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Lack of players killing this game

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Duximus, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Recently developer put 50% discount on steam.
    I can guess only 2 things from this action.
    First, they are trying to bring more players by discounting eternal crusade, which is already free to play.
    Secondly, they just trying to get last cash grab before this game get shut down around end of 2017 due to only 200 to 300 players.
    I still remember when the first f2p launched where 2k players fighting in the battle grounds both pve and pvp with fast queues.
    now average queue time is 5 to 10min and matchmaking is horribly unbalanced due to lack of players such as 10 vs 15.
    Well I guarantee some of you will say I am still bitching about this game, but i have to keep bitching about it because game is nearly unplayable at this rate.
    We need more players and to bring more players devs should constantly update or deploy campaign weekly. seriously
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  2. Horus Firskon Cipher

    Yep. No content. No optimization. There is no good ping. But there are developers who shit on the consumer.
  3. ranel003 ranel003 Preacher

    I think the execs should post up on the forums why they pulled all the devs and basically grabbed our cash an left us with an unfinished game. Then again that would require good business ethics which I see they don't have.
  4. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    Lets talk about two kinds of MMO that are profitable.
    one is well made game with decent contents for both new players and endgame with high popularity and lots of love. Such as WoW, GW2(I love this game personally still playing )
    second is somewhat fine game with somewhat decent contents but most contents are p2w so people spending money though they hate this game. Such as Archeage, Black Dessert.

    So where does EC fits in any 2 of these? NONE
    this game is unfinished and does not have speicific goals to achieve, To make matters worse, they lack so many contents. there are not enough cosmetics or skins, not enough game modes.

    I was going to waste 20 dollars on dat new damned legion but I didn't due to its stupid face and restricted weaponary.
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  5. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Im getting tired of these so-called 'discussions'. @Asheru do we really need this trash? @KatieFleming maybe give them their own subforum maybe where they can whine about the state of the game all day undisturbed by us buzzkills who are enjoying it?
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  6. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    I cannot believe you are enjoying this game. yeah only few 50 players like u may enjoy this game but seriously
    we don't have enough players! we need at least 1k people to make this game active both pvp and pve.
    pve is completely DEAD and pvp queue time is way long unless we are in campaign or something.
    I am talking about problem of this game is facing right now and u are calling it trash?
    Then explain why you really think only 2oo to 300 playerbase would keep this game alive.
  7. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

  8. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    Ok. Whether or not the game is 'fun' is subjective and I wont hold it against you if you perceive that differently than I do.

    But let me ask you a question, and not a rethorical one:
    How is complaining that we dont have enough players going to change anything about not having enough players?
    Becaus ethat is all you do here: complaining. You dont offer any constructive criticism and definetely no solutions. All you do is point out a problem we all know exists.
    Noone forces you to be constructive, to try and put effort into saving the game, but if you arent doing that, why dont you just shut up instead?
    Because, let me give you a hint, if your intention is to save the game, trying to convince other people that the Devs are just doing a last cash-grab is not really helpful.
    So I gotta ask myself, if you are not trying to save the game: Why are you still here?
    And why are you bringing this up, unless your intention is purely destructive and malicious and you want to do the excat opposite of 'saving' anything.
  9. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

    I did point out the solution for current problem. I said dev should deploy campaign a weekly or bring up contents even if it is small content. Take a closer
    We do have right to shout and express against what is wrong. Then will you just shut up and follow authority even if they are doing wrong?
    I've suggested many features that could improve gameplay. But they turned game into f2p and i was so disappointed and took 5 months break and when i returned guess what? it is devestating not much change through out 5 month break.
    So plz do not manipulate somone's opinion by keep them silence.
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  10. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    1) I dont think they can update weekly. Content creation with such a small team is not easy.
    2) I dont think they should update weekly. Pouring all ressources into short-term 'another mod here' is life-support. It is exactly what we dont want: keeping the game alive as long as possible to make more money.
    The fact that they, with their skeleton crew, sit down and actually take on bigger projects, engine transfer, new gameplay mechanics, tells me more than everything else that they still hope for this game.
    EC is not an early-access title, but it is in a very simular situation:
    There are two kinds of early-access developers I know:
    -The kind that comes with an 'extremely exciting' update every other week and always delivers content
    -And the ones who focus on the unimpressive background work and eventually release a working game
    I prefer the latter, its perfectly understandable if you dont.
    I think it would help if they tested more balance changes, and not on UAT but on live. Or if they added easy content like new mods that dont even need their own icons.
    But it would be foolish to think they havent thought of that which means there is a reason they are not doing it.

    They do run bi-weekly campaigns, in case you havent noticed. One week up- one week downtime.
    Actual, weekly campaigns would only make them less interesting and once everyone has collected enough RTC-rewards, they would stop logging on.
    Bi-weekly is usually a good schedule if you want something to be frequent but still worth checking out.

    I will try to tell you again, since I dont believe you quite understood me the first time:
    There is nothing wrong with voicing criticism. It is prefectly understandable to be dissappointed or frustrated, there are plenty of legitimate concerns about the game's health.
    The problem is that the way you are voicing your concerns, you are not making things better.
    I am not sure, if you are making them worse, you might be, but even in the best-case-scenario, you accomplish absolutely nothing, this post is either entirely pointless or utterly destructive.
    Of course you can 'shout and express whats wrong' but why would you? Again, its pointless!
    I mean, what do you think is gonna happen?
    You wanna know, what I believe? I believe you used to genuinely enjoy Eternal Crusade and wanted to help the game thrive. You continuously faced disappointments, and you feel helpless, dont know, what to do at this point.
    However, you still cant quite let go, not by yourself.
    So, instead, you are looking for an excuse. What you really want is for people on this post to tell you that this game is, in fact, dead, so you feel more justified in your decision to leave it behind.
    You are not trying to convince any of us that the game is dead, you are trying to convince yourself, and the best way to do so is to have us tell you it is.
    Its funny you mentioned GW2 before, because that is when I first started to be highly active in forums and also first encountered this 'game is ded'-mentality.
    I used to think it was error of judgement, now I believe it is a sign of weakness.
    On that note: People said that 'GW2 is dead' for pretty much the entire lifespan of the game to this day.

    Whether or not the game is alive is pretty much your decision. Its is not an objective truth, but a subjective one.
    As long as the servers are up and running, the game can be alive, but it doesnt have to be.
    Enjoying Eternal crusade is not an inherent state of being, but a choice.

    There will be a day when this game is not fun anymore(to me), and that day I will simply quit playing it. And if I feel like it again, I come back. But as long as this game is fun, I will do everything in my power to make sure other people share my enjoyment and my passion for it.
    I believe in the concept of 'enthusiasm'. If you are not enthusiastic about something, dont do it.
    Being enthusiastic about EC is something completely different from just playing the game, it means to actively and conciously enjoy the game.
    If you are unwilling to put 100% of your energy and dedication into an activity, most likely that activity aint worth doing.
    And that doesnt mean I have to be all happy sunshine and everything is fine. I still complain about balance, I still get pissed of, I am not blind to existing problems or white-knighting or anything.
    It just means that I dont have to force myself to keep playing, I want to, even if it means complaining and frustration and writing thousands of words on concepts. That additional effort is part of the fun, actually.
    Just like a hard match can be fun. Of yourse you get upset if your team just gives a point away, but it will feel even better if you retake it on your own and save the match.
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