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JSOC - Joint System Operations Command: Special Combat Division )Redux

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    (@Maleth ) Oleg smiled slightly out of the corner of his mouth as he lit another cigarette, "You are far to kind to allow me such an honor as 'letting it slide'. At any rate, we will see if that pretty little nickname of yours sticks or is just a imaginary persona that you have fooled others with." He then let out a cloud of smoke from his mouth as he continued, "Now, don't you worry that pretty little head while you run off and play in the shadows. I'll be there to distract and protect ya, demon." Oleg then winked at Ryliana as he laughed.

    (@Uriel1339 ) "It is about time the old man said something of worth. This damn planet will think the end of times has come when I get done with it," Oleg said with perhaps a little to much joy. He then pressed his ear piece and said with a smile, "Anna! Let's get this shitty party kickstarted. Run a systems check on the Hammer and have her ready for me when I get there."
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    "Right, I'll be in formation Sledgehammer," Sabak said Deciding to go with the plan that was being said, His own bionic eye looked at those he would be serving with assessing them, Judging making observation and hypotheticals on how the mission might go. "I'll get ready for deployment," Sabak said heading off to the armory to grab his gear and then to a hanger to enter The Raptor.
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    "Seems like we are all on the same page then. Maybe this troupe might be worth something to galactic peace after all." Vern mused with a low degree of sarcasm, just glad that everyone was getting ready to deploy appropriately.

    He was a little bit concerned about the eager will of destruction from Oleg, as ironically as he was by Yumi's apparent carelessness. It was uncertainty of whether it was just smack talk and trying 'to be cool', or if they truly just were like that. The pressure and heat of combat would reveal their true faces and Vern would go from there.

    The oldest of the crew waited with his back against the wall for everyone to leave or to engage in conversation, wanting the last to be to leave the briefing room and gear up. He would nod to everyone passing by, starting with Yumi, Oleg and Sabak.
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  4. < @Maleth >


    }}Begin Search{{
    }}Section I - Prior Targets{{
    }}Total number of suspected transport attacks perpetrated - 47{{
    }}Estimated Percentages - SSP 60%, HEM 10%, DHC 10% NAIA 10% Civilian 9% Starlex 1%{{
    }}Section II - Possible Sources of Support{{
    }}Sub-priority - Origin of Halcyon Cruiser{{
    }}Open Ops Report Y-2331-b{{
    }}Probable Black Market Connections for funds and other supplies{{
    }}Possible Starlex Collaboration?{{
    }}ERROR - Not enough data{{
    }}Origin of Cruiser - unknown ; suspect salvaged from Starseed Rebellion-era ship graveyard{{
    }}Deep Scan{{
    }}Halcyon Cruiser{{
    }}Starseed-era Cruiser, common yet powerful HEM-Tech led design{{
    }}Medium-Class vessel ; outdated ; Relevant{{
    }}Armor Class - Medium/Heavy ; Weapon Specs - 6 heavy broadsides ; 3 forward cannons ; Flak-defense systems ; Fighter Compliment - 150{{
    }}Danger Class IV{{
    }}Number Created - 175{{
    }}Number Still in service - 0{{
    }}Number Decommissioned - 134{{
    }}41 Units assumed lost or destroyed{{
    }}Conclusion - Incomplete Data. Conclusions Inadvisable{{
    }}End Deep Scan{{
    }}End Search{{

    Ryliane would gain the above information after another few moments, her credentials seeming to have done the trick. However, she would also get a digital note flashed to her, unknown sender.

    }}Don't Push your Luck{{

    < @Uriel1339 @Maleth @Grall_Stonefist @matt23 @Vulpas >

    As the pilots went to the hanger to prepare, Starseeker would continue flying on it's way towards Yenneri. Data would be fed to Vern, who arrived on the bridge, and to the rest of the SCD. Vern would be able to see the Halcyon Hemterra from a good distance away given the size of the cruiser. "Alert." came Starseeker's voice through the intercom system. "Formation Sledgehammer's drop zone is inside known Halcyon-class passive radar radius." this meant that as long as someone was paying attention, that formation would be noticed without issue. Given that they were going for a full-frontal assault, perhaps that is what they wanted.

    Then there was still the fact that Shadowfall was dropping outside that range, which also meant that they would be starting the mission in the purportedly deadly wilds - reports could be opened of security mechs being torn apart in less than a minute by certain specimens of the flora and fauna. "Please confirm drop coordinates. Arrival in two minutes."

    This would give the team a final chance for chatting or strategizing.​
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  5. Imperius matt23 Curator

    Reaching to hanger took a little time for Oleg as he had to stop by the armory to pick up his heavy machine gun and equipment. Oleg slowly rubbed his hand down the barrel of his machine gun as he smiled. Oleg then loaded up a large rucksack with hundreds of rounds for his weapon before heading to the hangar. "Time to have a little fun," he said as lit a cigarette.

    Upon entering the hanger, Oleg walked straight over to his mech. Walking onto the lift, he got into his pilot seat after setting his weapons aside. He rubbed his hand over the control panel, "You missed daddy didn't you?" Anna's voice then came across the intercom, "Talking to inanimate objects is unhealthy." Oleg then yelled at Anna with a balled fist, "Don't you take that tone of voice with me, Anna! I will reset your personality to that of a screwdriver if you keep it up!" Anna in a sarcastic tone responded, "At least then you could have conversations with something on your level of intellect." Oleg then left out a puff of smoke from his cigarette as he held up his middle finger to the all areas of the cockpit.

