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It has begun...

Discussion in 'Space Marines' started by TheWarpsmith, May 12, 2017.

  1. Geisto Geisto Cardinal

    *USA DLB branch are a bunch of pussies that can't handle the mental strain required to play with a hand tied behind their back due to the constant nerfs, shoddy camera work and animations the Ork Faction is forced to play with.

    Don'tcha worry yer pretty eyes, European branch will fill the Krumps right in.
  2. BIg Time EBola Houngar Active Member

    can confirm. EU timezone for DLB is going strong.
  3. Madax Legbrakka Angeraxe First Blood!

    Go on ! Queue up for orkz ! Be my guest !
    You shouldn't worry too much about the Boss'es US time parties these days but more about our EU division that has been whipping your sorry clan butts for countless months. Because WE WON'T STOP !

    You LSMs thought you ONLY had the Boss to worry about ? That's cute... Well FEAR THE BIG FANG and his MEGANOBZ !

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