks stun from behind, but I didn't realise there was anything else noteworthy about the axe)
  3. Saphirone Water_Snake Steam Early Access

    It stun if you take it, no matter which side you are hit, all heavy attack actually stun you. It's just that heavy attack are much more easier to land on the back of an enemy not seeing you coming, it's a free hit so it's better to make it count.
  4. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    He means Sprint attack/evade attack.
    Light assaults can't equip force weaponry so charge is out of the question.

    There are three different types of melee attacks in Eternal Crusade. These use a "Rock/Paper/Scissors" mechanic that determines which type of attack is best against certain others.

    - Fast Attack (Right click or click or RB) interrupts Strong Attack (hold left mouse button or RB)

    - Defensive Bash (left + right click or LB+RB) counters Fast Attack (left click or click or RB)

    - Strong Attack (hold right mouse button or RB) beats Defensive Bash

    Each type of attack then has a secondary version that affects its strength.

    - Sprint Attack (right click or click RB while sprinting) = Stronger version of Fast Attack

    - Evade Attack (right click or click RB while evading or jumping with a jump pack and being at less than 15 meters from the target) = Stronger version of Fast Attack equivalent to sprint attack with most weapons

    - Air charge (right click or click RB while jumping with a jump pack and being at more than 15 meters from the target) = Explosive dash on the ground

    and you know wats funny ?
    If devs did not make stupid mistakes !! you would not be asking this because it used to say on the tooltip but that got changed for some weird reason.
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  5. I have to call bullshit on putting your shield up for lash. Lash penetrates shield and kills in 3 or 4 hits, at 25 range you'd never make it to them with your shield up because they can move far more rapidly than you due to mark of slaanesh.
  6. NurgleBurger NurgleBurger Steam Early Access

    Lash also interrupts which is pretty huge and a reason why it was probably the most viable offensive power before the buff so yeah I'm a bit confused why that was chosen over the others as well.. well I'd be more confused if not for the so many backwards decision making process in this game already.
  7. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Yeah i don't really care about all that , i'm a shield bro i take damage all the time i said i'm not overly impressed with the damage drop off and range buff because it doesn't affect melee who fight within 20 meters anyways mate ., to me the spell is just as it was pre buff. and i didn't give a shit about it than so why would i give a shit about it now?

    I just pull my shield and walk forward i don't give a shit if lash penetrates there is prob more ppl with boltguns than sors with lashes shooting me. if anything i'd be yelling at the apoc to stop being such a pussy and inject me already.

    See you think of 1vs 1 .. but ... this isn't a 1 vs 1 game.
    all you really managed to say is : i just re-discovered its already know use!! ITS AWESOME!!
    Yes we know . and some of us didn't care back then and don't care much now.
    Spell became better at range . melee doesn't fight at range.
    And tbh you'd be better off aiming that thing at the bolter guys next to me instead of at me ...
    let ur Melee tie up the bro's and then shoot them down after you dealt with their ranged support , why you wasting suppression on a dude with out a gun than can be crowd controlled easily anyways
  8. I gave the Lash a try yesterday and holy hell, it's super effective!
    3 Bodyshots are 90% enough to kill a target, 1 Body + 1 Headshot enough to wreck Marines.
    And even if you don't land the 2nd shot, he's marked for death with a debuff afterwards and won't hold out for long.
    Improved Range makes it just much easier, and it costs 100LP.

    But... Lash was allready effective before this, when you look at Flickering Joke which could really have used a buff... i don't get it! It seems so random what the dev's do...
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  9. It will literally kill you with your shield up in around 2 - 3 seconds. You clearly have never actually encountered someone competent who uses it - try using it for yourself if you haven't. It's really damn good now. Someone with their shield up is the best target cause they can't move quickly to evade. I've done this many, many times to shield bros. Lash was already amazing at close ranges, now it's good at mid range too.

    Yeah it's totally crazy. That's why I made the post, I literally can't understand why they did this but then left flickering fire alone. I'd actually rate lash as strong as a bolter now with all of the changes, to be honest. It's used differently than the bolter but it's effective in a lot more situations than it was with that extra range. At least the nurgle poison being left alone makes sense in a way since it could be pretty strong if you could get it to chain to multiple people, but flickering fire just has no situation where it's worthwhile to use, and it costs more than lash too...
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  10. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    that's 95% of the player base mate.

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