    After rolling his eyes and taking a drink from his flask, Oleg booted up the main systems and began all his pre-mission checks. While conducting his checks, Oleg would check comms with everyone else's mech to ensure everyone else was as ready as he was for some fun. "All personnel monitoring this channel, this is Oleg of team Sledgehammer. All systems are green. Checking comms. How copy," he said as he leaned back into a position showing he was growing impatient.
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  6. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Coordinates confirmed. Comms online and working."
    Yumi stretched his neck in the seat. Crown that connected her to Kingslayer took time to get used to. Comfortable was not a choice with this mech.
    "Got to be a confident predator that'd attack metal giant. If we keep our distance they might just do the same. Unless every animal in that jungle has rabies or something."

    Alspaer remained silent. The AI didn't say much, adding another layer of creepy to the relationship between the pilot and it.
    "Radar cloaking online." Alspaer's deep, raspy voice suddenly came through with static in the cockpit. Yumi flinched at it in surprise. "Lower the volume, fuck's sake, Alspaer." There was no response, only a small indicator on her HUD that displayed volume slightly lowering.
  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Needless to say, Ryliane had quite a lot to think about, digesting Legion's report as she picked up her weaponry of laser rifle, submachinegun, spurs and explosives from the armory. Afterwards, she suited up in the ornate, black-and Gold “Athena” Suit.
    Thankfully for her sake, that was her choice of name for the actual suit, even if not quite her design to make it ‘stand out’ on the field of battle.

    Once inside, Legion said to her “Speculation on whom sent the message of pushing our luck?” The woman replied “I have no idea, but I’m sure they’re not part of Starlex.” Legion replied: “Especially considering our role is… Well, the Company would be very short-sighted to remove one of their top people merely over using their position to ensure they could do their job that comes with their purpose.”

    Still, time passed and the duo of woman and machine were ready for departure for the mission. Sterliarx took part in the comms check with “Comms functional, and Coordinates confirmed. Ready to lead Shadowfall.” Meanwhile, Legion was busy forwarding a condensed version of the information he had found out on behalf of Ryliane for the rest of the AI to digest and take into account for their own planning.
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    Vern started with a message across the entire team. "Prepare for deployment. Two minutes until Sledgehammer gets dropped off. They will pick you up on the radar, so move through cover. Shadowfall will deploy shortly afterwards. Until both deployments are complete, I cannot offer air support. Bridge over." And he cut the outgoing transmission, letting each and every one of them handle the news how they wanted.

    His eyes moved naturally across the console before him as he kept his eyes on various parameters. "This surely ain't a Rhineland Sparrow." Vern sighed under his breath, not trusting the JSOC prototype in the very slightest. The formatting is all over the place since a conglomerate of corporations installed different instruments of measurements and different displays, colors and what not. Once this mission was over and they returned to the closest space dock, various adjustments would have to be made.

    His thoughts were interrupted by Rhiner. "Vern. Remember that we can always deploy, too. The Starseeker has integrated autopilot features." It sounded tactically sound, but the human partner knew his AI. He just did not want to get outdone by the other mechs and their pilots.

    "We will get enough of the heat, Rhiner. Just remain on standby." He appeased the mech and focused on the task at hand, lowering the craft to get out of visual range and make for the deployment zone. Once reached, the deployment bay would open and let Sledgehammer move out.

    "Good hunting, Sledgehammer. Stick together and crump as many of their tin cans as you can." After everyone was accounted for, the pilot of the Starseeker would take the vessel to the next drop point where Shadowfall would come into play.
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    < @matt23 @Vulpas @Grall_Stonefist >

    Sledgehammer was the first to land, with Starseeker streaking off once the three of them were on the ground. They had been dropped in an abandoned area, but according to the AI it was within the passive radar range. So a few minutes after they landed, whether they moved or not, a small patrol of light power-armored individuals walked around a corner, and spotted them. The AI would quickly detect a signal of transmission, meaning an alarm was almost assured.

    "Stand down, or die!" came a voice from the center suit, all guns trained on the three mechs.

    < @Wata @Maleth >

    Not long after, Shadowfall landed on their feet in the forest. The Hemterra was to their south, and so they would set off. For a while, nothing would happen. But then, a large spear-like projectile flew at Yumi. She would be able to dodge, but there was a small gouge in the metal where it flew by - whatever that was could actually hurt them.

    < @Uriel1339 >

    Once the two teams were deployed, Vern flew off in Starseeker. It wasn't impossible that they picked up slight traces, and would send someone to investigate. As he flew, Starseeker would gather the information that Sledgehammer had been spotted, and as well they would pick up a pair of fighters flying out from the Hemterra, one flying towards Sledgehammer, the other seeming to be flying in a search pattern.​
  10. Imperius matt23 Curator

    The hydraulics on Hammer hissed and recoiled as it impacted on the ground. The mech took two steps forward before pausing. The screen in front of Oleg flashed green before Anna spoke, "Weapons and targeting system are online and ready." A smirk appeared on Oleg's face at hearing those wonderful words, however; his train of thought was broke by the incoming enemy message. Oleg began to laugh, "Who the fuck do these guys think they are? Clearly the have no clue who the hell we are!"

    Opening the com channel to the others in his team, Oleg spoke with a sinister tone, "I do not think anyone needs to be told what to do here. We have our orders..." Locking on to the mechs, Oleg smiled once more before letting loose all weapons. The auto-cannon began opening fire first letting loose hundreds of rounds a minute. Next the much slower hunter-killer cannon began it louder burst, each impact creating large explosions. And finally, to cap it off, a volley of inferno missiles let loose off there mount silo, causing the battlefield to catch ablaze. All the while, the laughter of Oleg continued in a disturbingly joyful manner.
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