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JSOC - Joint System Operations Command: Special Combat Division )Redux

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. JSOC - Joint System Operations Corp. A newly formed organization of people from the three systems of human colonization: Sol, Helphan and Arnet. Despite their shared origins on the planet Earth, in the near 700 years since the gates were constructed and the expansion began, people from the different systems have began to mistrust one another, and the governments have not been the most cooperative either. JSOC began as a proposal by the UN - governor of the Sol system - as a way to keep harmony in human space, defend against pirates, and generally facilitate cooperation.
    It has only now been formed, vetted by the UN, Helphanic Monarchy and Arnet's president. There are multiple divisions, each working with the others. Requisitions, Operations, Command, Civil, Military. Each division has personnel from every system, vetted by their leadership or accepted by volunteerism after an amount of tests. From there they are assigned to their division. The military division is as so far the smallest, with a small number of troops, mechs, vehicles and a single Special Operations team: The SCD.
    As with any new organization, there is a certain amount of distrust given they have yet to prove themselves. As Operations gathers information, Requisitions gathers new gear and supplies, Civil focuses on humanitarian efforts and Command oversees the whole thing, Military focuses on their drills and training. All except for the SCD, who have been sent out on their first mission.
    As the Starseeker emerged from the gate into the Arnet system - travelling from the large station in the Sol system that JSOC calls home - there would be a message sent to the communications room, requiring that all the members of the SCD to attend. Once they arrived, the holo-projector would flicker to life, showing the image of their commander, a muscled military-type with short straight black hair, tanned skin and his Command Division uniform almost immaculate. His eyes looked around at the team and he gave a nod to them.
    "Your mission, as I am sure you are aware, is to track down and destroy a band of Pirates that have been harassing SSP shipments of food and medicine to the outlying colonies." he said, hands behind his back as he stood at parade rest. His image shrunk and next to it showed a picture of an old Halcyon-Class cruiser, a model back from the days of the Starseed Rebellion. "This is the Halcyon Hemterra. Ops isn't sure how they got ahold of such a thing - Halcyon's have been discontinued for a few hundred years. They suspect it might have been salvaged from a ship graveyard, but that's all we have to go on."
    "It has been sighted on the ground of the planet Yennri, Ops suspects that this is a hidden drydock for the pirates." he stated, looking around at the team. Yennri had been known for their dangerous beasts and carnivorous plants, and was the site of the failed colony of Aspect. The presidency had determined it hadn't the manpower to spare soldiers to hold back the wilds, and from there Aspect was overtaken. It would be the perfect hiding place for a group with the power to keep themselves alive. The image of the ship changed to show an overview of the small prefab city and drydock. "The jungle is too dense to drop from too far away, so it is likely you will be seen coming. Your mechs will fit in Aspect proper, but apart from the hangar they may not fit in many places inside the Hemterra."
    "Your final objective is to identify and capture or eliminate the leadership of this band, as well as recover what supplies you can. This is your final test, don't let us down. Amtres out." And with that, the images flickered and died.
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    Vern had joined the briefing room dressed in a very light pilot suit as one would see regular cargo pilots in, rather than a proper soldier. He had his left hand on the right elbow, and the right index finger resting on his chin as he listened and looked over the various fellow special operation members. His thoughtful look combined with his rather square face made him look even more serious than he already was in person. The hair was dark brown in the bright room, combed back.

    "Vern Wolff. Pilot of the Starseeker." He introduced himself briefly, nodding to the group as he approached the terminal and started typing away.

    "Starseeker. Would you be so kind and tap into the resources provided to us to see what the real reason of not bombarding the pirates out of their hiding hole is? Please make sure to add in your parameters the following with equal priority:
    Eco-System of Aspect.
    Research Laboratory of Sunny Smiles Pharmaceuticals.
    Potential Hostages.
    Possible important person being the leader of the pirates.
    Nature of the supplies we are supposed to recover.

    Please combine your findings in a report and have them forwarded to our AIs once you compiled the results. I will take care of flight protocols, so make this your highest priority. Thank you, Star."

    He then turned away from the console. "Instead of starting to debate amidst ourselves we should consider all information we can get, yes? After all, it's not the good commander who is putting his foot on the world down there." Vern nodded in agreement of his own statement.

