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It’s time my friends.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sneaky-krumpin, Feb 28, 2018.

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  1. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Well, it’s been a progress in the making for me...but I think it’s time for me to move on from the game completely, including the forums. Installed and played today for the first time in a month...nothings changed. 6 stalker bolters 2 shotting everyone, plasma spam, bolter porn, u know, same old same old. Only LSM and CSM matches, no eldar...I just can’t deal with it anymore.

    And please, this isn’t me thinking I’m some important person. I’m no one special, far from it. Just wanted to give a shout out to some of you guys for being there for some grand times over the past few years.

    @Talron thanks for bringing back some love for the game when I lost hope in it, and letting me have some hilarious games! Thanks for always having a level head, good attitude and a great leader for this community.

    @Deathwish thanks for being willing to change and accept new friends. When we all first started on this journey, I think it would be safe to say that you were at odds with many people. Now you are known by many as a good guy and fun to play with. Takes a lot of courage to change your point of view! You’re a good man!

    @DemonKingBAAL whether fighting against you or with you, it’s frustrating. With you because I know I’ll never get any kills, against you for the same reason!! But you always take things people say with a grain of salt and let it slide off your back. You’re the epitome of the phrase “haters gonna hate”, and you really don’t care if they hate you or not. You taught me how to do the same! But I can’t best you. I doubt anyone could consistently!



    @Demetri_Dominov dont see you online much anymore, as I’m sure life has taken off for you with new opportunities. But a big thank you for always letting anyone share in the fun of MYST, and being willing to be a leader for the entire eldar community. It’s pretty well dead now, and won’t be coming back, but it was a great run and we had some fun times as well. Thank you for teaching me understanding and forgiveness after I left the guild, for honestly petty reasons.

    And finally...

    @Orkan. Don’t think I’ve ever met such an exuberant, talkative and positive guy, especially in an online game. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad or negative word come from your mouth to be honest. Had some fun times as hawks! You can be my wing man anytime!

    And everyone else of course. Thanks to the devs for trying to make this game even playable. Despite a huge mess along the way, it still is the only game I’ve played the most of in my life.

    Maybe see you all in the future of another 40k game.
  2. -WCA-Vola Talron Moderator

    Wow... Raz this actually makes me sad haha. Hit up the Discord when ya play any games man. Still always welcome to chill =D
  3. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Haha. Exactly.
    Just a guy passing by. Been here since alpha started. Was an eldar main (Razmirth) until eldar died. Since then floating on by until now.
  4. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    RIP. I've basically been going down the same path with this game too anyway lol. Really I'm just waiting for the new bolter to come out so I can make one video with it, then my journey with this game will be at an end as well more than likely. Planetside 2 has won me over ;p. Appreciate the kind words and see you on the flip side m8.
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  5. Leroy Twizzlers DemonKingBAAL Steam Early Access

    Lol yeah I'm sure it'll be a burden off of most people. Almost 1600 hours in the game though so it definitely got it's money's worth out of me.
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  6. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Hey it’s all good Leroy. You’re a good guy, and ill miss seeing ya around EC. But yeah, I had 600 hours or more out of EC. Got my money well worth for it, considering I got it for 30 bucks or so!

    But nothing good lasts forever. I’ll make sure I stay away from planetside 2 so I don’t have to face your wrath there. Lol.
  7. Mekitoiss URIELFUKKENVENTRISS Well-Known Member

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  8. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    If you’re gonna be dedicating a lot of time to vermintide 2 I’ll also hit u up on steam. I’m looking to play it quite a bit.
  9. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    old guard are dying

    it's march 1 now in asia still nothing

    play kingdom come deliverance and buy a mace smash bandit skulls
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