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Is this the Devs view of fun?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ndio80, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. Orkan Orkan Arkhona Vanguard

    Great Deathwish that's your opinion. It isn't about me its about the game but you often troll post and I care little about what you post ever since I realised that.
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  2. ItsGary Recruit

    1. The system is flawed, no guild matchmaking
    2. It is effectively being exploited by guilds to stomp public games
    3. They all claim they wouldnt do it if other options existed
    4. Play in smaller groups of 5 players (you still get to play with friends and have fun
    5. Stop pub stomping and driving the limited playerbase and new players away from the game
    6. Yes it should be fixed, Limit groups in matchmaking and put in an unlimited matchmaking queue which groups larger groups together.
    7. I hate to witch hunt but it is always WP I see in these posts, every single time, They clearly have no interest in keeping the game fun or playing fair

    His point still stands, The game may not be an arena shooter but the limited player base should be doing everything it can to keep the game alive and generating interest. Stomping new players with entire premade guild groups is an absurd idea and only serves to generate easy wins, No fun and harm the community.

    Anyone defending it in the current iteration is out for there own good. There is no reason for it to be done currently. Wait till they add options to allow larger groups to fight larger groups and simply play in smaller groups until then.

    They say its fun to play with friends but then they defend it by saying "hey it isn't fun for us either" So what is being said is you have no fun stomping pugs so stop forming large parties that cannot be matched.
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  3. I shitpost on the delusional people that are still optimistic that EC will someday become popular when time and time again, the dev team has displayed nothing but the absolute worst in decision making, handling priorities, and balancing.
    In the past I have tried to offer constructive ideas but have been met with other shitposters. Eventually you end up getting some on yourself.
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  4. Livaria Active Member

    Actually I am entertained. It just so happens that I'm playing the game for what it is. Instead of what it isn't.
  5. Ashgarn Ashgarm Master

    Throwing my 2c into this. DLB does a lot of premades and as 15mans, believe or not, we face plenty of premades as the MM already takes two full groups and dumps them together.

    We as DLB get more of a kick fighting WP, VI, WCA and others than just putting pillows over new players races and smothering them.

    Competitive mode? Yea I would rather just be able to play immediately with my friends then scheduling a meeting and the work involved (though we are still doing it!)

    For those against clan stacks, instead of punishing people playing together. Join a clan, make friends and fight. You'll have way more fun
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  6. Gazrick Gazrick Well-Known Member

    You don't need to be in a clan to play organised and to have fun. Just get better, play to the objectives and enjoy wrecking house.

    It's more than possible to beat a premade or clan with just good organisation and communication and for me it is extremely satisfying. Though playing with DLB is a rare treat for other reasons it is significantly easier.
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  7. OrochiFuror OrochiFuror Arkhona Vanguard

    They have already given up on the road to openworld, just a FYI, they have said larger battles will bring nothing positive to the game.

    Voice chat will, with the right functionality, greatly improve people's play. Right now you rush to a point, maybe there's some guys with you, maybe you have complimentary loadouts, maybe not. With voice you greatly increase the chance of going into a point as a group, shock and awe, hitting something from multiple sides with multiple people at the same time. That alone is a huge help to pugs. People who work well together will shine and the rest will keep doing what they do.
  8. Paeyvn Paeyvn Well-Known Member

    As to the first points, we only do that one day a week for 3 hours, and its been the same time every week. We do it for the expressed purpose of intersquad communication practice, we can't exactly do that if we split up the squads. We have a system set up on TS where squads are separated into other channels and relay important information from one to another through key bindings. We use this window to practice this system in order to keep communications fluid when we are playing competitively. We constantly get new members, we need to teach them how we work. I'm sorry that this steps on your toes once a week, we don't enjoy pub stomping.

    We would greatly appreciate a guild v guild queue so we wouldn't have to go through the song and dance of trying to find willing opponents also able to field 15 to 20 people at X time on X day every single time.

    As to the second points:

    1) Completely agree, we would love this to exist.
    2) Yes, this is also true by certain guilds that I will not name. We, however, are not one of them as we are not actively trying to do that as our objective and are "exploiting" no system. Most of the time we are in 5-6 mans for most of the week.
    3) True for quite a lot of guilds out there.
    4) See the end of #2. We do this almost entirely outside of our training window.
    5) I wish we could, but we get accused of it even with as low as 3 of us on one team.
    6) I, and everyone in my guild, would be fine with this. We've been saying they need to fix the system for ages.
    7) It's not WP every time these posts happen. I've seen a ton of them with other guilds as well. Not exactly fond of being blindly targetted for being Eldar followed by blindly targetted for being in a guild. It's tiresome. I could say more but it would seem like bragging, so I'm not going to, but there are other reasons we may show up on these more.

    See my previous comments to see why we're not after "easy wins" and why there actually may be a reason. It is in fact no fun to stomp pugs like that, but the training is not about fun, it's about training. And if we wait until they fix the queues to train anyone, we may be waiting for the inevitable head death of the universe at this point. It's been well over a year for most of us.
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  9. Chuffy Chuffster Deacon

    I still remain unconvinced that denying other players a fair game by clan stacking is the right thing to do.

    So far all I have read, and I have read the whole thing, boils down to...
    • We want to
    Yes. I bullet pointed one point because I wanted to.

    By clan stacking your actions are harmful, you refuse to take responsibility for that harm, deflect criticism in the direction of players who are the victims of your actions and generally don't seem to give a damn about fair play.

    While I accept, I ABSOLUTELY ACCEPT, the game does not offer you the opportunities you desire to play clan versus clan with the regularity you would like, this is not Carte Blanche to spoil the game for everyone else.

    Take it as an opportunity ask for the tools you need for fair games. Solo players, grouped friends and clan groups all deserve a fair game.

    I ask for parity. How it might work...
    Any group of 3 or less is fine.

    A group of 4 or more must be matched up against an opposing team with a similar sized group.

    Allow a + or - 1 player at lower group sizes and + or - 2 at larger sizes, to add more matching opportunities.

    A group of 4 players queueing can be matched against an opposing team with containing a 3, 4 or 5 player group. The rest of the teams are made of random players on both sides. (Note: Other clan members queued solo do not count as random players once 3 members of the same clan fill a team)

    4 vs 3, 4 or 5
    5 vs 4, 5 or 6
    6 vs 5, 6 or 7
    and so on.

    Once you hit around 10 players in a group have it search + or - 2 players, giving a slightly broader chance of matching.

    Additionally both teams can have more than one group, though members of the same clan in 2 or more different groups would not be permitted into the same match.
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