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Justaerin - Chaos Warband

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by LordArkaneth, Jun 20, 2014.

  1. LordArkaneth LordArkaneth Active Member

    +Incoming transmission
    +Location Classified…
    +Tracing Signal...
    +Access override...
    +Location primed: Segmentum Obscurus, Space-Station Gathara


    +Requesting permission to open dataslate

    +++Start Transmission+++​

    Fellow Legionnaires,

    Too long have we cowered in the shade of the Warmaster Abaddon. Too long has the Black Legion felt the grip of disappointment and have we been scolded by the Chaos Gods. Our Black Crusades were minor successes or major disappointments.
    I have personally basked in the glory of fighting the False Emperor’s Astartes on Terra. For I am Arkaneth, Justaerin of the Black Legion’s First Company. For ten millennia we have faced barely any progression upon the fleeting Empire of Man and our honour has been waning by the years. The Chaos Gods think we are a mockery and a blasphemy in their Unholy Trials.

    I sayeth nay. Feth Abaddon, feth the Black Legion. We will reinstate our True Name! For we will keep our armour black in remembrance. Henceforth we shall name ourselves Justaerin, most elite of all Astartes. We will bear arms and taketh away everything our opponents have. For we are the XIV Legion, greatest of all, mightiest servants of the Gods!
    Like our True Warmaster Horus, we will employ any means necessary to defeat our foes and bath in their blood. Our tactical might is superior and our martial prowess unmatched! We will no longer follow orders from infidels and take our defeats lightly. For we will only succeed! The Galaxy shall burn!

    I have chosen you, most able of our Legionnaires to renew your allegiances and follow the legacy of our Primarch! Lupercal Supremis! We will aebathan Arkhona.

    Arkaneth, Justaerin Prime

    +++End Transmission+++​

    +++Further Instructions+++​

    +Legion colours remain: Black with Golden Trim (To honour our fallen Primarch).
    +Heraldy: Eye of Horus
    +Warcry: Lupercal Supremis!
    +Join our website:
    +Inform on our website’s events whether you join during the Founder’s Program or during the release
    +Primarily EU-based
    +Other Chaos factions are allowed – but have to submit to the hierarchy of the Justaerin

    +Justaerin Prime (Warband Leader)
    +Justaerin Lord (Strikefore Commander)
    +Justaerin Captain (Squad Captain)
    +Justaerin (First Company Terminator (fluff-rank))
    +Astartes Traitoris (Member)
    +Cultist (Recruit)
    Every player is able to allocate their time at their own admission. We only ask for full loyalty and prefer main-characters within the Chaos-faction. If you betray us or our allies or behave irritatingly, you will be removed and executed (friendly fire).
    According to the nature of the game, we will RP slightly, but not enforce endless story-telling. RP in our guild means using Razor’s Voice-Modulation to shout obscenities in 40k-style and make yourself appear as a Chaos Space Marine in-game. Kill, maim, burn! Eternal Crusade is not about making campfires, but organizing a Black Crusade against our enemies.
    +RP-lite (or rather meaningful, immersive)

    Feel free to comment, ask questions and if you’re Chaos, need a guild, hate Abaddon, yet still like the Black Legion... Join us!
  2. Valrak Valrak Arch Cardinal Superior

    Great to see another established Chaos guild, hope to meet you on the battlefield and bring the Emperors justice :)
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  3. LordArkaneth LordArkaneth Active Member

    Thank you. I'm sure we'll exchange bolter-shells one day and sacrifice you in the name of the Chaos Gods ;)
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  4. Ahri Reaperchild Active Member

    yes more chaos, and the grow power of the immaterium and thus more sacrifice will be made in the name of the dark gods.. Glory to the dark gods. and hey nice speech you got up there..
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  5. LordArkaneth LordArkaneth Active Member

    My gratitude, Brother. The Immaterium will soon overwhelm Arkhona and darkness will rule. It is good to hear my speech riles up our brethren.
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  6. From one new Chaos guild to another, best of luck. :D

    I look forward to the wake of death we shall leave on Arkhona!
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  7. LordArkaneth LordArkaneth Active Member

    So do I, Lord Spaga... Soon all will cower for the combined might of the Warp!
  8. EkkaddonJoe Ekaddon Arkhona Vanguard

    I'm game!

    Glory to Horus!

    I'm going to run a character for every Legion if I can, but the Sons of Horus are by far my favs!
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  9. LordArkaneth LordArkaneth Active Member

    You're free to register at the website. All legions are allowed, though I think other legions will be included as vassals to Justaerin.
    I plan on recreating the same structure The Lunar Wolves/Sons of Horus used pre-heresy in military-structure, albeit with different names emphasizing the importance of the Justaerin Terminators (who will be the First Chapter/Company). So your other characters can join as well. If you don't want Terminator-armour, you can lead as a Lord Commander in one of the other Companies. I'm currently trying to get at least 10 Lord Commanders actively involved in shaping the guild, you may be the first. ;)

    It will have some similarities to loyal astartes, but then the Justaerin are prideful in their origins and also use it as a mockery.
  10. EkkaddonJoe Ekaddon Arkhona Vanguard

    Oh I WANT Terminator armor, I'd just be embarassed that I'm a leading member of the shock assault squad of termies and bam I die and lose my termie armor for the rest of the day's gameplay.

    Will we be doing Sons of Horus color scheme? I have all 3 FW books and love the old tribal look.
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