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JSOC - Joint System Operations Command: Special Combat Division

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  1. JSOC - Joint System Operations Corp. A newly formed organization of people from the three systems of human colonization: Sol, Helphan and Arnet. Despite their shared origins on the planet Earth, in the near 700 years since the gates were constructed and the expansion began, people from the different systems have began to mistrust one another, and the governments have not been the most cooperative either. JSOC began as a proposal by the UN - governor of the Sol system - as a way to keep harmony in human space, defend against pirates, and generally facilitate cooperation.

    It has only now been formed, vetted by the UN, Helphanic Monarchy and Arnet's president. There are multiple divisions, each working with the others. Requisitions, Operations, Command, Civil, Military. Each division has personnel from every system, vetted by their leadership or accepted by volunteerism after an amount of tests. From there they are assigned to their division. The military division is as so far the smallest, with a small number of troops, mechs, vehicles and a single Special Operations team: The SCD.
    As with any new organization, there is a certain amount of distrust given they have yet to prove themselves. As Operations gathers information, Requisitions gathers new gear and supplies, Civil focuses on humanitarian efforts and Command oversees the whole thing, Military focuses on their drills and training. All except for the SCD, who have been sent out on their first mission.


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    As the Starseeker emerged from the gate into the Arnet system - travelling from the large station in the Sol system that JSOC calls home - there would be a message sent to the communications room, requiring that all the members of the SCD to attend. Once they arrived, the holo-projector would flicker to life, showing the image of their commander, a muscled military-type with short straight black hair, tanned skin and his Command Division uniform almost immaculate. His eyes looked around at the team and he gave a nod to them.

    "Your mission, as I am sure you are aware, is to track down and destroy a band of Pirates that have been harassing SSP shipments of food and medicine to the outlying colonies." he said, hands behind his back as he stood at parade rest. His image shrunk and next to it showed a picture of an old Halcyon-Class cruiser, a model back from the days of the Starseed Rebellion. "This is the Halcyon Hemterra. Ops isn't sure how they got ahold of such a thing - Halcyon's have been discontinued for a few hundred years. They suspect it might have been salvaged from a ship graveyard, but that's all we have to go on."

    "It has been sighted on the ground of the planet Yennri, Ops suspects that this is a hidden drydock for the pirates." he stated, looking around at the team. Yennri had been known for their dangerous beasts and carnivorous plants, and was the site of the failed colony of Aspect. The presidency had determined it hadn't the manpower to spare soldiers to hold back the wilds, and from there Aspect was overtaken. It would be the perfect hiding place for a group with the power to keep themselves alive. The image of the ship changed to show an overview of the small prefab city and drydock. "The jungle is too dense to drop from too far away, so it is likely you will be seen coming. Your mechs will fit in Aspect proper, but apart from the hangar they may not fit in many places inside the Hemterra."

    "Your final objective is to identify and capture or eliminate the leadership of this band, as well as recover what supplies you can. This is your final test, don't let us down. Amtres out." And with that, the images flickered and died.​
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    Yumi was chewing on a piece of gum throughout their briefing, arms crossed. She was in her pilot suit which had a band's logo stitched on its back named "Murder Snakes". The logo illustrated the name quite well. Old headphones rested around her neck. The audio listening device was obviously obsolete but she kept saying that the sound was better, being an avid metal music fan that she was.

    "If they're sending us there, instead of just bombarding it to shit, there might be captives in the facility. Doubt the supplies are that good to pass up." She pulled her hair back and began tying it to a high ponytail, her implant surgery scars showed by her hairline. They were subtle and not ugly but visibly there.
    "Oh, uhh yeah, hi all. Kingslayer Pilot Yumi Mercury, newly appointed to SCD. Hope you lot can pull your weight."
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    Harp listened to the breifing avidly near the holo-projector. The description of the planet filled his eyes s well as the images shown, the dangerous wildlife a forgone footnote. A born native of Titan with fee porspects of advancement in life he had never left the ice moon and the idea of being in a jungle was exhilirating.

