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It's that time again! Your chance to give me actionable items to affect prioritization in my roadmap

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Oveur, Jan 27, 2017.

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  1. IdranelLives IdranelLives Well-Known Member

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  2. Foam Foam Prefectus

    1 - [Gameplay] Ranged combat is not fun. Emptying an entire clip into an opponent is not fun. I suggest a re-balance of damage/hp so that headshots are insta-kill and armour plays more of a role in the number of shots you can receive as opposed to the damage it mitigates, i.e. relic armour you can take 5 boltgun shots, this would in turn be affected by weapon mods, etc.

    2- [Gameplay] Melee combat is cumbersome. As per point 1, damage multipliers for things like chainswords against power armour is off. Melee becomes a matter of who can D-bash the most before an ally comes along and shoots your opponent. Instead of a duel, combat should be more like the tabletop where some weapons tear though armour in a swing or two.

    3- [Maps] There is too much lone wolf action for a game that promotes squad play. I suggest more game modes where once A is captured the fight moves to B. In addition the area at A should now be locked off so that the fight is only concentrated at the next point to be taken. I.e. battlefront now shifts to B for spawns, etc and A cannot be accessed once captured.

    4- [Maps] Fortresses are not as epic as they were with 100 players on the map. Fighting should be concentrated at a funnel point. Attacking a wall should be difficult and the defender should have the advantage. This promotes more team play to work at weaknesses in the defenses. This also promotes more use of heavy classes and weapons like lascannons to neutralise flak cannons. Right now fortress matches result in the attacked just hammering a point until the defender has no lives, there is no strategy required. It should take 10min of solid fighting to pick defenders off a wall and destroy a gate instead of sneaking through tunnels to cap a point.

    5- [Gameplay] D-bash should be a D-bash. If an SM kicks an Eldar in the face they should feel it.

    6- [Insentives] Extra rewards to play specific races when the population playing is reduced. I.e. double XP/LP to play Eldar or Orks when SM and CSM are dominating the lobby.

    7- [Gameplays] Side arms for Havocs/Devi/Etc. They have them in the codecies...

    8- [Insentives] Daily rewards/quests. Right now I have no insentive the play during the week (other than campaigns). I live in Australia and the lag is real. Most of the guilds are US/EU and guild features and partying is so cumbersome I couldn't be bothered using it. I also have no reason to play PvE because it's not fun and the rewards are rubbish.

    9- [Gameplay] Option to join regional servers, if there is a game going in Australia I would like the option to queue to join that game.

    10- [Customisation] Should have infinite options. I want you to take my money.
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  3. Nari Nari Deacon

    Please Add more Game modes, let that be deathmatch, capture the flag, king of the hill, squig race or anything really... You could do a lot with this game. PvEvP would be nice. And also I'd like to see 3 or even 4 faction battle maps. Those would be awsome.

    More character slots, abbility to change your subfaction.

    More weapons/armor/cosmetic.

    More Balance, seriously eldar needs a nerf right now.

    Waagh mechanic revamp, right now it is terrible.
    (makes me want the WAAAGHH not to kick in when I play ork)
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  4. Ratas Ratas Arkhona Vanguard

    1. No Respawn matches.
    2. Look at nr.1
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  5. Miguel was a 10 star bullshitter. Don't get me wrong Nathan can get on my nerves, I don't always get his sense of humour and he grates on me sometimes but he does deliver on his promises. Very slowly but they're being delivered. Very slowly.

    Still stands though, I would kill to play that Rocket silo mission.

    Rocket silo map is the answer to all you woes!
    1. More ingame mechanics based on the Warhammer 40 000 lore - Drop pods, warp, terminators, dreadnoughts, and other absolutely essential stuff, which will please warhammer fans. Just let us feel the game more warhammerish.
    2. Camera tweaks - Let us choose which camera we want to use as melee character close up or far up like now. And add some camera effects, like shaking when running (fluid for eldar, hard for space marines, random for orks). Basicaly, more camera begaviours in different situations and different classes.
    3. Better visual aspect of the game - For example visual effects on armor, like blood, rust, dirt. The game right now is not bad, it's just lacks detail in overall visual expirience. Just add a little spice to the visuals, something pretty, but not cartoonish sparkles the size of melons in melee fights (seriously this looks damn awful)
    4. Fix the technical issues - Crashes to desctop, lags, ping, bugs etc. this is completely destroys game expirience, and this must me dealt with.
    5. Customisation - This includes animated parts of armor and partly connects this issue with "visual aspects of the game" issue.
    P.s. Thank you bE, for making a great and solid BASE for the game. Now please, make the game itself already. And everyone will be happy, you included.
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  6. Valrack Valrack07 Preacher

    1. More Sub Faction for LSM/CSM (every first fondation).
    2. Advencement Tree for every sub faction.
    3. Balancing with every Faction,a balancing lorefull, orks play on the number not with everything OP.
    4. Remake the Mark for Chaos more lorefull, (many possibility for the subfaction like Death Guard).
    5. More Customisation.
    6. Every Armor Mk2, Mk3, MK4, etc..
    7. Change the mélee weapons, axe too slow and sword with too ranged.

    It's all.
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  7. Kurze spunkymonkeySK Subordinate

    1 - make chaos more chaosy. Sticking horns on a mk VII helmet is not chaosy!
    Heresy period helmets/tentacles for arms/singular horns/rotting gut torso etc etc etc

    2 - melee needs work. On paper RPS is fab - in the real world with some odd latency issues; RPS can be a broken mess (I still enjoy it but the more I play, the more I feel lag will always scupper the system)

    3 - Melee lock on - it's right that melee classes get some kind of bonus in combat, but currently the lock is far too good. Tone it down; make it easier to break out of for the one being attacked and make it more of a pull towards the target instead of stuck with glue.

