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Isn't It Unfair That Big Shoota Works Like Heavy Bolter?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by volimnir0, Dec 5, 2018.

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  1. says traitor bitch
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  2. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    -Stabilizing grip for accuracy because it is more effective than textured grip since the hipfire-nerf
    -CQC-barrel for maximum damage on short range, no barrel if you expect to be fighting at medium- or extended ranges
    -Drum-mag is generally still the best choice with AP-rounds somewhat competitive since they add a flat 4.5% damage against most targets
    -2x scope for pinpoint-accuracy and scope-exploit

    That is the difference between playing the game and knowing the game (also having reference-documents).
    There are people here with 1-3k hours in EC and also some with a good understanding of game-theory (actually I just remembered game-theory is something entirely different but you know, what I mean), design and math.
    There is nothing wrong with you having an opinion. Except you should consider that it might be wrong. It is unfortunate that people with wrong opinions are quickly attacked and ridiculed but escalating the situation and fighting back isn't helping either.
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  3. Catnium Catnium Well-Known Member

    Want to see inside my mind ?

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  4. Kjall Kjall Active Member

    Man this fucking autismo thread maker just won't stop and reading his comments makes me lose brain cells so let me summarize why the big shoota is broken as shit right now:

    Big shoota deals 290 dps, in comparison the twin-linked avenger shuriken cataplut deals 294, so they both have practically the same dps, and yet, the big shoota is on a tactical unit that is twice as tanky as a dire avenger (disregarding that orks have a 3 times smaller head hitbox and a 30% damage reduction on headshots compared to all other factions), the gun is pretty accurate, has good hipfire, can deal a whole lot more damage in one magazine than what the TLASC can, and the spinup time is so insignificant you can literally run up to people and hipfire them to death and still survive, the fact it HAS SUPPRESSION only allows you to use that idiot playstyle even more, you can decimate teams with it while barely aiming.
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  6. Brikksmasha DoomedOne Drill Abbott

    No, its not OP, becouse you cant use it since nobody is playing as orks.
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  7. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    Says loyalist BITCH! So I'm a traitor that gets blessed by Dark Gods that is our
    Just wutufu
    You meant I was a troll that turned to be an innocent?
    Says loyalist BITCH! So I'm a traitor that gets blessed by Dark Gods that is our glory that you can't even comprehend, BITCH!
    -What was textured grip doing? I don't remember.
    -Because it reduces damage on medium or extended ranges iirc, eh?
    -Yeah. It was hilarious with 60 magazine before, not it gets nerfed to 45. So sad. Before I could down a shield bro's shield from 0 to 100 if he's far enough. But BE didn't want you to drop a shield bro's shield without even reloading... Oh, wait. I got something wrong. I thought you were talking about magazine doubler...
    -Well, I don't like using scope because it's hard to use it for me and I don't like to use it because I'm not comfortable with it's scope view. It's like using sniper on some FPS games which they have like real life scopes(well I don't know what a scope would be look like irl but it looks so realistic to me). So I'm not comfortable with it iirc. But I'm not sure though. :D And I hate to swap between scope modes. If they are close range you don't want to use scope(I mean teh zoom dunno what it is called. Yeah just because I don't know what it is called I don't know the game moron, you are a fucking genius!). What is scope-exploit and why not 4x though? LSM had 4x while CSM had 3.5x iirc.

    I do both. Playing the game and knowing the game. I also put there what you have been put too, I just don't care about with Boltgun mods. Like I don't like to use scope so I don't bother. Since I don't bother I don't even think into it, so stop coming with that shit "That is the difference between playing the game and knowing the game." Because I know the game. When you don't bother with something or just forget about it, it is not something you can call lack of knowledge or so. Reference-documents of what?
    Well I have over 500 hours. I have started to play at late 2017s. I actually first played this in 2016 but got 10 FPS and hate to play pixeled graphics at Medium graphics, so I've been mad and came back again when get high-end rig. I would have 1-3k too maybe if I kept playing since mid 2016. Having 1-3k has nothing to do with knowledge though. Define game-theory. Nope, I don't. What kind of design? I ignore the math. Fuck the math. I don't need the math to know how some things work. :D Expect if it's the case to find out how much damage X Toughness will reduce the damage against X Penetration. And they are to technical issues. What kind of opinion are you talking about? All I said I know the game enough to can't count as an ignorant. That is wrong to having false conclusions and trying to impose it to others like they are facts. Well, escalating the situation and fighting back is acting to the people as they deserve in my book. So there is nothing wrong with it.
    Nice photoshop.

    0:28 Powa Fist the Pony Slaanesh Girl!

