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Join The Tau Empire / Multi Game Clan

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Montyr, Dec 14, 2013.


What do you think of our clan site

  1. Tau'va

  2. its Good

  3. Its ok

  4. Oups i checked the mobile version instead of the non-mobile

  5. Lazy Git

  6. For The Emperor

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. there may be hope yet if they could get one of these...
  2. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    Last time i checked 2 firewarrior teams could cut a normal necron Overlord to shreds bring back a necron phaeron and then things will be more interesting
  3. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    if your looking to chat or join talk to me on here its a lot easyer than trying talk on wordpress
  4. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    Big annoncement!! as of now everything for the clan is being redone new site, new members, ect. so as of now we are a clean slate and the new site is under construction the old site will be there only till the new site is up and may or may not be used once the new site is completed but will have a redirect link on the site to the new website which will be mentioned upon completion

  5. Monty'r Montyr Preacher

    just an update / currently recruiting can start on new site but will be held off until site is set up
  6. As an ultramarine player, I will gladly fight with the tau


    Just Kidding
  8. The tau will always be close to my heart.... But to be honest I'm more of a 30k guy.
    LUNA WOLVES!!!!!

  9. Me too . But TAU . Seriously
  10. They were my first army... Then I discovered the horus heresy and I found my true calling

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