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Just a curious question.

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Panzerstar, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. yeah, i remember going into 40k and my first impression of the eldar was "okay, lotr eves with guns, got it" then i learned the actual lore and realized that they were dickish yet badass in their own right.
    in the end, i like to play most of the races in 40k, eldar included, and change the way i fight to suit their strengths.

    besides, i like to go fast, and eldar do that well.
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  2. Caentyr Caentyr Subordinate

    1. In the world of 40k, everybody is an asshole. EVERYBODY. The difference is the degrees of assholery that are displayed. Many people like this about 40k (because they can justify that their favorite faction is in the right because reasons) even though it's fucking retarded. Craftworld eldar are the closest thing you will ever get to "good guys" in 40k.

    Now before you imperial retards get on my case, consider this:
    In the imperium of man
    (Sources->,000_AD )

    "The Imperium is a violent place. The God-Emperor is a god of war, his empire founded in blood. Peace is not even an aspiration, it leads to complacency and corruption.

    Your typical Imperial city is closer to Baghdad or Ciudad Juares than Boston or Chicago. Bombings, assassinations, riots, even full street battles are common. Cities and continents on the same Imperial world may go to war over resources, land or pride. Sects, gangs and noble houses settle their differences with raids and massacres. As long as things don't get too out of hand the Imperium won't object, it may even encourage it to help identify promising military leaders and build valuable combat experience. Even on a currently peaceful world, there are likely to be bombed out areas, abandoned towns and ruined buildings from wars already forgotten."

    Damn. Here's what education there is like


    “Blessed is the mind too small for doubt”

    The Imperium appreciates the importance of a solid education. Even laborers need to read instruction manuals and perform basic math. Farmers need some awareness of agriculture, soldiers must be able to read their uplifting primers and so on. Most Imperial subjects can expect at least a basic rudimentary education from their parent’s work unit, a local shrine or even a widow who supports herself giving lessons.

    But let’s not go too far here.

    Imperial technology is generally crude and easy to use and does not require much in the way of training to operate or maintain it. People who need some advanced knowledge (electricians, repairmen, linguists) can have it implanted or burned into their brains. These implants tend to decay over time leading to insanity or death but are regarded as more efficient than years of training and study."

    It's not that hard to figure out why many turn to chaos. At some point you need to stop blaming the "grimdarkness" of the world and start calling these guys the dicks they are.

    With the imperium out of the way, that leaves the tau and the Craftworlders as the most morally good. (It is not hard to argue that the rest are just flat out evil.) Both have very regimented and authoritarian societies. The tau however, despite the claims of "unity" and "prosperity" are very harsh to both themselves and humans that join their ranks. (See the tau's "One gender philosophy") along with caste and class systems that denies freedom.

    The Craftworld Eldar however don't have a discipline of society so much as they have discipline over themselves. They're whole lives are intended to not make the mistake that befell their race millennia ago. They feature a path system where you get to choose the job you want. You are even allowed to change it if you get bored. Heck there is even a path for those you can pick if you just wanna get out of the path system entirely. (Try THAT in the imperium.) They surprisingly have the best balance of freedom and order that I would want from a culture or a governmental system. I wouldn't mind living in craftworld, compared to a hive city. At least I know I would be safe and fairly free there.

    and yes they're racist, but so is every other sentient race. (bar tau) so who gives a damn? Not to mention their afterlife is shit ("heaven" and "hell") their home is a lie, nearly every other race kills them for no reason, and then there is the mental trauma of the path system ( this causes some to go exile) It all makes them VERY grumpy.

    but if you're nice to them they are more times than not nice back.

    2. Very easy and simple army to understand. Rather than get confused or frustrated with what wargear you need, you just pick a specific unit.
    close combat=howling banshees
    Anti tank= fire dragons/brightlances
    dying= guardians (lel)

    It follows a "right tool for the right job" concept.

    3. The inspiration of them comes from both a ancient Chinese empire culture (Including Buddhism) and a Celtic culture. (From names, superstition and religion) Both are extremely interesting. I highly suggest you look into it yourself.
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  3. This one.
    Thanks my friend you said exactly what i was lazy to print in english.

    Eldar are arrogant racists, but they stay for themselves. They may be strict in Path philosofy but they do respect to those who go exile and still count them as bretheren and help.

    Eldar dont have a blind fanaticism, they might be coldminded or impulsive but will act for well beeing of their kin, even if it needs to sacrifice mon-keigh filth.

    And their graceful design or beautiful elf shapes...
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  4. Zaxie Zaxie Arkhona Vanguard

    8th Edition would like to have a word with you. After of course the Custodes do, assuming you live.

    As for the OP:
    • I loved their specialization ever since I was introduced to them. Different aspects specializing in different areas just really got me.
    • Its an 'Elf' race thats not super powerful in the grand scheme of things
    • The Fluff
    • Avatar of Khaine #1
    • LSM is overplayed, over represented, and the player base as a whole seems to have a need to over compensate for something with genetically modified super humans
    • Orks never really interested me even though other Orcs are my favorite
    • Chaos is pretty cool, but too edgy at times. Same can go for Dark Eldar, but I still enjoy the hell out of them. Its a Space Marine thing.
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  5. Blasron Paquet Active Member

    i am a Tryranide player and since i can't play has a warrior or a carnifex, i went with my second boy Blood angel. Has i play with the other brain dead, stupid Salt marine i choose to go Chaos (i don't know shyt and still know shyt about them)

    When the eldar (see Chaos ()) release i went and try them out, their first itteration was bad i mean real shyt but hey it was fun.

    Then the ork release i played them and like the craziness of their member.

    Now i mostly stop playing not enought content and i hate being outnumber 3 to 1
  6. Judasilfarion Silfarion Drill Abbott

    I'm sorry, I was unaware that GW are letting EC have 8th edition stuff like Primaris Marines. Can you cite a source for me?
  7. Zaxie Zaxie Arkhona Vanguard

    We're not getting 8th Ed. stuff outright, but we will be getting some of the stuff.

  8. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Nope. Replace the Titan-sized arrogance and replace with communism and you get the Tau.
    The Tau are even more willing to negotiate and generally do not guide you on a crusade only to act as a meatshield against some hivefleet tendril.

    As of why I like Eldar:
    -Because they are arrogant (seriously I find this charming), yet they fucked up real bad before (the Fall), and now they are a sad and dying race, even in worst shape than humanity, trying to muster the last bit of hope. All in all a pretty good setting, unlike their usual fantasy counterpart being tree-hugging hips.

    -My favorite Craftworld is Iyanden. Which is a bunch of sadder-elves among sad-elves. Yet they still grind on.

  9. Xio Valency Xi0 Preacher

    The Tau wouldn't sacrifice a craftworld which they have no need for or trust towards if they had the ability to do so to save millions and preserve hard to train troops and if failed could still fight at full strength?

    I think any sane person would do so in that circumstance if they had the ability to do so, that seems like the golden ticket for a faction if you had the balls, luck or foresight to pull a feat off.
  10. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Being an asshole and snickering their way out as some lesser race get Just As Planned by them is indeed a charming point of the Eldar.

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