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JSOC - Joint System Operations Command: Special Combat Division )Redux

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Landing in the usual three-point manner in the forest, Ryliane perhaps paradoxically seemed rather nervous from how quiet it had been as herself and Yumi had made their way through the undergrowth. This nerves was perhaps a touch obvious going by how the suit of Athena kept it's weapons ready for anything made by either man or nature to pop out from the undergrowth.

    So seeing Yumi's Mech getting gouged by something spear-like was almost a relief. She commed over to Yumi ( @Wata ) "Well, at least something's happening now. Let's keep moving to the vessel before whatever is throwing around spears damages our mechs too much." She proceeded to do as she said, pressing onwards towards the objective. Even if with a touch more caution than before just in case the spear-throwing thing decided to ramp up in effect.
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    "Seeing in-bound fighter flying in your direction. Don't see an attack pattern. I will try to distract it before you start turning everything to ci-" The pilot of the Starseeker stopped as he saw Oleg engage with everything he had to offer.

    "Nevermind. Keep your eyes up while I try to get the rest of their aerial support to be occupied." Vern corrected himself, a soft sigh on his lips before pushing the thrusters to maximum towards the scouting plane.


    "Alright this will be our first real combat engagement, Star. Prepare for interception, lock on with railguns and keep missiles handy." He instructed the AI, while pressing the buttons to actually do so. It wasn't that he did not trust it. Alright. The Rhinelander really did not trust the AI yet. But then again, there was nobody he truly could trust in the entire squad. This engagement would hopefully show the true strengths for the plans of the JSOC.

    "For Kira." He whispered as the safety locks were taken off and his fingers rested on the triggers. Once the Starseeker would be in range and right behind the scouting plane, he would let loose with the railguns in strong attempt to take it down right there on the spot.

    It was more than likely that the other aerial crafts would come to search for this one, and that is when a real dogfight would occur in the skies. This craft nor its pilot would be found wanting. After all it was an experimental craft with no information on it, while Wolff knew their vessels rather well.
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    "No shit." Yumi responded, rather aggravated for being assaulted like that. Kingslayer gripped the sword in its sheath, ready to slash and strike at a moment's notice.
    Tossing spears about was not a warm welcome, she'd respond in kind the moment she could.
    Regardless, she continued with Shadowfall's approach.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "So be it you shall die." Sabak said through the Com's Nix's cannon had targeted one of the powered armor individuals, letting his cannon fire Sabak went forward moving closer into melee range, close combat drill already spinning out ready to attack when they gotten into range of the powered armored units.
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