    Btw are those my words that you interpretend in your mind? Also I don't understand any of the word besides "BITCH," "fuck," and "I got weak." or something. XD

    Also what's with the referral code? They get a 4K RTC for the sake of you bring them into the game also it grants you the same amount and is it permanent? ☻ Where to find this referral code from?
    And you cannot know if Big Shootas had suppression if you didn't get shot by it or until you are being sure it was from a Shoota you should encounter with it a couple times more in a crowded scenario(for me even if it's solo I wouldn't realize because YOLO SWAG) or it should be a clear 1v1 to make sure that it was Big Shoota's suppression. You can't just figure out that you weapon does suppression just by looking that your opponent missing shots. It takes time. If they missing you while you're shooting with Big Shoota but not Shoota yeah you would be sure but then you should play with it couple of times which I didn't. Because I don't like delaying. I'm never prepared for next fight, I spot the enemy and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH. So I am never waiting as in a holding Heavy Bolter position. I should always have to hold it first to shoot!
  8. Krayt Krayt Preacher

    Thats kinda dumb , make a 8 man ork warparty and have fun on your autowin
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  9. For the love of whatever you consider as holy, cease with your unbearable LARPing.
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  10. Possessed Chaos Lord volimnir0 Steam Early Access

    Who the hell are you down syndromed autistic moron? I know your name from ingame. And I think I used to like you until now somehow. Because your post made me fucking cringe you cancer asshole. Yes I won't stop just to mess with you, BITCH. Yeah when you have not a brain strong enough to understand me you automatically lose brain cells if you have a strong one you get produced new and most qualified-healthful ones. Man, I always laughed at to the morons that come up with O got broon domogo jost by roodong whot yoo jost wroto or O loso broon colls jost by whot yoo jost wroto or O loso OQ nombors etc etc etc. You can't lose a fucking brain cells or get brain damage or lose some IQ numbers just by reading a comment. You won't even be as stupid as a text or who wrote it. If you are smart enough you will know it is stupid and won't even bother to think of if and if you do you won't get hurt yourself. You smartass stupid assholes should understand that. Yes, I seriously replied just to your stupid insult you brainless moron. Because unlike you I don't automatically insult people, when I do they are not empty words, I can also prove how I am right about what I just say.

    So tell me how you calculate it? 600 RPM equivalent to 1 seconds? Because Big Shoota has 29 damage and if it's 290 DPS it should be 600 RPM = 1 second. I don't know the formula of RPM so yes I am ignorant about weapons' values. If you fucking think asking this question is stupid you have no IQ at all(yes I know without an IQ you cannot live, yes I know I just told you when I insult people they are not empty words and yes I know when I insult you I can also prove them but I am a human too sometimes I can act like as stupid people. And even thought it is not as stupid as they are. Because fucking losing IQ points over reading something has no logic even while you are having no IQ simply mean you are an idiot such as brainless faggot. And yeah I said brainless moron before now I say you are a brainless faggot.). So Twin-linked Shuriken Catapult can be fucking aimed instantly even while Big Shoota behave like a fucking Heavy Bolter. I don't know the DPS of a Combi-Bolter and Storm Bolters but technically they are double of Boltguns and they are tankier than Eldar as well especially if it's Plague Marine with 160 Toughness(I'm saying Plague Marine out of my ass, don't bother with it). Boltgun is like Shuriken Catapult, yes Shuriken Catapult is way better but technically they are the standard rifles so the difference shouldn't be sooo huge. Yeah having 3 times smaller head hitbox while having fucking 5 times bigger body hitbox! And SMs(CSM and LSM both) should have 5 times smaller head hitbox since Orks heads are a bit bigger. I don't know why Orks are so tanky, probably high health and high toughness ratio(should be 150 maximum), but as I calculated their health + armor value it's around a CSM's health and armor value not so much difference there but I don't remember it as well. Fuck accuracy, all guns are accurate in Eternal Crusade(except maybe heavy ones) they have crazy high recoil that can even match Heavy Bolter. I didn't seriously compared them but if you keep shooting they can aim into the sky such as a Heavy Bolter. Wtf is hipfire? Roll + fire I suppose?(I looked into it and it seems firing while aiming in. So just because I don't know the term you're right I also don't know how it works like I never press on the wheel button to do hipfiring. So I don't know nothing about the game. Ofc. Btw I looked into it with pay attention it also opposite. It's shooting without aiming in. So it is fast shoot. I know it from mmorpgs.) But I doubt there is something like that. Yes, probably because of fucking magazine. Then go use fucking Dakka Deffgun why bother with a fucking Big Shoota? What's the fucking point of it? And you probably meant TLSC not TLASC. Because I don't know there is a thing that could be TLASC. It's Twin-linked Shrine Catapult, not Twin-linked Avenger Shrine Catapult. Wtf is spin up time? Why I would fucking WANT to use a rifle if it behave exactly same as a Heavy Bolter? Because you can roll then? I would prefer more DPS instead of this fucking weapon. And that doesn't matter how more damage it deals in one magazine than what the TLSC can, until you are able to aim with an Gaydar you would be either dead(if it was CSM it's guaranteed) or just lost your whole armor+health, maybe just armor then try to compensate it with your whole magazine, BITCH!
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