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Is it possible to win fortress on offense these days?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by UniverseBear1, May 24, 2017.

  1. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    I find a dead shiney zzapp out shines the Kannon in every way for that job,also its better vs vehicles and quads to boot.Mind you I'm abit biased since I never liked the Kannon even pre nerf.

    I only say Kannon is dead because its very rare I see them now.Ace Dakka is still used alot but the loss of suppression hurts the whole team...Oh and when I play Chaos I normally go Hbolter over AC for the utility unless defending point solo but I wont touch the dakka or plasma deffguns.
  2. Khrook Thorndal Firebrand

    No offense, I think, the people have to learn at least som tactics and how da use brainz, theres no problem with da xp. Easy stuff is easy and boring. As I said, youll get moar xp by going forward then by waiting if waiting causes losing da match. Of course da grotz should take their time for some waaghparty while taking da pointz. :OrkGoff:
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  3. MannDeus Recruit

    Indeed, Suppression is vital aspect. One reason I tote around big shoota, some may say normal shoota does same job but with less LP, but I beg to differ. Being able to suppress is just way too good to pass up. Not to mention its realtive quickness to point at enemy allows for some cool coordination

    -Pushing through a choke point, gonna need suppression and dakka
    -Few grenades followed by "controlled" shooting of big dakka, providing cover for bigger guns to set up or charge up their shots to clear the opposing heavy weapons.

    Yeah, one another thing. GRENADES, WEZ GOT DEM BOMBS, WHY YAS NOT CHUCKING THEM? You can lob them pretty far and one shouldn't even try to use them as kill tools like I keep seeing..

    ..Though I admit, putting a stikky stikkbomb on ground assault's shield is always hilarious
  4. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Big shoota's suppression is negligible.Also that annoying delay before you can shoot gets me killed alot.Nades are most useful for doing the throw nade and shoot it mid air trick which also can't be done with a a big shoota.

    I was going to suggest buffing the Big shoota's suppression in compensation for taking the ace dakkas away,then it would be worth taking over a modded shoota or Rodeo
  5. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    Oh we're still krumpin' gitz, don't you worry about that. And if time has shown me anything, it's that the dev team only really listens to LSM players and their incessant losing streaks. I ask you for one thing that Ork players have requested for their faction that's actually been addressed and fixed.
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  6. MannDeus Recruit

    It is indeed minor supression effect, but sometimes it's the little things that count, not to mention giving a wild spray to battlements is nice way to scout positions. The delay gets big shoota user killed for sure if enemy gets a drop on you. That's where orkish cunning comes in play: raise weapon before checking in, sometimes even prefire.

    I prefer big shoota over normal or rodeo shoota, but I'm not blind to its effectivity. Also, thanks for the tip, Didn't know you can shoot normal nades!

    I do wish we could have suprresion unique similar to God's voice, but in true orkish fashion ,that special deffgun wouldn't have increased suppression, but MORE DAKKA
  7. hansthered Recruit

    Coordinated teams take the field, every time.
    get a group of zzappas to take out turrets and 'snipe' wall defenders.
    harry them and allow for infiltration onto the wall, slaughter with shootas and melee - dont bring heavy weapons up top unless you fully control one side
    painboiz with assault groups are key.
    dont bust the gates until A has less then 20 tickets
    use the dakka deffgun or plasma deffgun for fire surpression and long ranged kills
    biggest thing is coordination.

    I dont have the Ace or the Kannon and have not been hurt by the nerf - i only use the plasma deffgun on my loota.

    Same strategy works for defense.
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  8. Ryan Gosling RyanG Steam Early Access

    this is not a game mode for random games. Take it out or keep tickets from going to the final cap so that uninformed (or uncaring) attackers don't turn it into a 15 minute farm for the defending team.

    You can't use arguments like teamwork when teams are randomly assembled with no quality control. Expecting strangers to work together is like expecting to not get violently cut off on the turnpike by some jackass. It's just a set up for frustration.

    I think a big issue is people are leaving the faction so we get new people that don't know about ingress points, aside from downed gates.
  10. Thrakka Thrakka Master

    I'Z can always tell ya how me an me boyz used ta win Fortresses lad. Just gotta pick me orky brain! WELCOME TA COME VISIT ME ON DA LEAD BELCHA KROOZA!
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