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Isn't it time for a statement or something?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrDooManiC, Jan 3, 2018.

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  2. Gravord Gravord Active Member

    State of the Crusade - Crusade has been canceled, brave marines are requested to return to their home worlds and await for next Crusade, with new studio taking it seriously. Somewhere around 2035.
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  3. just fill this thread 11-12 pages and Nathan will state something before closing it
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  4. Ivik McDinkleStein Jimmy_Neutron Steam Early Access

    Here’s a video that’s gives the basics on it. I’m like you, I can still remember first hearing about how they wanted to turn dark sector into war frame. But the game has had an extremely risky and rocky past, this video does a pretty good job at briefing its development struggles

    View: are pretty close

    EC and warframe share things like; no developer, having large amounts of devs ripped off the project/laid off, little commercial interest in the product.
  5. Yea, that something being, "How dare you state your opinion here on my forums or insult my questionable business ethics! Freedom of speech does not apply here, freedom of speech applies only to government... and tyrants, and I am not government... or a tyra... well I am not government. THIS IS SPARTA! I mean bEhaviour! You have NO right to be jaded and dissatisfied customers voicing there grievances on these forums, these forums exist for happy customers to help sell the game (good luck on that)! These are my forums and I will have my tea and charge you too!"
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  6. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

    You have not watched this video, have you? Otherwise you would know how hillarious it is to compare EC and Warframe because everything you said is wrong.

    EC had lots of cash to burn with a publisher and even state funds, warframe suffered financially in beta cause they had no financial supporters and they had to pay everything out of their own pocket and early access cash. bE's EC team (and just this team) had to fire, move and lay off staff/devs after launch cause their game failed. Digital Extremists had to lay off staff as a studio before Warframe got released (warframe team was effected aswell) cause ANOTHER project failed and money was running dry for the whole studio and since the majority of the project cash came from the studio the project was effected aswell, too. Little Commercial interest is somewhat hillarious, seeing how EC got a big publisher and has a GW license. bE picked this game up cause they thought they can print money with the license while DE created their own "franchise".

    Keeping all these things in mind and looking at the actual numbers you will see that those 2 games have absolutely nothing in common. Warframe launched in 2013 with numbers EC never reached in its best months and it never sank below this threshold. Over the years the game had a steady stream of improvements and expansions. Some utterly crap or useless, others really awesome. Don't get me wrong, warframe has issues of it's own. Yet the game always prospered and like the video you linked clearly states: After it's launch the good times began. EC on the otherhand stumbled during it's short lifespan from 1 critical condition to the other with only emergency campaigns and rushed out unfinished patches and a thrown in f2p slowing down it's demise, while ultimativly only the GW and 40k flavour are keeping it afloat. Something (the external crutch) Warframe lacks. It stands on it's own lore and legs and has noone to fall back on if it fails.
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  8. Horus Firskon Cipher

    Nerf Eldar is racism?
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