    4 - Varied objectives and modes - king of the hill is one to try.
    Also remember Enemy Territory where each point to move upon was a different task - destroy that, steal this, capture and hold, escort cargo etc. Defenders get counter goals which can impede the attack.
    With the depth of lore available this could be something unique and special.

    5 - don't give us all every little thing we want! Think it through before you do haha.
    Like spawn mechanics - the vehicle spawn leading to tank hunts adds a layer to the gameplay that would take a backseat if things were changed too much.

    6 - VOIP would be welcome (even if limited to squad only)

    7 - team balance/matchmaking - started a game earlier and it was fortress with 6 attackers vs 1 defender... The fact that the defenders won because 2 mins later it was 15 defenders vs 7 attackers didn't make things much easier to bear - tho it was nice to see karma strike back like that even if I was on the receiving end! Also pug stomps..

    8 - latency - wasting a slot here as I'm sure you are well aware that this still needs work - it goes from fine to randomly awful and back again. Sometimes it's manageable, sometimes it's not (cough.. eldar.. cough :p )

    9 - Take care with balance! Related to point 5 in many ways - we complain and moan and plead and ask but sometimes we are wrong and if not we always exaggerate!
    Work is needed and listening is good but slow and steady is better than kneejerk reactions.

    10 - Improve the reward for PvE. Currently I won't be bothering with it till I've finished the advancement tree because it just doesn't seem worth the investment.

    11 - Salamanders :)
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  8. Naurgalen Naurgalen Active Member

    1. Make Campaigns that are interesting & matter. By interesting I mean that they "change" the way you normally would play, starcraft, LFD and other games for example have "mutators": little changes to some rules that are implemented to give "other kinds" of experience: less CD, more global armor, health, less dmg taken etc... . By "matter" I mean, more than exp or free items, those ARE nice, but are personal and dont """""change"""" the game. I mean go for what you aimed long time ago: If you win a campaigns with X and Y condition you get Z and I good mutators and maybe X bad mutator for loosing all the time in X map. A "story" made by playing the game.

    2. Let elites be awesome. 1 life is IMHO too low in a game were you can be killed in 1 or 2 attacks if you are just that unlucky: it even promotes selecting the most sourvibable elite class instead of the most needed for the team. I propose a CD system that starts with elites on CD and that CD is lowered by getting XP/helping your team: rewarding good play and at the same being less unfair with bad luck. Another thing: let players unlock 1 elite for free at low level, you want new players to feel awesome too.

    3. More customization. Right now customization is not only limited by variations in mods and whatever but in costs too. I know that you don't want to make classes "all arrounders" but right now the sistem IMHO feels too limiting and there can be some implementations that solve it like for example items with sinergys that cost less when paired.

    4. Balance. 1 hit-KO like power fists are not fun, specially when they cant be easily countered because they re not slow at all and cover a nice distance. Other weapons like the starswarm missiles totally suck.

    5. Psychic love. While I understand that you want them to be the ones that can support, the setting of 40k just begs to make spells useful in combat too. There are many spells so UP that arent really used and/or cost too many points. IMHO t spells should cost really little as they are what define spell-caster classes, and customization of melee/defense/warp regen should be the fine tunning points.

    6. Eldar love. As an eldar is really shit to have only 5 options for classes in a match, we already need 1 to be dire avengers 100% to be able to cap.

    7. Tank love / hate. 1) As others said, protecting a tank doesn't give exp at all and its FAR TO CRUCIAL to win that I dont understand why its not implemented. 2) While I love killing people with tanks I understand that people don't like 1-hit kos. Maybe the eldar tank should have reduced speed but increased weapons/armor tosolve the problem. (Still I think that if you are in the middle of a road with a tank near you deserve being smashed :D)

    8.Playable tutorial
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  9. Valentine Iyan Firebrand

    1. Make the garrison reward people for training new people. This way the best advice can come straight from the people who play the game!

    2. The maps need more usage if that make sense. It feels like some parts are just ignored.

    3. Maybe with the new Eldar stuff that's coming out we can has more cosmetics and Dark Eldar? =D

    4. Make it so that holding down Q lets us select orders or ideas from a circle menu like in other games.

    5. Better stuff for warlocks and sorcerors. I want to lift people in the air and throw them, or burn them, or electrocute them and feel rewarded for the investment of loadout points. Right now Destructor feels weak and doesn't slow or stun, Protect makes it hard for the people you're protecting to see where their shooting, and Eldar healing is terrible. There is a delay before warp "ammo" recharges which can cost the warlock or sorceror their lives and makes regen items feel lame.

    6. Please make banshee hair more reasonable it just looks ridiculous.

    7. Eldar need mods, and better melee weapons.

    8. Durability feels silly, the rock paper scissors feels too much like luck, can we have a melee system that's more skill based?

    9. Autocannons need recoil that makes it hard to land the second deadly hit. I'm fine with them killing fast but it shouldn't be so easy, it makes attacking chaos on Maggon or fortress maps far more difficult than any other race especially when they get all of their healers everywhere.

    10. I-frames make killing Jump pack assaults unreasonable. I should be rewarded for shooting such a fast moving target, they shouldn't be invincible during movement, they already have that mobility to keep them alive, why make it worse?
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