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Kil's Wh40k Art Thread ^^

Discussion in 'Fan Art, Cosplay, & Fiction' started by Kilgar, Oct 18, 2013.

  1. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Welcome to my thread :)

    NOTE: you can use any of the unit portraits for forum avatars that you find in this thread! ^^ Feel free to do so :) I'll add more as I'm finished with them ^^

    Some of you may already know me from different places (like DA, SW:TOR, TESO, ect.) ^^

    First off, I LOVE WH40k and WH Fantasy :D I've read a lot of the books, played tabletop for a bit (Tau and Tyranid) and played DoW 1-2 to the death x)
    And btw, I'm an illustrator/concept artist :) I usually like to draw sci-fi (especially darker mooded stuff :D) and fantasy and I thought I'll share my small WH40k related artwork here ^^ These are all made for a mod for Dawn of War 2 - Retribution, Elite Mod and there will be more as I manage to push them out as the time goes ^^

    Although, these are mostly Grey Knight, I think they would still fit right in with this games forum ;) Will get some other factions like IG, CSM, Eldar, Ork going too laters =) As time allows me to draw these ^^;

    As for the non-Wh40k related artwork you can check these two places:

    Anyways here it is, enjoy :D You guys can use these as avatars if you like ^^
    (Apologise for the lot of posts, but the site only allows 2x pic/messege xD)

    Ork Painboy, Chaos Raptor
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  2. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    (from left to right) Blood Raven Vanguard Veteran, Assault Terminator
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  3. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    (from left to right) Grey Knight Brother-Captain, Interceptor
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  4. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    GK Purgation Squad, Strike Squad

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  5. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    GK Terminator and Terminator Librarian

  6. BulkZerker Bulk Subordinate

    Damn, do you do commissions?
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  7. Kilgar Kilgar Cipher

    Aye I do commissions ^^
    Just let me know what you need :)
  8. mge perchesleipner Subordinate

    awesome pictures really
  9. Stretch Stretch Subordinate

    This got to be my favourite of the ones I've seen so far but in saying that, They are all really awesome! :eek:
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  10. Gilbourne Gilbourne Active Member awesome pics i must say.

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