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I've been trying to play Lair for ages. Is this mode worth the wait?

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by Isvaelin, Nov 1, 2016.

  1. Isvaelin Recruit

  2. Details Details The Spriteful

    no, unless you run it with a premade that knows what to do, in that case it could be worth, maybe, depends on your expectations.
  3. Kazane Estana Steam Early Access

    Currently its worth about 5k EXP as a medical class per run. Its a nice change of pace rather then PvP if your burned out for the night. As its stands its very limited content and given the current state of the game you have to just take it with a grain of salt.
  4. dhellfox dhellfox Steam Early Access

    also anyone who shares (spams) ammo to other players constantly can make between 4-5k as well
  5. DiscoJacen DiscoJacen Well-Known Member

    Imaging downloading a fan map for the game with 2 tyrannid models.
  6. Illuminatus Dominus_Galaxia Arkhona Vanguard

    No. You know how most of the game is Beta quality now? PvE is still in Alpha. Buggy as shit and pretty much unplayable without a dedicated group of friends who know exactly what to do.

    Also expect no rewards because there are none.
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  7. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    • No rewards yet.
    • @5K XP at max.
    • Only 1 map so far with a few variations in pathing.
    • Moronic squadmates who LOVE to stand in your line of fire, TK, grenade and plasma spam and then laugh about it. (Not even going to START on the guy who likes to charge the Warrior with a vanilla unmodded chainsword...)
    • Bug/map glitches are present but rarer due to smaller size.
    (Pretty much the same as PVP now that I think about it although XP there can vary significantly.)

    That said...

    • MUCH less lag and fewer crashes.
    • It is a bug hunt. The enemies can be predicted at times and other times, they take you by surprise. (Especially when your teammates go running off to do whatever the hell they want and leave you to do the objective alone )
    • Not a lot of thought required. Easy to kill stuff without spamming melee/plasma

    In summary?

    • Not as chaotic or laggy as PVP
    • Less variety at the moment
    • Few rewards
    • Can be fun or incredibly frustrating. Much like PVP
    I play it when I need a break from the lagfest and exploitfests. It works for me.
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  8. DiscoJacen DiscoJacen Well-Known Member

    It seems even the fanboys can't jump in and defend this one. I guess sometimes they do open their eyes
  9. Kalenath Kalenath Subordinate

    Not that you actually care about anything but spreading your hate.

    Oh, wait, my bad. to care about something, you have to understand reality and not just THINK you understand reality.

    Reality is not QUITE as clean and simple as you want it. I know, I know. It's confusing. It's complex. You have to actually think about things and maybe sometime actually READ stuff.

    Sorry that we don't agree with your mindless hatemongering.

    Um... No... Actually I am not.

    TLDR- You didn't bother to read my post so I am not going to bother replying to your stupidity

    And um...

    Have a nice day. :p
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  10. DiscoJacen DiscoJacen Well-Known Member

    You mean the post that DID validate the point that pve is downright broken, lacking in content and that you only play it when you're bored of PVP? No I did read it ty.

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