    "Yes, I'm from Rhineland, that is why I am oh-so-serious. Nice meeting you all. I will be flying our custom-made jewel until the AI has been field tested in real combat situations." The older man compared to the others figured a healthy mix of sarcasm and straight-to-business attitude would not only represent Rhineland appropriately but also ensure cooperation between the individuals.

    Although this whole situation was still strange to him, and he could not even be sure if that was truly the appropriate way to go. But he did not exactly had the time to study every individuals files, or had the required access to some more... Sensitive background details. And Vern preferred making his own opinion than to rely on reports.

    The cyborg on the other hand... He has seen some before, but the fact they were going to aid a SSP colony might make him emotionally attached. After all, there is a human beneath those robotic parts. He shook his head and started to walk towards the door.

    "If you have any questions regards the Starseeker vessel or AI, feel free to ask. And don't mistake me for an old man, just because I'm the oldest of our little rainbow crew." He didn't mean it serious, but the lack of smile, chuckle or giggle made it hard no to take serious.
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    Lighting up a cigarette, Oleg took a long first drag before letting out a large plume of smoke out in front of his face. He had missed the immediate rush that the cigarette gave him and he had been out for a week which felt like an eternity. It was not easy to get that which he loved out in the void of space and most frowned upon usage of such things in ships, but Oleg clearly cared little for the opinions of others on his habits.

    Listening to Vern talk made Oleg laugh ever so slightly before he leaned forward, "Rainbow crew, huh? Catchy nickname old man." Oleg took another drag from his cigarette before continuing, "I suppose if we are doing introductions, someone needs to be next. I am Oleg Romanov of Tetran." Taking out a small flask and unscrewing the lid, Oleg took a quick sip before screwing back on the top and placing it in his pocket. He then took another drag as he spoke, "And to answer questions, yes that was alcohol. No you can not have any. And no, I will not put out the cigarette." Oleg paused and looked around with a serious face a moment before breaking his poker face with a laugh. "At any rate, like the old man said, there is a lot of potential -collateral- damage that I am sure someone higher up cares about," Oleg said as he used his fingers to make quotations when saying collateral. He continued with a smile, "Which I guess brings us to the next question...If we are not going to kick in the front door on this mission, so to speak. Then how are we going about this whole thing? Stealth has never been my strong suit. Just saying." Leaning back in his seat, Oleg took another drag while he waited to hear ideas.
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    Yumi had her headphones on, from the sound of it it was death metal. She was chewing bubblegum, feet on the table and gaming on her phone. On top of her pilot suit she had a black leather jacket on with a band logo on the back. Eventually her peripheral vision clued in people moving and talking.
    Yumi pulled down her headphones and looked up from her device.
    "Huh?" Alspaer sent the details to her phone, she skimmed through it. "I heard stealth, I can do that. Kingslayer has radar masking."
    She glanced at the Rheinlander already leaving.
    "Is the old guy in a hurry? Bad bladder? I hear it comes with age."
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    With the briefing over (and a brief eye roll at requesting details on the thing she very much needed to keep her eyes on), Ryliane looked around the room at everyone present and said “As we’re making introductions: Ryliane Sterliarx from Starlex Solutions, or rather Arlex Prime. Although you'll probably all know me by another name and appearance most likely."
    Still, she looked professional if somewhat overdressed having turned up in her black and gold armour (sans helmet), even if she wafted her hand in the direction of Oleg’s cigarette and coughed slightly. Otherwise, she was just listening into the conversation as it came.

    So once Yumi had finished her piece, Ryliane shifted so that she presiding over the table with both hands pressing down on the surface. She said to everyone present “Looks like we’ll have two fireteams then: One will take a more stealthy approach to the objective, and the other one well…” She slightly chuckled “They’ll get to make some noise and give a light show on their way to the objective. Which would help the stealth team get into position if by the virtue of being a distraction.”

