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JSOC - Joint System Operations Command: Special Combat Division

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    "You will not charge in there alone. We are the Joint System Operations Command." Vern growled into the communication channel, not abandoning the stubborn women but instead continuing to offer assistance. If push would come to shove, he would have to jump off and stay on her side - whether she wanted to or not. And trust in Kira to gather up the rest. Speaking of which - he opened a direct link to the Starseeker and it's artificial pilot.

    "Kira. We got a stubborn one like yourself here. If I give you the signal, you will have to pick up the others and get them for redeployment on our position. I cannot and will not leave Kaeleen alone. But the others will need more than their mechs and tanks to catch up." The only reason the older Wolff prepared the AI for such thing is because once again if she was anything like the real Kira, she would give him a similar attitude as Kaeleen. They would have been good friends. Then again - both living in Starlex territory it was not out of the world that they in fact might have known one another.
  2. Being clad in his suit of heavy armor Paul was not intimidated by yelling pirates and instead of surrendering reached for his hammer. Once the blunt implement was in his hand he tried to swing both it and his large armored fist at the intruders. Things like this were one of the few downsides to using a tank instead of a mech but Paul didn't mind, he liked his Snapping Turtle. Of course as he thought this his body was engaged in violent intent of painting the inside of his tank red with the insides of the two people unfortunate enough to think trying to hijack the Snapping Turtle was a good idea.
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    The heavy troopers were caring rather not much about the small feud that the two were having, turning instead three to face the starseeker and two to face Kaeleen. Slug rifles discharged, one slamming directly into the Starlex's shoulder, blasting the armor and the impact causing her body to swing a little, her lasers discharging and causing some of the dusty road to turn to glass.

    Kira, meanwhile, sighed and sent an affirmative signal to Vern. "If you say so. Try not to waste too much time here though, we don't know what they're preparing for us." she said, as gatlings swivled and trained on the three where were firing at them. Slugs flew and impacted the armor and interior of the ramp as the assault rifle shots impacted. Though the squad soon began to move as the gatlings discharged, blowing up dust and stone as they tracked the heavy suits into a building, where they would take cover and begin to fire with trained, aimed shots.

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    A minute or so would pass from the time that the two men had leapt into Snapping Turtle, and at the end of that time the systems would be fully active and Paul would have taken out his borders. At the moment it seemed they were clear, so it wouldn't be a bad idea for them to get moving.​
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    Alspaer did a quick damage assessment of its systems, Yumi cursed some more and Kingslayer got mobile.
    "Lets get this fiasco over with." Yumi grumbled as she urged her mech onwards. "We're clear, making our way to you." She relayed through the comms to the team already ahead of them.
  5. Paul's armored fist came slamming into the chest of one of the borders while his other hand, which wielded the mantle cracker swung it at the head of the other. The resulting kills were less than clean but were quick if brutal, the augmented strength of the armor easily crushed the rib cage of the first border and then the head of the second. The bloody mess was not particularly favorable to Paul, he would have to clean the tank out after the mission but at least the borders were dealt with. He took some time to situated with the tank again, Yumi seemed to be heading out for the rest of the group so Paul would join her. The Snapping Turtle's engines roaring as the metal beast began moving towards the rest of the group.
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    Vern reached the Starlex' position after the volley of Kira and the Starseeker put the pirates in cover. Viciously and stubbornly the Rhinelander put his hand on the shoulder of the fellow soldier. "We go. Now!" The older Wulff semi-yelled at her, in a similar fashion he would do to Kira when they were younger and she was just keep getting into nonsensical arguments with those that felt inferior to her.

    He gave her a strong shove towards the extended ramp of the Starseeker and together they would get, even if she was reluctant, on the ramp. They were again under fire of the pirates. Vern hit the closing ramp button and then slumped in a corner to rest up a bit. He groaned when putting his hand on the left shoulder. It seemed a single shot penetrated the armor and caused him to bleed a bit. At least the bullet went in and out in a clean fashion and apparently only through muscle without any other major damage. Like a reflex he grabbed a bandage from his utility belt and applied it to himself - of course after applying the medical spray that would disinfect the wound, numb the pain and accelerate the healing process.

    The Rhinelander grunted, but remained in the spot. He used his wrist-computer to communicate with a virtual representation of Kira. "Let's pick up her vehicle and regroup with the others. We need to assault as one if we want to prevail."

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    "Regroup at the following coordinates. The pirates probably are better fortified than anticipated. Who knows what surprises they have. We must close our ranks and move together." Vern said loud and clear, ignoring his pain, but unable to hide the one or the other sharp breath. The coordinates would point between Paul's position and the current position of the Starseeker. Giving enough distance between that point and the pirates, as well as not risking Gideon and Apollyon to be left behind, leaving plenty of time for the AI and it's vessel to turn around, rather than chase his pilot.
  7. Paul decided he should respond to the transmission from Vern. “Roger heading to designated coordinates.” He said clearly as Carlabrought up the map for him with the coordinates being clearly indicated. Seems the mission wasn’t going to be nearly as simple as he had originally thought. These pirates had quite a bit of ingenuity for a band of unwashed barbarians hiding out in the middle of nowhere.
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    "Acknowledged, regrouping." Yumi said after a cough into the comms. Alspaer kept a close watch on her vitals.
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    "Orders heard and acknowledged moving your way." Crow said as he began moving forward he began looking at his sensors watching them with sharp eyes after hearing that the pirates may have more surprises for them.
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    The fire of the slug rifles turned onto the ramp of the Starseeker as both Vern and Kaeleen ascended into the belly of the ship. Heavy rounds impacted the bulkhead as Vern spoke to Kira and the ramp itself began to raise. "Acknowledged. And you better hang on." she said a split second before she took a quick maneuver, letting a helix rocket launched from the sergeant fly past the ship and into the air.

    "We'll still have to deal with them." Kaeleen said with a frown as the Starseeker began to take flight towards an open area where Apollyon would redirect in order to meet with the rest of the team, in accordance with Kaeleen's reluctant order. Soon enough it seemed that they were out of range of the heavy battlesuits, and as such could prepare for the next battle.

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    Snapping Turtle, Kingslayer and Raptor, after clearing the area and making sure that they could move safely, began heading towards the meeting point. The sniper hadn't fired in a while, and it couldn't be seen by scanning the skyline, but that was another enemy out there that was unaccounted for.

    As they walked along, there would every once in a while be a ghostly reading on Kingslayer's radar, there one moment and gone the next. It would occur five times before the Yumi-led convoy reached the open area. There would be a few moments before everyone else could reach her, and in the center of the area was a bipedal mech of unknown make, which pointed a blade seeming similar to her own at Yumi. "I challenge you." came a robotic voice from the loudspeaker of the other mech, staying in that stance.​
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