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Just Wanted To See How Much Money Was Dumped Into Founders Day

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Njal Bjornson, Jun 26, 2014.


Which Founders Package did you buy?

  1. Limited Edition Weapons ($35)

  2. Warrior Package ($40)

  3. Sergeant Package ($80)

  4. Captain Package ($120)

  5. Heresy Package ($250)

  6. Xeno Package ($450)

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. Cronty Cronty Curator

    I'm gonna sit on my RTP until they release Necrons. o_O

    I wonder if there will be limited edition weapons for the other factions too...
  2. Thresh Phelan_Stonewolf Well-Known Member

    You do know it's more likely to see the Necrons as NPCs like Tyranids...right?
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  3. Heresy Pack. Spent more than I should have.... Spent most of the points but I can pull them back for better things when they are released.
  4. Njal Bjornson Active Member

    I'm gonna sit on the RTP until badass space wolf gear comes out as well. Question is there going to be specific space wolf gear or is each piece of gear customizable to each faction?
  5. I went Heresy Pack. Wasn't planning on it initially but after crunching the numbers, it ended up being the best "bang for the buck" no pun intended. Would have gone with the Xenos, IF it included the weapons. I mirror the remark "cautiously optimistic." Like I said in another post... I think Behavior knows what is at stake with this game. It can really put them on the map for a long time to come.

    Actually I think they said they would like to release all the core races over time as playable... with the exception being the Tyranids. We as players could never successfully emulate a "hive mind" approach, especially since the vast majority of tyranids are (dangerous) cannon fodder. I think the toughest races to implement would be Imperial Guard and Necron though. The IG if you keep true to the source material, relies on numbers and vehicles to overwhelm their opponents - can't have everyone driving around in a Leman Russ tank. I think just about every book I've read where the IG isn't the main foil of the story has them being chewed up and spit out by whatever they're up against unless they are dramatically numerically superior. Sisters of Battle could be twisted enough you could probably have them "make sense" by opposing the loyalist astartes for some reason. But Necron... now there's a challenge. As someone else posted on another topic of conversation... how do you pull that off? The vast majority of the Necron footsoldiers are almost mindless automatons - not sure how much enjoyment you would get playing as them, nor how "custom" you could make your character's appearance, but I suppose if you pull in some of the more "exotic" of their units and tone them down a bit, it's feasible. I think Tau is the best bet for the 5th faction to be added. There's enough variety there to get 4 or 5 classes with some heroes in the mix.
  6. flip flip Preacher

    5th race gonna be Tau you heard it here first
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  7. Got the Heresy pack. Hoping it gives access to purchase other Heresy items with points as things go along, as I'd rather not have to fork out lots of money per item, but we'll see how it goes.

    Will be interesting to see how often they add items to the store too! Saw Miguel say August was most likely for the next batch, so keen to see what they produce

  8. Marshal, did you see Miguel's post as to the "why" behind the pricing for HH items? Games Workshop has stated that a maximum of 5% of the total player population is allowed to have them. Hence the pricing is meant to help "regulate" a bit. Miguel also said in another post that items will be added monthly beginning in August.
  9. Erobar Erobar Steam Early Access

    I can't decide between getting the Captain pack or the Heresy pack. They're both so great! TOO MANY CHOICES! :confused:
  10. Njal Bjornson Active Member

    Are crons for sure confirmed NPC's. I think all the Tomb King stuff that happened to them there would be plenty of characterization for people and they would a powerful ally for anyone getting zerged by Space Marines.
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