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Isn't it time for a statement or something?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DrDooManiC, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    and we have 4 new players reaction

    1. what's happening (teleporting) latency problem
    2. design is good but maps is crap(in my opinion lifeless no servitors, blood spatter, and dead people)
    3. pro mine is crap 6 new players 25 old players
    4. i hope they add some more maps and fix melee

    players have increase in my time line

    in the past 15 - 20 each 12- 4:00 pm but now 20- 50 players

    i can now play eldar 10 am to 2:30 pm 4 days in a row
  2. You know how the toilet water is usually transparent but when you eat a bad burrito you know you shouldn't have eaten and have a nearly deadly episode of diarrhea it gets all dark and smelly and gross and the only way to make it clear again is by flushing, sometimes several times and sometimes even having to clean the toilet?

    That's kinda how EC's development went, we had a clear transparent development (The Toillet Water), but the Devs weren't a skilled enough team to make the game so they outsourced lots of bad resources from china (The Burrito) since they lacked the ability even to put those outsourced resources to use (Bad Digestion) they had to start lying and making shit up (The Diarrhea) and it turned the development muddy and unclear, in order to do it right and regain clarity they'd have to try again many times (Flushing) or maybe even just giving up and getting a new team to make a new game (Cleaning the Toilet).

    I hope you liked my little allegory and that it enlightened you all somehow.
  3. Lord Ravagerx Deadknight Well-Known Member

    holy crap dude, im a nurse i understand how u feel it make me sick

    some new players are gone

    i can see 12 to 18 new players

    back to 15 vs 15 in my timeline
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  4. Ivik McDinkleStein Jimmy_Neutron Steam Early Access

    Lets hope we get the same stroke of luck WarFrame did when it was in it's dark days.
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    [​IMG] :p
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  6. Duximus Duximus Steam Early Access

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  7. Lady Rheeva Steam Early Access

    What dark days? Having been with the game since Stormbringer, I can't recall a time it ever looked truly bad for Warframe. Certainly it exceeded all expectations by far, but it was never in a state where it appeared to die.
    The closest thing to a threat to warframe was when PWE got involved but they thankfully stay out of the western business.
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  8. Warframe at least has a dev team who cares. Warframe is a game some of the devs WANTED to make.
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  9. State of the Crusade is coming... soon(tm).
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  10. Belphegor LordSloth Preacher

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