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Is The Combat Going To Be Fast Paced Or Tactical?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schnizy, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Lancer Schnizy Subordinate

  2. Lancer Schnizy Subordinate

    War, war is only pew pew pew.
  3. Darzok Darzok Member

    I think the orkz are going to be fairy fast rush in kill some one or die trying the other side's might be more tactical well apart form maybe chaos SM.
  4. Lancer Schnizy Subordinate

    I agree xenox cucumber with pikes thing.
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  5. HABARI HABARI Subordinate

    I like how the combat is looking so far...gonna make for some pretty epic battles.

    As for following orders...only if we actually vote or w/e based on merit and skill and not on popularity, bribes, cuteness or some other crap.

    For example, the faction council shouldn't be full of the highest K/D ratio people....or just the guild leaders of the major guilds.

    We would need people that understand tactics, people that understand strategy...basically people that can see the big picture and steer the faction towards it.
  6. Fast paced and tactical.

    Setting up, planning and deploying will be very tactical, perhaps even at strategic time scales. Once battle is joined, I expect a fast-paced blood bath.

    Remember - it takes longer to load the bolter than it does to pull the trigger.
  7. Lancer Schnizy Subordinate

    >I like how the combat is looking so far....
    How do you know that?
  8. Rasczak Rasczak Subordinate

    We should probably try to develop some kind of "Command Points" system that tracks how successful people are while in positions of authority. It would have separate tracking for when you're a squad leader, platoon leader, etc, so it will be apparent if you're better at some forms of leadership than others. It probably won't be a hard and fast rule (or it might, who knows?) but in general you can use someone's performance in a lower leadership role to guesstimate their potential for promotion. So, people with a high Squad Leader score would be more likely to be promoted to Platoon Commander.

    If someone's an awesome squad leader but sucks at platoon commanding? Oh well, tell him he's an awesome squad leader and he should focus on doing that.

    Obviously since it tracks "leadership", ie your ability to make other people do the right thing, it'll be heavily based on how the people under your command perform rather than you personally. Hey, even a leader that seems to do nothing must be doing *something* right if the people under him keep winning. ;)
  9. Lancer Schnizy Subordinate

    Dude, how do you know?
    Habari, how!?
  10. All heretics will burn.

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