    Having said that, she quickly tapped out a message on her armour’s arm-mounted personal device:
    <Legion: Mind securing details on the Pirate’s likely equipment, expected numbers, known tactics and past performance? Those details will come in handy for an assessment on the hostiles' capabilities.>
    Soon enough, a reply came to the Starlex woman: <Sterlirax: Information gathering underway, assuming JSOC have the requested details. Shall I assume that others are asking the questions as to why we are here?> Sterliarx then said <Yes, they are, and it has been said that the results shall be forwarded to you and fellow AIs.> <Very well then, I shall await results of that inquiry as well as conduct the one you requested.>
  6. Imperius matt23 Curator

    (@Maleth ) Listening to Ryliane talk made Oleg's eyes roll as he let out a slight scuff. After she had finished speaking, Oleg leaned back in his chair, "Yah, yah, yah... I've heard of you. I have also heard about faeries, unicorns, and gods, but that doesn't mean I believe them. Besides, they call me the exorcist where I come from..." Oleg paused a moment looking at Ryliane with a serious face before smiling and winking, "Just messing with you, krasivaya."

    "This almost looks like the beginning of a joke. So an old man, a hipster, and a over dressed mercenary walk into a mission briefing," Oleg said as he laughed standing up from his chair, his height and large frame now being more visible. "I'm sorry. I couldn't help myself, however; I only kid. Wouldn't want anyone to hate me on our first little family outing," he said as he took another drag from his cigarette with a crooked smile.

    "At any rate, you need noise and a distraction, than I am the man for the job," Oleg said as he pointed to himself with his thumb. "They would not even hear a meteor impact with the amount of noise I will create," Oleg finished as he put out his cigarette on the table in front of him.

    OOC: Whether anyone would understand the word krasivaya is entirely up to you all. I am using Russian as his native language and accent. krasivaya=beautiful (noun)
  7. < @Maleth @Uriel1339 @matt23 @Wata @Vulpas >
    }}Begin Search{{

    }}priority I - Aspect Ecosystem{{
    }}Heavily forested, Abundant life - Class V danger rating. Mobile/Carnivorous plants, Aggressive Animal life{{
    }}Potential Resources: Medicine- Class V ; Food - Class IV; Mineral - Class III ; Others - Class II{{
    }}Site of attempted colony. WARNING - Site overrun with class V danger, recommend caution{{
    }}Priority Ia - SSP R&D Lab Aspect{{
    }}Main colony facility{{
    }}Objective - Study Flora and Fauna for possible medicinal purposes{{
    }}Status - Non-operational{{
    }}Priority Ib+1d combined{{
    }}Last Shuttle hit - SSP Vunori{{
    }}Contents - 200 units(Prepared Meal Rations) ; 100 Units(Medical supplies) ; 20 Units(Ordered Bionics){{
    }}Crew - 10 Humans - 40% accounted for - escaped through pods. 60% MIA{{
    }}Missing Crew - Doctor Albienest ; Assistant Nomu ; Pilot Jordan ; Guards Travis, Urtus, Foru ; Others George, Sarah, Altson, Ashley{{
    }}Deep Scan{{
    }}Doctor Albienest{{
    }}MD ; Biologist ; Employed by SSP{{
    }}Bionics Expert{{
    }}End Deep Scan{{
    }}Priority Ic - Possible Leadership{{
    }}Ops file Y-2331-a{{
    }}Suspected Leader - Alphonse Turton{{
    }}Wanted in the tri-systems for piracy, murder, (+32 Crimes){{
    }}Danger Class III{{
    }}WARNING - Obtained Halcyon-class Battlecruiser and armament{{
    }}Reevaluate - Danger Class V{{
    }}End Search{{

    With the results from its search collated, Starseeker would send them through comms for every pilot and AI to hear, as requested. Starseeker's voice was somewhat mystical and masculine, and when it appeared as a hologram it was a cluster of stars in a vaguely humanoid shape.

    "Alert." he said after relaying information. "Commander Amtres sends his regards and praise for taking initiative." he bowed his head and then dissipated, leaving the team now with more information. Some, such as the information regarding the Doctor, was incomplete due to the sensitive nature and the fact that JSOC got funding from corporations, and not just the governments. Such was needed.

    < @Maleth >

    Meanwhile, Legion had been able to collect some partial information himself. Some of the information was classified, and breaking through those locks had the danger of calling attention to such activities that could complicate things in multiple ways.