    He had sepnt most of his time aboard the ship rubbing his wirsts from the chaffing cold cuffs. Who uses solid metal cuffs on an Ice world ? And they had to be on his skin of course. Shaking his head as he looked around at the new colorful folks that'd be his squadmates and psuedo wardens.

    He was about to make a witty comment when another squadmate spoke. Turning to the woman with the armor, the metal jacket and the set of scars that didnt look shabby. Grinning a chesire grin he spoke but not in his voice but in the manner if the commander , puffing out his chest and standing at attention to in a vain attempt at mimicing the commander's physique he began " Dont be nonsensical Private ! That's my personal supply of protein gruel down there ! You think i got this bulky eating normal gruel ? Hah !" And with that he dropped the trick and burst out laughing clutching his sides. After a few moments he stood back upright and smiled "Harp Wardson is the name, formerly with the Titan Militia though i guess im SCD now ? That or jail i suppose but anyways ! Comms interference is my game , can you guess why ?" He asked another grin crossing his face
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    Kaeleen was taking notes upon her hack-tool currently attached to her left forearm during the briefing, clad in her Battle Armor with it's black color scheme and various decorative pieces befitting a 'decorated Starlex Counter-Terror operative'. Her own surgery scars would be faint around her eyes, as the eyes themselves had some of the information from her notes reflected in the iris.

    An icy world begat an icy heart, or at least the mechanical eyes did as the impression from her gaze. Even if there was a slight flinch at the mention of Starseed, a sore point for her. Still, she was here and with those she'd have to call comrades, even if her initial impressions so far weren't all that good. They could be worse.

    Glaring at Harp given the current attitude, she said to everyone "If we are making introductions, Kaeleen Elstora, Starlex Counter-Terror Operations." She firstly said to Yumi "With a machine named Kingslayer, I cannot help but wonder if I must be concerned about you pulling your weight first. Although you raise a good point about the possibility of captives, so precision would be a better virtue than needless collateral damage."

    The Starlex woman then replied to Harp "And if I must guess as to why Interference is your area of expertise, I'll assume it was something clever involving communications, perhaps of a criminal nature? Not that I'm one to talk, considering the nature of undercover work."
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    Sabak was silent in his chair taking in the information compiling it and thinking out on possibilities of what they may face, Already in his mind possibilities of bringing up these reports of pirating on SSP were needed to know what they might be up against as what technology they might see when facing them, hearing of star seed he began putting another compile of data to look up as well as the technology they had with the class of ship back then as well, Putting that back to his mind he was brought back to reality as introductions came and mention of possible hostages something he would have to look into as well with the reports from SSP.

    looking out to the others his red bionic eye scanning over them as his flesh eye did his face gave no welcoming gesture of friend ship or kindness just a searching glare as if he was looking over a report. "Call me Crow." Sabak said. his body fully coming out of the shadows a depiction on his right arm of flesh was of a supernatural being of hell in the shape of a canine blasting out fire and the word under it Hell hounds.

    Scars were obvious over him no attempts to hie or even clear them up through surgery his bionics each one looking to be from a different mark of time and his Red bionic eye being probably the oldest one among them though possible modding could be seen from it and his arm as well.

    "If we are going off the assumptions of hostages being in a compound of some sort it maybe best to check reports from SSP of the raids against them from this group, as well as review and see if any hostages were taken. If this is true stealth will likely be needed for extracting the hostages." Crow said getting the obvious out of the way.
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  6. Paul scratched his neck as the holo projector turned off and the other people assigned to the mission began introductions. "Uhhh Paul Carver, I worked for NAIA before I saw an opportunity to try something new in this and here I am." He spoke with an obvious Texan accent synonymous of the men and women of Mars, especially New Austin. He was wearing very casual clothing with his white tank top, jeans, and boots and seemed like he had only woken up a short time ago. His eyes looking tired and indifferent to the situation, this was a job after all and well while he would say he does try his best in most jobs he also doesn't like using more effort than needed. And really attending a briefing and absorbing information by listening was one of the least labor intensive things he could think of.

