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Lair Missions; Thoughts and Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Maelgwyn, Oct 15, 2016.

  1. Maelgwyn Maelgwyn Recruit

    Having played a few PvE sessions and put up with its long queue times, I can't help but feel PART of the reason why it's as underwhelming and relatively depopulated (even as LSM) as it is is due to it not really being anything besides an unremarkable XP grind disjointed from the PvP core. As it stands, this seems like a glorified expansion of the garrison where one can get a feel for loadouts against hostile targets, rather than something standing in its own legs. Even if the devs polish and expand this game mode, it will still be tacked onto the game proper without some form of incentives to ensure player retention. Back in the days of overpromising and underdelivering, the Tyranid missions were meant to return items once completed successfully, as I understand it. With this in mind, I have thought of some ways the Lair missions can be made to matter in the larger picture.

    - Upon successful completion, the players receive a loot box depending on performance: This can be used to take the grind away from the main game for newcomers, and diminish performance gaps between the grinded and ungrinded. While LP is no substitute for player skill and team coordination, throwing underequipped FNGs into the meatgrinder isn't good for either the FNGs getting verbal abuse from frustrated veterans not the team which foregoes a slot to get someone without loadout flexibility. The inherent risk of this suggestion is of course that PvE would become the dumping ground for noobs. Generally only boxes around 1K-5K would be obtainable in normal mode. Hard mode may return boxes around 5k-12k. Resorting to tactics such as leaving allies behind to reach the area exit would result in global performance penalties.

    - Continued faction success on Lair mission offers minor global boosts: This one can be tricky, as it can err between uselessness or broken depending on implementation. Either extra LP or the equivalent of a minor upgrade trinket jump to mind as possibilities. The faction progress could be tracked in the War Map screen, for tracking and flavor.

    - Unlockable 'Nid-themed Cosmetics: A self-explanatory suggestion, even if it would be exclusively focused on improving PvE numbers. March to war in style in your brand new synapse skull hat and whatnot. This could become a cruel joke if one received extra XP for downing an enemy clad in Tyranid trophies..

    Thoughts, more suggestions and plain old insults are welcome.
  2. Kemsa Kemsa Steam Early Access

    Well the mission is fun you now, being a fan of Xenomorphs since i have 2 years old... yeah blame my brother.
    So doing something like "ALIENS" fighting these creepy monsters in tight hallways for me its just Kreygasmisc. The only thing that triggers me its the animation for the Tyranids, they look so dull, like "am gona gat chu :smilyface:"
    The other maybe issue is the light, the mode needs to be more dark, no lights, use flashlights, more random events, let that mode be the creepy one in this "DARK GRIM FUTURE" and blah blahs jackirimakirish,
    Now for the reward, this mode needs special currency that let you buy special weapons only obtainable in the Lair PvE system, as a REWARD for being badass and spending your time playing against the computer.
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  3. Stellario Steam Early Access

    What should be expect from a game by the maker of Dark Souls:
    - Brutal hard dungeon requires planning for every step
    - Smothering atmosphere making every check point seems like a utopian paradise
    - The feeling of weight on every single strike and the sound of lacerated flesh or beaten up armor plate from every hit.
    - Haunting boss fights with bosses possessing variety of moves that requires careful footwork and precise timing of dodges.
    - Perfect hit box detection making combat hard but never cheap.
    What we got: this...
  4. Why even bother plating PvE in EC? We will soon have Deathwing for this, and in a year time we might even have PvP in Deathwing, putting the last stone in EC's grave.
  5. Dark Souls was made by FromSoftware. Eternal Crusade is Behaviour's first actual (as in, not a port or asset outsource) game as a studio.
  6. Fenrir4life Fenrir4life Subordinate

    I would love to see working melee counters to the nid warriors, personally. Their normal melee swing hits too hard, both in terms of damage and in terms of impact weight, for how little it telegraphs, and it appears immune to bash/kick.
    Make rules apply to the PvE enemies- make them have to reload(spawn more borer projectiles, anyway), make them able to miss, make melee combat against them consist of something other than a frantic, futile spamfest directed at their back. Given their speed, their blades seems like they should be axe-teir, but they never actually lose clangs, even against a power fist.
    The ranged warriors have a separate, but related problem. Again, the rules don't apply to them. The spray of projectiles never ends- I'm not saying they should be able to run out of ammo, that would be silly from a gameplay perspective, and downright counter to the lore. But they should have some kind of burst limit- only able to launch so many borers before they need to prep more.
    Now, yes, nid warriors are supposed to be tough, but if someone is willing to forgo efficacy against gaunts to bring a counterweapon for them, it should probably actually be a viable counter.
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  7. Dude, Meltas and Powerfists, just destroy Warriors, it's not even funny.
  8. Xenomach Xenomach Recruit

    Leaderboards for fastest completions, least heals used, most damage dealt, runs with fewer party members, etc.

    Possibly rewards for top places on a weekly or monthly basis.
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  9. What would be cool is them deploying random tyranid spawns in pvp matches, attacking everyone (like crawling out of pipes and ducts. That would be a good pve feature imo ^^
  10. Fenrir Fenrir22 Cipher

    Would love to see more nids, but less HP over all,,,, and to have the warrior's NOT TAKE MORE DAMAGE THAN A BANEBLADE!

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