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Is this the Devs view of fun?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ndio80, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. IshanDeston Ecaja Steam Early Access

    The thing is.. if i join a Clan, i expect VOIP. Why? Because it is an optional group i join, with people that i should like to play with, in theory, and want to do so in an organized fashion. If i and the Clan do not gel well, i leave the Clan.

    When i que for a PUG, i am getting matched up with anyone... and i can't just Opt out of a PUG without stopping to play the game. So no, i do not want to have everyone with a mike. VOIP coordination beats lack of VOIP coordination, but that doesn't mean i want to be matched up with the guy that things its funny to make fart noises all match long, while a 3rd person things they should flood the channel with their music of choice, while 2 guys are berating each other, because pressing a button to run their mouth is easier than having to stop to type to berate others.

    I can do without that, thank you very much. If i want that, i'll find a Clan that gives me that verbal abuse and nonsense. And i certainly don't want to spend a good junk of my time muting people, either.

    Yes, premades stomp PUGs because of VOIP, that doesn't mean i want to VOIP with PUGs.
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  2. Ndio80 Ndio80 Member

    Im happy to see people involved in this matter and we all know the devs need to look into, if not remake the whole guild section in this game to give us more options. Guildchat, guild inv. To warband etc etc.

    I had the pleasure of fighting alongside a few 5/6 man guilds on both sides this weekend. Hell, I even got into a few guild vs guild matches. Those matches were great, as both teams had close to equal force/knowledge.

    We need better MM solutions, we need better Guild managment.
    I run a tiny guild with my brother ( TGL - The grey Legion LSM and Vin -Vindicare CSM ) we are 3 in total, but I have no chance to contact the last player unless he decrypt the info in guild message.
    I want a guild with 5 to 10 ppl and no more. Just to give us a small tactical squad size. So I hope the devs will look into and hopefully do something about it.
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  3. Remo RemoSupremo Confessor

    Seems balanced to me, WP needs the numbers.


    Yes, it was a joke.
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  4. Paeyvn Paeyvn Well-Known Member

    In almost every game that has had VOIP there has also been a mute option.
  5. Whachuwan?!?!
  6. Remo RemoSupremo Confessor

    I'm on a diet.

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  7. IshanDeston Ecaja Steam Early Access

    You do understand that in order to find the ones that are toxic via their mike, i do actually have to hear them being toxic first, right?

    And given that there is no ignore function (and i wish there was), that prevented me from being matchmade with these people in the first place, i will have to mute them in each and every new game.

    Which then of course means i'll turn VOIP off.. at which point why even put the development resources into it, when a good portion of the players has it turned off in the first place?

    There are more pressing matters.. and separating the Premade from the PUG que is a much preferable solution and investment of limited production resources, than a VOIP feature that i'll turn off, and that thus will not improve the situation in the slightest.
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  8. DakkaDakka1212 Subordinate

    So wait you mean to tell me YOU would be willing to NOT play a game with your friends just because it would be unfair to the enemy team?

    I dont know about you but playing a game such as this with friends in a large chat group is the reason I play a massive faction vs faction game such as this or Planetside.

    This leaves 2 options play and have fun but others wont have fun or dont play the game and waste your money...
  9. Ndio80 Ndio80 Member

    No I dont mean that, but thank you for trying to take my point out of context.
    We are talking about 100% guild vs Randoms matches. I'm totally fine facing smaller groups of guilds as the oposite might have the same loadout of players. In any case its more even than a faceroll guild warband on voice communication. That's what we are talking about here, along with the games absurd lack of matchmaking option ingame even tho there is a option, but with nothing more than that.
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  10. ItsGary Recruit

    You see the problem, You know it exists and you bring the same excuse. There is an easy way around it that doesnt ruin the game play for everyone and infact improves it.

    PLAY IN 5 MAN SQUADS STOP PUB STOMPING "but we cant queue and get a fair game as an entire guild" THEN DONT DO IT!

    Stop using this shitty excuses of "if we could we would" to try and justify you ruining the game experience. Take the hit yourselfs and play in smaller groups of 5.

    Why drive people away from a game with an already limited player base.

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