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Is The Combat Going To Be Fast Paced Or Tactical?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schnizy, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. HABARI HABARI Subordinate

  2. Lancer Schnizy Subordinate

    For your words and your name I would follow you to the end of the warp and back to Terra twice.
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  3. TopGhekz GhekzLad Subordinate

    I'm assuming (hoping) that the game will be a crazy beat-em-up as soon as anyone comes within 10m of each other.
  4. Giddius Giddius Subordinate

    I think it will be a mix of both honestly. As stated, the combat will be like Space Marine, which will be fast paced I'm sure. But seeing as how we're facing other players, there's a chain of command, and the map will most likely be pretty big, there will be a strategic element to it all. You'll need to know what to take, and when to take it, and when to fall back and regroup. Most of the tactics will most likely be decided by the chain of command, and everyone beneath that will probably just concern themselves with something to smash, chop and shoot up. The developers said Planetside 2 was a source for their inspiration, and if you've ever played that, you can see it offers a little bit of both. So most likely there will be a bit of something for everybody.
  5. Jeros New Member

    It's an interesting question, especially when looking at Orks, CSM, and particularly, the Ultramarines. I'm not as familiar with the Ork lore as others, but they tend to follow the biggest, baddest mutha so orders from on high for the F2P race shouldn't be too much of a hassle. CSM and Ultramarines present interestingly opposed, but no less lore breaking, fundamentals.

    Disobeying an order, or not adhearing to the Codex is tantamount to Heresy for the Ultramarines Chapter.

    For certain "factions" within the CSM, not following the will of the gods OR your superiors will have immediate and often times dire consequences. I don't even want to think about the Word Bearers.....

    I honestly don't know much about the Eldar, so I won't comment on a topic I'm mostly ignorant of, but the separate "paths" an Eldar can take might allow for a bit of wiggle room, I'm guessing*, so far as orders go.

    NOTE - This pertains more to a PvE-ish take on things and Game play lore. For PvP . . .o_O
  6. I hope not too fast pace, but they've said that slightly slower pace than the Space Marine game..
    i always prefer tactical without 'fast and frustating' element.
  7. Chompster Chompster Subordinate

    Hoping for a bit slower than SM, and tactical play but am not holding my breath on it. Same goes for teamwork and players following orders. I very much would and I know a group of friends that are also pretty lore abiding, but already have the feeling most people will just rush off either on their own or in small groups to do what they please.
  8. HABARI HABARI Subordinate can't really enforce that no matter what you do. Even if people are part of organized guilds/squads there will always be people that just go their own way.
  9. Runihura Runihura Subordinate

    I prefer more tactical and skill instead of who has the fastest reflexes. I feel my character or avatar should make up for SOME of my flaws.
  10. Vigil Vigil Well-Known Member

    If anyone has played The Last of Us multiplayer, I'd like to see a similar level of "tactical" squad based gameplay. I'm not a fan of the running and gunning 360-no-scope-420-blaze-it-all-day-upload-it-to-youtube-with-dubstep game play that Call of Duty seems to have fostered. Space Marine was exceptionally good and got the feel of combat just right; if you mix that with TLoU tactical team/squad based gameplay, it would be amazing.

    The Last of Us rewarded people for doing other things which assisted the team other than just killing. Crafting items, giving items to other people, healing team mates, spotting/tagging enemies as well as killing, and assisting to kill, netted your overall score. Eternal Crusade will apparently have vehicles, so hopefully piloting and vehicle assisting will be in as well.

    There's a world of possibilities, but overall I hope it's more tactical than fast-paced and places an emphasis on staying alive, assisting your team and achieving victory rather than the pursuit of a personal KDR.

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