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Just the facts about world maps

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BrentEllison, Jul 25, 2016.

  1. Brent Ellison BrentEllison Former Lead Game Designer

    I'm just the guy who tells you what we're working on right now so here goes:

    At launch (as currently planned):

    o There will be a map representing the conquest of the factions.

    o The map will show battles currently being waged.

    o You will pick your battle type (Skirmish, Grand, Garrison or Lair) as you do now and be automatically placed in one of the battles.

    Short-term goals (very soon):

    o There will be a campaign system by which your victories during the campaigns tie into your faction’s global victory conditions and provide rewards for the participants.

    o Fortresses have unlock conditions, and are more valuable than other battles.

    Medium-term goal:

    o Commanders will decide attack vectors against specific factions and play stratagems to aid them.

    o Players can pick which battle they want to join from among those attack vectors, and victory has a clear impact directly on the territories.

    Long-term goals:

    o Open territory battles & a major shake-up of the strategic-level game.
  2. That soon word again. How many times has that ever actually been soon? You mean months right? Many months. Long term meaning what, year? more? This doesn't answer anything more than the interview that pissed everyone off.
  3. (wrote this up in the previous rant thread before closure)

    Going back to this nonsense:
    I like how everyone here is cherry-picking out the persistent world map and not things like "3 different PvE mission types," (we only have one currently, Purge) "warlords," (long since put down to post-launch) "1,000s of weapons, armour augmentations," (we have less than one hundred total currently) "100's of items and ammo upgrades," (nothing there yet) and "veterans, heroes, & elites." (also long since scratched down for post-launch)

    This whole infographic is pretty much null and void, and has been for some time now. Stop taking this as the "promise." (Also, what sane persone ever goes into funding a game and expects "promises?" Bet you folks spend millions on Kickstarters and expect every single product to succeed, don't you?)

    Furthermore, the whole open world/persistent map/expansive MMO/whatever-the-crap-you-want-to-pidgeonhole-your-current-argument-into-just-to-argue-semantics deal has been addressed over a year ago in State of the Crusade IV:
    It blows my mind that so many people are just now catching on that none of this stuff will be here at launch.
  4. Brent Ellison: Lead Game Designer (& PR Intern)

    Be gentle guys. He's new at the PR part.
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  5. Zhull Zhull Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply Brent.
    Good luck with the game!

    ~Players in the last 2 weeks: 17,153 ± 3,318 (29.23%)
    Players total: 56,503 ± 6,023 (96.28%)
    Peak concurrent players yesterday: 255
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  6. Nathan Richardsson Oveur Senior Producer

    And as the guy that determines what's on the schedule, I can confirm this. It's our highest priority within the first 3 months to add to the entire map, campaign etc. and expand on it, based on how it all works out in reality on the live servers. We aren't going anywhere after launch, we just keep expanding. For free.

    I realize "after launch" is a broad term but we've outlined this direction before and we haven't gone away from it so here you have it in more solid form than just a vague "after launch". Hope this helps.

    Also, thank you Zoran for having us for 2 hours!

    Adding to answer here so people don't miss the later answer:

    We haven't decided on a launch date nor the final extent or depth of each individual feature at launch.

    That's why we can't give you hard dates, they don't exist yet. Otherwise I would happily share.

    Adding more here:

    Uhm, that's actually pretty close and accurate description of where we'll be shortly (months) after launch. Thanks! :D

    Why are dates and features so fluid? Because we're making a game. You don't ask yourself "It'll probably take these 3 people 2 weeks to make a fun system" you say, "this will take 3 people to 2weeks to make the first iteration, then we'll see how it works and what we need to change". Some times it works in the first or second and we're fine.

    Sometimes it still doesn't work in the 13th iteration (grmbl hello Melee system). And that cuts into the time other stuff would have gotten.

    Regarding the infographic, I do aim to update that when I have more solid information and dates. If we'd be a normal developer, we wouldn't even have published it but this is what we believe we can achieve easily. It's not gone, nothing of it and the steam page says clearly in detail that these are goals. It's all there, just expand all the boxes of information, especially the "Early Access" box.

    Adding further reply from me.
    Good morning everyone, I haven't read the previous 20 pages so apologies, we have our hands full with the UAT and Early Access update right now. But I do have tea and am apparently less stressed than about getting in all these features, how much of the feature is pre-launch and post-launch. This might be because we are an online game and we will continually add for years to come, even eventually the wildest dreams.

    Your concerns have been noted many times, now and before when we've talked about the meta, just as we ourselves are concerned about what enters the game and when. Moving things around in time is like killing unicorns for us. We feel it too.

    It's pretty trivial though to add to a game in expansions, new systems, replace systems etc. post launch so if you're in doubt about that, this is common practice in the online industry and is quite commonplace. Not expanding post-launch is the death of an online game.

    That we switch from "Early Access" to launch isn't a big operation on our end, we flip a switch on the Steam page. The launch date is for the street date of retail boxes. That's a bit more than flipping that switch on Steam.

    I'm happy to pick this up on Twitch Friday but as usual, and hopefully share more there if I get confirmation on things this week which I've been promised and waiting for for a long time. Yeah, it happens to all of us :)

    Again, thanks for believing in us. I can't blame you if you don't any more. Transparency, Early Access, Alpha, Beta ... this is a side effect this project decided to live by and take the consequences from. Including your choice to leave.

    Game development is slow and ugly, filled with masochists that still try to make it work. I hope you all have a great day.
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  7. Cabal Trainee CabalTrainee Arkhona Vanguard

    I argue to be kept in the loop and for updates on the steam store page. Don´t see the problem with my viewpoint. Especially the page that tells people what they are paying for should be updated.
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  8. Kell Kell Well-Known Member

    Campaign within first 3 months? Wasn't there be supposed the expansions? If we don't get what's on infographic at's all somewhere in the future
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  9. the_dtox the_dtox First Blood!

    @BrentEllison . Thanks for clarifying what you said in the interview. Alas, i fear there will simply be no 'long-term', without a reason to keep playing to get there. While this is some form of 'global' war, it doesn't feel tangible or relatable to the soldiers fighting it. We are still simply picking 'find match' to wage what should be exciting 4 faction tactical warfare.

    If I'm not mistaken, we all thought we would be going in through the World Map 100% of the time, and selecting the front we wanted to fight, with an indication of the race/faction and/or map we were fighting.

    Does it even matter what factions we fight or where we fight them? How do Tyranids even tie into this method? We are simply forced to tap 'Lair' when our faction is being swarmed, or will this have no effect on the short-term campaign goals?

    Old players and new players alike will want more than just a 60 player map 40k skin shooter when this game is released. If you want people to invest in this game further, through the store and fresh blood, we'll simply need more. But i totally understand this is likely all down to the publishers and cross-platforming.

    I have sold at last 4 referrals alone on the idea of the Global Map alone and its disappointing to see it become a shell of what we expected, at least on release.
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  10. Sorta like how the Eldar where going to be around by Jan? How all this steam page stuff says launch but its not anymore? Lets be real, nobody wants promises anymore as you guys break them almost as easy as breathing. We want to see results, results we have not seen in a long time and payed a lot of backing for on your gave even after it was stated to be " fully funded". Any time you guys have honestly given us a vague soon or " insert period of time" it was lies, pushed back further and further and further and in many cases simply cut from the game and given a " Whenever we get around to it after launch if ever" type of answer.
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