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JSOC - Joint System Operations Command: Special Combat Division

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    Vern grunted as the missile went far beyond the target. "Well, now we are prepared for that trick, don't you worry." He tried to console the upset-sounding sister-AI. If this simulated version was anything like his sister, he knew that she was an overachiever and that the smallest setback could be... Annoying, if not straight out extremely irritating.

    Just as he was going to swing around to follow the interceptor suit to avenge for the scratch on his brand new ship, the news of the bomber came up.

    "Let's not even give it the chance to engage. Keep your eyes on the interceptor. I won't go out of my way to destroy it until that bomber is down, but I don't want them to take advantage of our interception course!" His volume raised in volume as he resisted the g-forces from the sudden turn, trying to get behind the bomber and send a volley of his high velocity projectiles right into the engines. As long as it wouldn't reach his comrades, everything was going to be fine.

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    Speaking of which, he turned the team-wide comms on. "I got a bomber coming right at your direction. I will intercept it, but even then it might still crash into your area. I suggest to move out of there." It was not a tone of order, after all he was not their superior but equal to them. And considering the distance between him and the bomber while having to deal with at least one pursuer, he could not guarantee to take the bomber completely apart in time.

    He trusted the Starseeker systems completely, but he did not fight enough Henvet's to know how much they could withstand or how sturdy their engines were. Nonetheless he went with his guts and hoped that it was going to be enough to protect the pilots and their mechs.
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    "Fucking, damn it! Getting real sick of getting shot in the back! Who did that?!" Kingslayer spun around, Raiken in hand searching for the culprit. To top it all off a bomber was heading their way.
    "We got hostiles on our rear, you two. Moving to engage!" Yumi reported that to Apollyon and Snapping Turtle. Most likely it was that infantry she could not finish off earlier due to time constraints. Here was her second chance apparently. She needed to get away from the bomber's effective area anyway.
  3. At hearing the possibility of an aerial attack Paul immediately began searching for the bomber on his own scopes. He wasn't an anti air vehicle per say but he did possess some anti air capabilities, which happened to be controlled by his AI companion. "I guess I should leave the sky business to you and Vern." He said briefly to Carla, the AI not responding to his casual conversation. Paul understood that he supposed, even an AI needs to focus sometimes. He was in a poor position to fight against the sniper and with air threat coming in Paul saw his option was to back out of the area for now. Reversing, he sought to get fairly far away from his current position.
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    Hearing that there was a risk of aerial attack as well as the sniper carrying on with being a major pain in the rear, Kaeleen said "Well then, looks like we're in a pickle. Gideon, take over Apollyon and support the others, I'm going to push forwards towards the ship in the Suit. Should hopefully get there faster than under this level of fire"
    He replied: "Yes Ma'am, just be sure to stick to cover." Before stepping out, she commed everyone else (@TuskatheDaemonKilla , @Wata , @Uriel1339 , @Vulpas ) "Moving to the ship in the Warsuit, Gideon is going to provide support via XR-717."

    With that said, she disembarked from the Mech and pressed onwards on WarSuit foot, sticking to the buildings wherever possible to stay out of the Sniper's life of fire. Meanwhile, Gideon discharged the shields and also went for cover from the Sniper. The AI kept the weaponry warmed up for the targets mentioned by the Pilot of Kingslayer, as well as the sniper should it show itself to the AI again.
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    "Acknowledged Moving up to old road will keep watch. "Crow said as he moved forward up the old road at full speed keeping a eye on the skys he watched in case of bomber would come down from the sky.
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    Kira gave out a small grumble at Vern's words, but her processes soon (at least tried) to focus on other things as the pilot took their flight to head closer to both the ship and the fight that was going on at ground level. "Right. Interceptor marked on radar, it's coming around and lining up with us. If you keep on a straight path odds are high he will attempt to disable our engines." she replied while the rainguns spooled up, charging themselves for multiple subsequent shots. Generally this style of railgun would use either smaller charges, or smaller rounds (which in turn required less charge) for such shots. This system was no different, but the way that the rounds were loaded meant that the smaller rounds for rapid-fire could be swapped with the heavier rounds without losing charge.

    As the Starseeker flew closer towards the bomber, the interceptor would continue to line up it's shots. "We're within range of target, Vern" Kira told the pilot. "But it'll take too long to get a firing solution, either we need to take damage and take our shots, or we need to change our positioning."

