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Just My Orky Opinion On: The Eldar

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Poked, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Ohyoupokedme Poked First Blood!

    There have been a bunch of these threads but I say the more the better. We are testers, after all. Feedback is worth the extra thread.

    So... pansies.

    I've played two rounds as the pansies. Immediately I can tell what I like and what I dislike. I won't bother with categories, just positives and negatives and mixed. One thing to note is that I have not tried out any vehicles yet, sorry nothing on those.

    Da Positivz

    + The Pansies certainly feel like Pansies. Animation wise, everything is pretty much spot on, especially with melee combat. It feels very fluid and I feel like an acrobatic Pansy when I'm doing these things.

    + Each Aspect feels separated and specialized, as Pansies should.

    The speed of the Pansies are noticeable. Though I think they should be generally faster, they look and feel faster, with instant turning while running.

    + The Menu music for the Pansies are SO GOOD! Very suiting for the race and I think all other Warhammer 40k games should take notes from this music for any future games that include Pansies.

    + This is more of a controversial subject, but I like the voices for the Pansies as a default voice. Not sure why people have such a big gripe with them. They are somewhat monotonous, but so where the Dawn of War 1 Pansies. They didn't show much emotion in their speaking unless they needed to (*gasp* *pause* d a e m o n s....). So I am not sure what people have a problem with. They sound like arrogant warrior ass****s, like they're supposed to ;)

    Da Mix'd

    ~ The Fusion Gun seems weird. The overheat is so fast that you can't even touch infantry unless you spray them for the full two seconds, and this I am okay with. I don't care if they are effective against infantry, but when trying to attack vehicles, you have to sit there and wait for your gun to cool down more than you actually do damage to the vehicle. Tweak the damage for vehicles and I think you have a decent weapon for a quick hit-and-run tactic for infantry and a vehicle destroyer. I also think the cooldown for Pansy weapons should be shorter to allow more strikes; if the Fusion Gun is going to have a quick overheat, it needs a faster cooldown as well, or else the negatives far outweigh the positives and the weapon is not worth using. Otherwise I think the Fusion Gun is in a decent spot for some potential tweaks. I do not think this should transfer to all Melta weapons for all races though. I think it should be just for the Pansies, as they excel with hit-and-run tactics and suits them better.

    ~ The Pansies lack weapons. I think it is okay for once class to have few options for weapons, but there isn't much in terms of loadout.

    Da Negativez

    - The Pansies are incomplete. They seriously NEED the Swooping Git and Howling Grot. Which leads into the next point:

    - The Pansies being incomplete means they lack offensive capabilities that would be filled by the Swooping Git and the Howling Grot better. It makes it hard to determine much about their potential for offense when they're missing two core classes. Which leads into the next point:

    - The Pansies lack meaningful melee or dedicated melee. The only class they have is the Sneaky Scorpion, which isn't meant for direct engagements, but ambushes. That is where the Howling Grot comes in. Get this class in ASAP please.

    - The Shurikan (No idea how to spell so I will call them Glitter Guns) Guns suck ass. The automatic and machine-gun nature of the weapon makes it hard to hit anything, and I usually feel more like an ork trying desperately to get some Dakka in the fray rather than a Pansy, who strikes with both speed and precision. The damage is weak and the accuracy is all wrong. Which leads into my next point:

    - The accuracy of the Glitter Gun is messed up and hurts your team more than helps. The amount of team damage done (as opposed to team killing) is astronomical because the gun works in such a machine-gun manner. I don't mind the rate of fire, as long as I can hit with precision, but I cannot unless I am holding still, AS A PANSIE, aiming down the sights. Pansies should be able to run and aim, but right now you cannot do that, forcing the weak Pansy to stand still while they are being shot up. Pansies need a way to avoid fire if they are meant for medium to close range encounters, and that is why running and aiming (NOT RUNNING AND HIP FIRE) is needed for this race.

    - Normally I would not add this in because it is more of an overarching thing, but the frame rate (which has gotten worse) makes the Pansies almost unplayable most of the time. It especially hurts the Pansies because they are meant to be fast, and with the lack of damage, it makes the faction helpless once frames start dropping.

    - The damage for a lot of the Pansie weapons seem lack luster. From Melee to Cannons, nothing seems to really penetrate Space Marines unless there are twenty Pansies on one. I feel more like an Imperial Guard, shooting pew pew lasers while we are getting slaughtered left and right.

    Da Verdikt

    The Pansies need a lot of work, especially on damage and getting more classes in. But otherwise, the Pansies feel like Pansies, and that makes me want to play them a lot; because I feel like a badass in a different way than Space Marines or Chaos could, even though Pansies usually get their asses kicked.

  2. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    Swooping git panzie here! ♥

    Thanks for your thoughts! I feel the same way totally, like we're being punished for being mobile (do to aiming shenanigans) rather than it being needed for our play.

    I'm sure they are working on things a ton though, Brent says the melta will be updated again and hawks will return to drop presents for all the good space marines and bad ones and the invasive fungus. =D
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  3. THE NATHANIMAL EventHorizon Arkhona Vanguard

    Eldar run speed is identical to a Tactical/Traitor, the appearance of moving faster is an optical illusion due to being smaller and the quicker run animation.

    Eldar turn speed is quicker, they do turn at a much sharper angle than the other races.

    I think the development team is hesitant to make all Eldar run speed faster across the board, as there would be no way to escape them(Like the [Blankity Blank] are on the UAT, double run speed....which was awesome, speed demons!).
  4. Shiani Brujah Preacher

    They are empirically faster on the Tabletop and are also always described as being faster in lore. There's no excuse. The devs must find some other way to balance it.

    They're always going on about asymmetric balance; now's the time to put it into practice.
  5. Yvaelle Yvaelle Curator

    ^ This.

    We are faster. That's our thing. You aren't supposed to outrun us when we are pursuing you, you are supposed to stand and fight/die: that's the way Marines / Orks work.

    Running away faster than the enemy can follow is an Eldar thing.
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  6. Tyranthius Tyranthius Well-Known Member

    In my opinion, this game is never going to be balanced and lore friendly.

    They need to pick one. Not both.
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  7. Amen to that. As it is it's just a pain to play Eldar. Most of us just do it out of loyalty and love and I'm sure the Space Marines and their traitors love us for it and the easy matches of slaughter we give them.
  8. Big McLargehuge thantrus First Blood!

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  9. Maensith Subordinate

    Howling Grot - worthed reading this post at least for this name of banshees :D, anyway, almost every word is correct, greenskin
  10. CrazyThang Steam Early Access

    Great summary of the Eldar issues (and amazing use of the Ork "language").

    I've played the tabletop game for years and started with Eldar and really we are all about speed and damage with nothing near Space Marine durability (sort of... our tanks are ridiculously hard to kill). I don't understand the difficulty in putting in a race in this ASYMMETRICAL game that is faster and more damaging but easier to kill. It's a normal design for pretty much any game, the glass cannon.

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