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Is it possible to win fortress on offense these days?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by UniverseBear1, May 24, 2017.

  1. MannDeus Recruit

    As tactical geeenus. I find one thing odd.. In maps like tharkus I've so many times seen people driving their trukks to thhe same point of attack, allowing defenders to keep focusing on their attacks. Sure, sooner or later endless wave from same direction could overwhelm the opposition if we had operation trukks there, but due the amassment of truks in single spot and some drivers going as far as punting other trukks away from safe zone.. Yeah, the aftermath is that only one trukk remains and squaddies have to get new trukks.

    Seriously, pincer attack is good move and I believe especially in Tharkus, it works wonder as you can effectively trap them between two forces or drive them off the walls..
  2. RageScreama RageScreama Well-Known Member

    We got ork turn speed while moving fixed after several months of them being out. We also got driving improved...not a lot but enough to be functional. Sadly both of those took a really long time to happen when they both probably shoulda happened a few weeks after launch or even prior to.
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  3. Alorion CaiusCain Active Member

    Don't you guys have bullet shields to use?

    I don't play orks but that sounds useful to guard your guns as you advance.

    shield and jump troops are good ways to distract them for your big guns, and since you have infinite lives who cares if you die?
  4. Khornatian Khornatian Steam Early Access

    Ork shields unfortunately are objectively inferior to the LSM variety in every regard but cost. That translates to them being nigh-unusable in melee due to inflicting extreme staggers on the wearer if struck by any sort of melee weapon, as well as rapidly detiorating when shot at by a any gun in the game. They are usable for a slugga boy to approach a lone boltgun tactical, as an example, while a devastator-equivalent will rip through the shield in short order. They are not very usable for sitting in a place to catch fire.

    To illustrate:

    Note how the Space Marine's shield ate several strikes (alternating between heavy and light attacks) from my ghost choppa without even remotely flashing red. Then note how when I actually try to use my shield to block his attacks, a single heavy strike of the marine immediately deletes 60% of my shield's durability.
  5. Jaywalker Jaywalker Steam Early Access

    That's deliberate: Orks get to cap with them on, which might not sound all that useful, until you realize you are no longer there just to meatwall for someone.
  6. Alorion CaiusCain Active Member

    He has a powersword, you have a chain choppa, to be fair. Even if it is weaker him nearly breaking it in one hit is probably due to the powersword.

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