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    As Kingslayer turned around to face the place where the streak missile launched from, another blast would fire from the building and slam directly into Yumi's face. It would cause her to stumble back, with the sniper popping out for another shot, hitting the back of her left knee and causing her to kneel.

    Meanwhile, Snapping turtle would begin to reverse and would end up going right into a trap. As he moved, the main body ran over a low-level EMP trap which would disable movement and weapons for the moment. Right then, a small squad of outfitted infantry ran out and climbed onto the tank, one man hefting a heavy slug cannon, which rapid-fired into Yumi, the high-velocity rounds slamming into her armor. During that time, the other five men began to try and slice their way into the body of Snapping Turtle intending to take out Paul and commandeer the tank.

    Crow would run into this situation right as Kaeleen jumped out of Apollyon, her warsuit running through alleys and sticking near buildings, though as she ran along she didn't run into any more enemies as yet. Apollyon, meanwhile, would be faced with a conundrum. Yumi and Kingslayer were in heavy danger from all the fire they were taking, but Snapping Turtle was also immobile. Yet, if they attacked the infantry on the tank, there was a good chance of hitting Paul's armor.

    < @Maleth >

    As Kaeleen ran through the alleys, she would find herself not running into any opposition, and the sniper seemed to be focused elsewhere. However, as she ran she would also get closer to the bomber - and some strange signal would begin coming into her comms. It wasn't anything that she could understand, and it was gone before it could be decoded - very well could have been a failed ghosting attack. She was still halfway towards the ship, so it was either keep going, or turn back.​
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    "I got one more ace up my sleeve." Vern said with a sly smile, hitting a button to open up the mech bay. On one of the deployment arms, the crippled Avalanche was still attached to, now suspended mid-air.

    "Rhiner. Sync with Starseeker radar, sending coordinates now. Take aim upon provided coordinates with the Starlex Lasers. Destroy interceptor if possible, but the goal is to shove it off our back!" Vern instructed his AI remotely through the communication network, while granting access from the AI to the Starseeker system.

    "Kira. Be Rhiner's eyes. Do some teamwork magic here. You aim, he shoots. I got the bomber." The older Wolff assured his artificial sister.

    After the AIs had received their orders, he gritted his teeth. The bomber was straight ahead, the shot was on him. He remembered as much of his spaceship training as he could, but his mediocre shooting skills were not much of a motivator. Now if it had been an artillery cannon it would've been much different. The Rhinelander shook his head, throwing the thoughts out of the imaginary window. His grip on the controls tightened just before unleashing his volley of railgun fire, using the same ammunition as before rather than the heavy shots, fearing that the heavier ammunition would not even reach the target due to the high gravity of the planet.
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    "Motherfu-...Requesting air support to engage that wanker sniper! Taking way too much damage here!"
    Yumi gasped and growled from the pain, her HUD was filled with noise and AI spewed static after the hit to Kingslayer's head. Alspaer wrested control for a moment and stood the Kingslayer up, taking steps toward the Kingslayer's aggressors keeping defensive measures at the ready.
    "Don't panic, Paul. Engaging infantry on your hull."
    Yumi took control again and the Kingslayer was in full stride once more. With Raiken and mech fist she engaged the infantry on Snapping Turtle. Careful swipes over the armour of the tank and by mech hand Kingslayer picked the little bugs off and would just simply squash them inside her fist or press them to paste against the tank's metal. First priorities would be the one's with anti mech guns.
    She didn't really strike with her sword when she used it but use enough force to kill a man, only scratching the paint job of Snapping Turtle.
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    As the audio of her suit played up, Kaeleen grumbled under her breath "Of course there has to be E-War with these pirates..." But perhaps reaching the ship would also draw attention away from the rest of the team, especially if her infiltration caused a redirection of forces just to stop her making further progress. So she pressed onwards towards the ship, trusting that Gideon would provide suitable support for King Slayer and Snapping Turtle.

    Rockets, Infantry and that Sniper. Troubling combat inputs to say the least. Still, at least the infantry on the tank was being dealt with by King Slayer, so the AI moved Apollyon to engage with the Streak Missile location, firing the laser rifle at the last known location of missile firing, moving to get a better angle on the position if required.
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    "Incoming support Snapping turtle." Crow and his mech would move up fast and quickly the gauss cannon scanning for any large targets as the Tail of the mech began moving quickly and predatory like a snake ready to bite aiming for the inftanry it looked to skewer men through as Crow began doing his pass.

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