    }}Collated Information{{
    }}Pirate Equipment - Suspected Rebuilt From Scrap Parts - All Known Manufactuerers{{
    }}Pirate Numbers - Unknown - 72 Identities Confirmed{{
    }}SPECULATION - Halcyon-Class Requires 135 Crewmembers For Ideal Skeleton Crew{{
    }}Pirate Tactics - Hit And Run Observed{{
    }}Pirate Performance - 15 Known Raids - 15 Classified Success{{
  8. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Vern chuckled as he rested his back against the column next to the door, facing the group again but from a distance. "I'm not quite that old yet, ma'am. Just ready to leave at a moments notice." There was a slight shrug before a raised eyebrow at Oleg. Typical soldier type, it made him wonder why he would be picked for the JSOC.

    @Maleth & @matt23
    "Sounds solid enough. And I already know the perfect volunteer for the wrecker crew." He gestured towards Oleg, before winking at the fellow more serious pilot.

    "I suppose you would want to lead the stealth team then, angel of death?" He half-heartedly teased the supposed rival. But he was not a common Rhinelander. Though it did for sure not feel good to serve alongside someone who caused dozens of widows from his home country. At least he would find out now if she was as heartless as Rhineland soldiers make it sound, or if she simply fights for her own beliefs.

    Then the data from the Starseeker AI came in, he went through it on his wrist computer and had Rhiner do some highlights and notes of his own, before nodding.

    @Wata , @Maleth , @matt23 , @Vulpas , @Grall_Stonefist & @BadDo9
    "Well. Considering the circumstances, here is what I propose. And please do see it as a suggestion, not an order." Vern announced, remotely accessing the hologram in the center of the room, creating an overlay of the scans and with both teams setup.

    "Through the jungle we will have Yumi in Kingslayer under Ryliane in Athena as Formation Shadowfall. You will have to be aware of the dangerous lifeforms on this world, but you should be able to make it."

    "Then of course as full-frontal assault for distraction purposes as well as luring the enemy out so we can identify their true strength, we will have Formation Sledgehammer under Oleg in The Hammer with Andre in Irons Wrath and Sabak in The Raptor."

    "I myself will assist as air support until the Starseeker AI is proven to be autonomously effective. The last thing we need is our dropship crash against a boulder because it mistook the metric system for imperial. But if the need should be, Avalanche will be deployed at a moments notice. And let us obviously remember and focus that we are here to rescue the hostages. We are not here to search and destroy. If anyone has to add something, feel free to."

    Vern then left the hologram up for editing from other team members so they could make suggestions of their own. He relaxed against the comforting solid column behind his back, curious whether the group is going to have constructive discussions or if they just will break out into banter. Either result would be equally interesting.
  9. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    Ryliane raise her eyebrows in what was at Oleg's part, replying "Well, I'll let that slide for now... Of course, you do realise names are earned for a reason?" She finished with a smirk about earning the title, but there was a brief moment of had the vague feeling it was a compliment, but wasn't quite yet giving Oleg the benefit of the doubt. It could have been ill-guided humor for all she knew.

    Still, the Rhinelander had basically iterated her potential plan, so she said "Very well, I'll lead Shadowfall... Even if I'm not exactly angelic in talents. Other than that, Vern's suggestion is a solid plan to start from, should anyone else have further ideas to build on what we have so far." Having said that, she then eased herself back into a seat, checking her messages to see what Legion had turned up.

    Speaking of the devil, Legion found themselves raising a digital 'eyebrow' at the data being locked, leading to a few search-refinements to perhaps get around the lock if it was only certain files causing the issue:
    First one being an inquiry into the targets of the raids and the second one being the observed distribution of parts used in these.... Scrap built Mechs, just in case. And the AI did 'flash' Ryaline's Starlex codes just in case that open up a few files that had been sensitive for Starlex-related reasons.
    So they messaged Ryliane: <Report delayed: Information is not forth coming.> She replied "<Very well, report once you have the information. I'll assume you've already used my codes to open up any StarSol-sensitive files.>
  10. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "Oh you'll lead, huh?"
    She twirled her curly hair with an index finger with a noncommittal glance at Ryliane.
    Yumi spun in her chair and popped up from it.
    "Whatever, let's just get this done. Plan's not worth anything if it is not executed. See you planetside."
    A lazy two finger salute later she had her headphones back on with a course set for the hangar.

    Alspaer had been monitoring everything Yumi had said and turned on its systems just then. Kingslayer stepped forth from its slot in the hangar, making sure everything is ready for the pilot. The mech's head turned to look at the personnel entrance, eager to serve.

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