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[keep Bumped!] Chance To Rename The Csm 'tactical' Class !

Discussion in 'Chaos Space Marines' started by Ideas_McGee, Oct 29, 2014.

  1. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    This isn't a good result?
  2. Sigvald Darthy Curator

    Oh! Also while it's on my sleep addled mind: Marauders I know are the name of Chaos ground forces in fantasy and i'm fairly certain that many/most of our other choices were taken by something else, or were simply cumbersome. In hindsight, if we factor in that Legionnaires wouldn't properly represent renegades I would hazard a guess that the final list might of been two choices or that traitor might of been the only viable choice at all.
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  3. I was shocked to hear the title of "Traitor" being given to Chaos Tactical units. Not mixing words, it's total bullshit IMO. If it is GW, it's more efforts by them to promote Ultramarine sales and further efforts to portray Chaos Legions as degenerate Chaos rabble.

    If the decision was Behavior's, well I'm a bit disappointed. Legionary seemed more then reasonable.

    I imagine requesting 50 times a day "guys we need more Traitor units with meltas and ____ to outpost___". Traitor this, Traitor that.... bullshit.
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  4. I certainly agree, I've liked Black Libraries push to make the Chaos faction seem more rounded and balanced between horrible actions, but compelling motivations.

    This is a step backwards, pretty much saying "remember you're just the bad guys, you'll always be wrong."
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  5. Phorrdeus Phorr Recruit

    I dunno, traitor just means someone who broke allegiance. There is no mention of whether it was justified or not. Maybe they could change the name to Conscientious Traitor.

    Speaking of, I wish could turn traitor from my phones keyboard.
  6. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    Exactly right. The Legion members at Istvaan behaved treacherously. Horus and the turncoat Primarchs knew it, a couple were sad but thought it necessary, others were eager to settle old scores.

    It was Abaddon who actually applied the moniker of 'Traitor' for the forces present the very first time following that betrayal of brother and oath, long before the Imperium ever branded them the "Traitor Legions":
    I know that won't satisfy everyone, especially those who espouse Failbaddon's lameness but it does serve to inject some irrefutable background history into the EC name. Whether they thought the Emperor betrayed them first, they struck the first blow as kin-slayers in a horrific and clandestine fashion. Oh, and in hindsight the reason Legionnaire probably didn't make it is because of the damned LSM. RTS store LotD Hero is a Damned Legionnaire :(

    Damned Damned Legionnaire.

    *edit: Technically the 1KSons were not traitors as a Legion. They were betrayed by Horus to the Space Wolves acting in their role as executioners of the Imperium.
  7. If that's the reason than I suppose the term Chaos Space Marine needs to be changed to Chaos Interstellar Naval Commando... Since we can't use the same titles used by the Imperium. That would be ridiculous.... Obviously.... Just as ridiculous as saying we can't call Chaos Tac units Legionary because there are Imperial units that have the same title.

    My reply is directed at Behavior or GW Laan..... Not you.
  8. wraith wraith Active Member

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  9. Laanshor Laanshor Well-Known Member

    No worries mate. I have thick skin even for a Chaos Interstellar Naval Commando (trademark that) :p

    That's only my theory anyway. I do agree it's some silly shit, but GW are notoriously crazy ... emotional ... careful with naming conventions. Wouldn't shock me if Legionnaire was too close in their eyes. I think I've become immune to the shock of the 'careful' way GW operate :(
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  10. If it's the case that certain names didn't qualify it seems like they could have responded with the ones that were disqualified. I mean, Legionnaire got a huge segment of the vote, while Traitor got what like 6 votes compared to other ones that got 5. Somehow I think if the voters had been aware that Legionnaire was not available I don't think Traitor would still be in the top 3.

    My new vote would be;

    Seeing as Legionnaire, Reaver, and Raider are taken.

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