    After briefly introducing himself he remained quiet and listened to what the others were talking about. He was an engineer by trade so combat wasn't exactly something he was trained in so he figured it would be best to keep quiet and let them talk it out. He cracked his neck as he leaned back and let the professionals talk everything out, he yawned quietly. A teacher scolding him for yawning too loud when he was younger made him adopt a mannerism of purposefully muting the sound his yawn makes.
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    Vern had joined last in the briefing room, dressed in a very light pilot suit as one would see regular cargo pilots in, rather than a proper soldier. He had his left hand on the right elbow, and the right index finger resting on his chin as he listened and looked over the various introducees. His thoughtful look combined with his rather square face made him look even more serious than he already was in person. The hair was dark brown in the bright room, combed back.

    "Vern Wolff. Pilot of the Starseeker." He introduced himself briefly, nodding to the group as he approached the terminal and started typing away.

    "Kira. Would you be so kind and tap into the resources provided to us to see what the real reason of not bombarding the pirates out of their hiding hole is? Please make sure to add in your parameters the following with equal priority:
    Eco-System of Aspect.
    Research Laboratory of Sunny Smiles Pharmaceuticals.
    Potential Hostages.
    Possible important person being the leader of the pirates.
    Nature of the supplies we are supposed to recover.

    Please combine your findings in a report and have them forwarded to our AIs once you compiled the results. I will take care of flight protocols, so make this your highest priority. Thank you Si-... Kira."

    He then turned away from the console. "Instead of debating amidst ourselves we should consider all information we can get, yes? After all, it's not the good commander who is putting his foot on the world down there." Vern nodded in agreement of his own statement.

    "Yes, I'm from Rhineland, that is why I am oh-so-serious. Nice meeting you all. But for now... Well. I have to fly our custom-made jewel. If someone would be so kind to bring a water to the cockpit, that would be much appreciated. The flight is still taking a few hours anyway."

    This whole situation was strange to him. Even moreso the people he worked with. Not that he was one to judge. But a criminal and the mute which both were from Sol unsettled him a little bit, at least the young energetic Yumi was a little less... Disturbing. Ironically he thought that he might get best along with the fellow Helphani, as long as she wasn't going to hold Rhinelands aspirations against him.

    The cyborg on the other hand... He has seen some before, but the fact they were going to aid a SSP colony might make him emotionally attached. After all, there is a human beneath those robotic parts. He shook his head and started to walk towards the door.

    "If you have any questions regards the Starseeker, feel free to ask. And don't mistake me for an old man, just because I'm the oldest of our little rainbow crew." He didn't mean it serious, but the lack of smile, chuckle or giggle made it hard no to take serious.
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    "Please, rainbows make me sick." Yumi said to the leaving Vern, not looking his way. She was grateful that the info was being gathered and not just gungho charge in. She swung her hair about once she got the ponytail tied and sighed. "Glad we are all concerned for civilian life, think that's why we are here to begin with."

    Yumi's response to Kaeleen was an unimpressed look on her face. "Kingslayer, it slays everything from pawns to kings. No enemy piece on the board is safe, get it? They won't know what hit them until it's too late, maybe not even then."
    Yumi gently rubbed her temple and blew her bubblegum, making it pop. She was looking at the laughing Harp now.
    "So, what were you in for then? Jail time didn't seem to bother you much. Your expertise is going to help me on the field, that's for sure."
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    }}Begin Search{{
    }}priority I - Aspect Ecosystem{{
    }}Heavily forested, Abundant life - Class V danger rating. Mobile/Carnivorous plants, Aggressive Animal life{{
    }}Potential Resources: Medicine- Class V ; Food - Class IV; Mineral - Class III ; Others - Class II{{
    }}Site of attempted colony. WARNING - Site overrun with class V danger, recommend caution{{

