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Join, Da Mad Waaaagh!!!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by larrs, Dec 14, 2013.

  1. Harfist Harfist Subordinate

    I will join you in your fight!
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  2. larrence larrs Curator

    Great! Love to have you :)
  3. intense intents Capital_G Active Member

    i'll be taking teeth. make no mistake.

    any eve online or dust 514 or MAG or Warhawk players in here?
  4. larrence larrs Curator

    No not really. I play planetside 2, space marine,killing floor, and dawn of war series. Oh and alot of fallout.
    Would you like to be in our group?
  5. Harfist Harfist Subordinate

    I tried to start playing eve several times.... also played planetside 2 for apr. a month and also alot of fallout (3 and younger) but in general Im a lot into mmos and rpgs, but also love galcvi or civ and a good scifi shooter games (mass effect). But right now I am in the phase of final exams, so no games. ;)
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