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Jura's Crusaders - (space Marines)

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  1. Jura Recruit

    This it the recruitment page for the guild Jura's Crusaders. We will be trying out all aspects of the game's, well, gameplay, but we will predominantly be focused on conquering territories and the like. We are semi-serious, ie we play properly and all, but we won't get annoyed if you aren't very good or if you keep getting killed (hell, I expect to end up like that about half the time hahaha). We are a space marine guild, so please bear that in mind. Once we have a sufficiently large amount of members, we will be deciding specifically which sub-faction we want and also roles, mainly leadership positions. First come first served :p

    To Join:

    1. You must speak English well enough to understand and be understood in a conversation. I don't mind if it isn't your first language, but you need to actually be able to communicate in the first place. (Related to this: While having a mic is not 100% necessary, it is highly encouraged.)

    2. I myself am English, but I do not mind those from other parts of the world joining.

    3. While laughing and joking with each other is allowed, I would appreciate it if members would not take it too far. Remember, it's meant to be a fun time, not somewhere that you expect to be abused regularly.

    4. Fill out the following small application:

    Role (Tactical, Devastator, Assault etc. Custom roles such as Driver permitted):
    Want to be a leader? If yes, which position and why:
    Do you have skype?:

    Guild Positions

    Crusader Commander: Jura (Jura's Crusaders/Golden Crusaders Company/Golden Bolters Squad)
    Crusader Captains: -
    Crusader Veteran Sergeants: -
    Crusader Sergeants: -
    Crusader Marines:
    Crusader Initiates:

    For each position, first the name of the Crusader is stated, and if he is a leader, his affiliated command group that he controls is placed in brackets next to his name. The highest group will be said first, eg it may read Random Captain (Company Name/Squad Name). More positions may be added later.

    The Crusader Commander controls the guild. He issues orders to the Captains, who in turn issue orders to the Sergeants and their squads. He generally leads the most elite company and the most elite squad in that company.

    The Crusader Captain, as said, receives orders and objectives from the Commander, and then relays them on a more local level and does his best to make sure this happens. They have a retinue squad made up of the finest soldiers in their company. He controls whoever is in his company (current limit of 25 men in a company but may be expanded if the group grows enough).

    The Crusader Staff Sergeant is a unique position. A Sergeant who has proved himself as a good leader over a few battles but either does not desire a Captain's position or one is not available. They serve as 2nd in command to the captain, and are tasked with the training of Initiates into recruits and also brand new sergeants. The Veteran Sergeant is seen as a position of great honour, and receives many benefits, varying depending on which company he is affiliated with. Each Company has a maximum of ONE Veteran Sergeant. In times of need, the Captain can serve the role of Veteran Sergeant if needed.

    The Crusader Sergeant leads a squad of 5 men, including himself, following orders from the Captain. They utilise their squad to complete the objectives set by their superiors, and can use their squad as an independent force if isolated.

    The Crusader Marines are the standard soldiers of the guild. They have experienced battle and know basic combat skills. They are initiates who have fought in at least 3 battles or have a collective kill total of 20 men, whichever comes first. Particularly skilled soldiers who join the guild and have proven themselves prior to joining may automatically be placed her without need to go through the initiate phase.

    The Crusader Initiates are the brand new recruits of the guild. Either new to the game or just unproven, they start out here. They are usually led by the most recently promoted Sergeants, but receive objectives from the Veteran Sergeant and not the Captain (although the Captain may decide that he needs all the men he can get, in which case the initiate squad functions as a regular Marine squad).

    Side note:

    Anyone who wishes to join or has any questions about the guild, we have a chat room at this address:
    You don't need a password to enter, but you do need a password to be an admin.

    We will predominantly be playing PC, but possibly could be open to consoles at a later date.

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