    }}Priority Ia - SSP R&D Lab Aspect{{
    }}Main colony facility{{
    }}Objective - Study Flora and Fauna for possible medicinal purposes{{
    }}Status - Non-operational{{

    }}Priority Ib+1d combined{{
    }}Last Shuttle hit - SSP Vunori{{
    }}Contents - 200 units(Prepared Meal Rations) ; 100 Units(Medical supplies) ; 20 Units(Ordered Bionics){{
    }}Crew - 10 Humans - 40% accounted for - escaped through pods. 60% MIA{{
    }}Missing Crew - Doctor Albienest ; Assistant Nomu ; Pilot Jordan ; Guards Travis, Urtus, Foru ; Others George, Sarah, Altson, Ashley{{
    }}Deep Scan{{
    }}Doctor Albienest{{
    }}MD ; Biologist ; Employed by SSP{{
    }}Bionics Expert{{
    }}End Deep Scan{{
    }}Priority Ic - Possible Leadership{{
    }}Ops file Y-2331-a{{
    }}Suspected Leader - Alphonse Turton{{
    }}Wanted in the tri-systems for piracy, murder, (+32 Crimes){{
    }}Danger Class III{{
    }}WARNING - Obtained Halcyon-class Battlecruiser and armament{{
    }}Reevaluate - Danger Class VI{{
    }}End Search{{


    Once Kira's protocols had finished compiling the report, she sent it through the ship's comms to the other AI units of the other pilots. It seemed that the most valuable hostage would have been the doctor - and an inquiry would show that SSP had withheld the information on the doctor, so the classification was not caused by Ops nor command. "My guess?" Kira began to speak in Vern's ear. "Command was ordered to not disclose the Doctor's whereabouts." she said, since the fact was that JSOC was needing funding from various Corporations, not simply the governments. So as much autonomy as they had, for now they still needed to respect their wishes. Once JSOC is more established, perhaps not. "Though, you know, the colony infinistructure is probably somewhat valuble as well."

    There then came a chuckle, and an announcement over the ship-wide speakers. "Seems our commander hid a small message for us in the case of a deep scan. He commends you all for your diligence, and wishes us good luck in our mission." which it seemed was now also to attempt to rescue the doctor and whatever other crew they let live.

    "Oh, by the way. We are coming to our final approach within the hour. I shall send out another message when we're near enough you better get ready for combat. And that includes you, Vern. We know they can board ships, don't need you unarmored in the cockpit."​
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    "Did you lie to me again regards the ETA?!" Vern stopped in his tracks, speaking to the Kira AI through his wrist-computer when he heard they would arrive within the hour.

    "I hate when you mess with my instruments..." He sighed heavily, but couldn't help smiling. He had thought they might have a good 3-4 hours until they would get into the deployment zone. "... Just like the real Kira."

    The Rhinelander decided to jog to the armory to put the infantry suit over his pilot suit, making sure the rifle was locked and loaded, sidearm equipped and the other regular gear also put in their appropriate places such as additional mags on the waist, combat knife on the chest, etc..

    "You are overdressed, Wolff." Rhiner, Avalanche's AI noted after Vern finished up. "I know, I know. We are still waiting on parts for Avalanche. You know it is kind of your fault that you pushed the machine too far. I told you the calibrations were right."

    "I simply wanted to optimize weapon range. The technical specificat..."

    "Then include next time the gravitation within your artillery perimeters. It matters whether to apply 1g or 3g in the calculations. The recoil could only handle so much stress."

    "Not if the recoils were up to Rhineland standards and not would have been replaced with cheap HEM parts." Rhiner counter-argued, causing Vern to just sigh, again. Why did AIs always pick at him?

    The whole argument slowed down his readiness regime, that easily someone might have walked into him arguing with his AI.
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