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JSOC - Joint System Operations Command: Special Combat Division

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  1. Paul was unsure how to respond to the group of vagrants trying to cut into his tank, on one hand he could burst out in his armor and try to deal with them. But Yumi seemed to have a plan on getting them off his tank and well Paul did not like the idea of getting hurt by someone he was supposed to be on his side. It would be moronic if he ended up getting injured or killed by friendly fire. As such he would sit and wait to see if Yumi's idea would actually work or not.
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    "Affirmative.. warning, current trajectory projection brings the bomber down danger close to ally designated Kaeleen, sending warning message.. sent. Now linking with AI Rhiner, sending data.." her computer then went silent, and the aiming was directed into manual mode. In optimal conditions, Kira would be able to create both a firing solution for Vern and Rhiner at the same time, but these were not optimal conditions. This was a time crunch and on her first mission, her systems still had to optimize - especially with the pilot.

    Vern did at least have a crosshair and a leading estimation, but it would be about the same as one would have in an military-AI assisted fighter or interceptor. So more than usual, it would come down to Vern's skill with the railgun. As he aimed, she and Rhiner would set themselves into working together. The first shot missed as the interceptor swerved slightly. Same with the second shot, but Kira was not satisfied. She had analyzed the enemy's reactions, and optimized aiming speed with fire rate. She would then assist Rhiner in aiming and firing two shots in as quick of succession as possible, sending the second round directly into the interceptor's cockpit. With pride in her voice, she would return to the Starseeker in full.

    By that time Vern would have taken the shot. Letting loose a few of the lighter rounds. One missed, the second clipped a wing and the third impacted one of the dual engines. This sent the bomb-laden craft spiraling down towards the ground quickly enough that it would impact before either of them could go for a destruction shot.

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    A final streak missile launched towards Crow inside Raptor, causing him to lose his balance as Yumi picked up the first man. A series of microreactions in his body made him stumble backwards, and he knocked into Yumi. Given they had both focused on the same threat, and had now toppled to the ground, the men on the tank were now able to continue cutting through the tank. It would take them not too long now to get inside, and Snapping Turtle's systems weren't going to reboot quickly enough. The heavy gunner, though, had been crushed by Yumi, so there was less danger to the two mechs - though some explosives were readied to be tossed out as they stood back up. (Thankfully, it seemed that neither of them took serious damage from the effects of that missile.

    Meanwhile, Gideon moved towards the launcher's location, firing the laser rifle in their general direction. When the dust cleared, there was once more no trace of either man nor weapon, thus data was incomplete and a kill could not be confirmed.

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    Kaeleen would move as so far unimpeded through the overgrown ruins of the colony, when the interference that had appeared without warning was replaced by a message from the Starseeker's AI. On her HUD, an impact location was marked, a few feet from her location. She would have only a few seconds to begin to vacate the area, when the bomber came down, the explosion would knock her back and through a building, knocking her around as she bashed through a wall, into the center of a larger prefab.

    As her systems rebooted, she would hear heavy footsteps nearby. Her radar, once up, would show five contacts, heavy battlesuits marching past her position towards where the rest of her team was still fighting. If she stayed where she was, she would probably go unnoticed. However, this would then lead to the rest of the team having more opponents.​
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    "Let us provide some cover here! I'm sure there are two good reasons for the enemy to move in at Kaeleen's position. And I want to make sure there will be one very bad one for such idea!" Vern exclaimed, not resting on his laurels of establishing air dominance as Avalanche was being pulled back into the dropship.

    He tapped the thrusters just for an extra slight boost to get enough power to cut down the time, without making it impossible to slow down. The idea that Vern had was to close in on her comrade and put the gunship in hover mode close by to - if anything - put the area under suppressive fire to slow down the advancement and allow the others to catch up to her position.

