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Just a poll

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by Davoodoo, May 12, 2017.


What you think about damned legionnaire

  1. pay2win

  2. dont mind it being stronger than veterans

  3. good thats its stronger than veterans

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  1. Davoodoo Recruit

    So a damned legionnaire

    140 toughness
    2 frags
    1 ammo box
    bolter which applies 10 heat per shot

    All lsm here pls show me if you are happy about this
  2. Unbiased Unbias3d Steam Early Access

    Biased poll. Refuse to vote.
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  3. disappointing that other elites aren't nearly as powerful

    it should be like this all across the factions
  4. 0strum 0strum Arkhona Vanguard

    - ugly face
    - no equipment customization (like all elites)
    - no way to regain health (like all elites)
    - only a single spawn per game (like all elites)
    - too expensive (like all elites)

    I don't care if it's "stronger" than veterans or "better" than the other elites that, it's an overpriced piece of shit item and I'm not buying it.
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  5. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    I'm gonna get it cuz it looks awesome but I'll feel dirty using it because of the ridiculous bolter :(
  6. SgtLysander MonkMildain Steam Early Access

    All things considered, of course LSM would get a decent ranged elite compared the the ones previously released. At the current speed of the dev teams' refinements, all factions but LSM will be stuck with crap elite classes in this ranged meta for quite some time. That being said...

    I have never been a fan of P2W, but the elites should all be better than the standard counterpart. However, acquisition should to tied to some "grindable" resource. Make RTC able to be gained at 1/100th requisition value or something, but still buy able with real money if the person insists. That way it can't be OP if literally everyone can eventually access it.

    You only get 1 vet per match, because they are a cut above the standard unit. You cannot pay money for vets; You must grind them out with achievement points. But vets are superior in survivability and, in some cases, firepower.

    Same goes for these guys. And they SHOULD be markedly better. You can grind out vets, or just buy a premade vet. I see no harm in that.

    I certainly don't think that veteran players should have a problem if this change was implemented. Gives those who put the in the time to reap the benefits; gives aspiring players something to strive towards, and gives players (new or old) with fat wallets the ability to play with the highest tier units, if only for 1 life.
  7. Imperator5 Imperator5 Well-Known Member

    The helmet looks like a beginning Dow2 modding error when you make a chaplain helmet and mark 7 helmet glitch together and clip.

    Otherwise, too fixed like all the elites. But at least somewhat more useful, even if over expensive.

    But LSM need better stuff. They still loose the most.
  8. You should have added an option "He is the only viable elite so far"

    350 armour with a bolter that does even more damage with heat....what do the other factions have?
    An Ork with worse stealth than a scorpion.
    A melee with a fist and no pistol.

  9. Plongo Subordinate

    They have made it 'OP' and bonked so people buy it. Then after a month, they will nerf it into the ground. I think its stupidly strong. That bolter is going to cause serious issues.
  10. Davoodoo Recruit

    No i believe i asked for what i want to know.

    I dont care how useful you think it is, i want to know whats your opinion are considering its superior stats.

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