    "Kira. How good can you fly the Starseeker?" He asked sternly, yet doubtful. He knew his sister, not the AI. And maybe the question itself was a trick question, expecting a certain answer as if to see how much of his sister really carried over.
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    "Warning collision with king slayer." Crow gritted his teeth as balance was lost skidding to the ground he began to get up once more. "Going to redirect aid at snapping turtle. Collision can be averted if we attack from different angles. " Crow said his message heading to Yummi at the end as the raptors tail went forwards and crow slowed as the tail went out to strike the infantry.
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    "What the hell are you doing?!" Yumi shouted into the comms after the collision. As soon as she got back up, she resumed her assault on the infantry in the same manner as before, just now taking Crow into account so slapstick falls wouldn't be a recurring event.
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    With the bomber knocking her down and the subsquent bashing around into resting in a prefab.... Well, she was going to be sore in the morning. Although, with five battlesuits on the scope it wasn't as if she could stand idle and let them advance on the rest of the group. A quick message of <Five heavy battlesuits enroute> and appropriate directional information was sent to Gideon while she got up and took a position with her twin laser weapons, setting them onto high power and getting ready to fire on them if they shot first at her.

    With the streak missile launcher kill being probable, Gideon briefly stood down before they received the message from Kaeleen. So the AI commed all those present in the vicinity ( @Wata , @Vulpas , @TuskatheDaemonKilla ) "Heavy Battlesuits enroute. Recommendation that we move to engage." That done, Apollyon (and therefore Gideon) moved to intercept, weapons ready to engage the targets Kaeleen had identified.
  7. Paul began to get slightly antsy about the infantry trying to cut their way into his tank, he knew straight up getting out and fighting would be dangerous even in his suit since there were much larger mechs moving around and fighting outside. Best he could do right now was prepare in case they actually succeeded in getting into the tank. A large armored hand went to grasp his hammer as he waited for what would happen.
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    "Is that a question?" Kira said with a confidence in her voice. "I was made to fly this thing." a line that no doubt the true Kira might have said, however it was also true that the AI had been made to fly the Starseeker. "Get to the drop bay, Vern. I got this." she said, though she wouldn't actually take automatic control unless Vern did hand it over to her. If he did, she would proceed to pull off Vern's maneuver, gliding to hover mode right above Kaeleen's current position - just in time for Vern to jump down and assist.

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    However, by the time that Yumi and Crow had gotten up, the final two men on top of Paul's tank had cut through the hatch and jumped in. At about the same time, Snapping Turtle's systems began to restart. The two men, as they got into the vehicle, drew SMGs and pointed them at Paul, barking orders at him to surrender. Unfortunately, with all this happening inside the tank, there was little that those in the mechs could do.

    < @Maleth >

    Kaeleen might have gone unnoticed, however as she moved to take position, she would show up on the battlesuit's motion trackers. The lead held his hand up and they all turned to head towards the broken prefab, with slug rifles raised. They moved forwards with intent to kill, however (assuming that Vern either gave control to Kira, or followed through with his maneuver) as they approached, the Starseeker blasted to a stop, hovering and ready for Vern to disembark. This would give Kaeleen a chance to make the first strike on them as they were distracted.​
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    @BadDo9 | @Maleth

    "Let my trust in you not be in vain. Kira." Vern said as serious as possible, hitting a combination of buttons to release the manual control and give Kira full access, including weaponry systems, but also opening the disembarking ramp. On the way there he would pass the armory, grabbing an Assault rifle and adequate ammunition, having earlier already grabbed a sidearm - right after their original briefing. Along with that he grabbed two flash grenades and two first-aid medical sprays which he put in his vest.

    Vern took a deep breath when loading through the assault rifle. The Rhinelander took position on the last column before exposing himself to the ramp. First however he threw a flash grenade wide and far - as a distraction if anything. And then he readied the rifle, eye behind the iron and using the little green holo dot as his guide. Shooting in controlled bursts at as many different targets as he could to force them back.

    "Push them back and then let's regroup with the others, Kaeleen!" He yelled over his rifle's fire into the squad comm.
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    <Kaeleen> @Uriel1339
    "Or rather, you go and regroup. I was pressing ahead here as a distraction and Apol-" She caught herself, before correcting: "XR-717 will be coming with me as the distraction, unless everyone happens to rally around in time to follow on my push towards the ship. Longer we leave it, more likely the Pirates get time to establish defences within the ship." Kaleen said, hoping the slip-up would not be further probed.

    As for physical actions, there was more to do than just wait for Gideon to arrive, so the Starlex Samurai went on the offensive, firing both laser weapons at the oncoming suits, configured for maximum damage output. Mostly to try and knock out as many targets as she could before they could fire on her.

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