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Is it possible to win fortress on offense these days?

Discussion in 'Orks' started by UniverseBear1, May 24, 2017.

  1. Spookums MasterSpookums Well-Known Member

    The Plasmadeffgun's probably also the nest ork weapon to be hit by the supersonic nerf screech. Since it will chew through anyone stupid enough to get close. the only real downside of it is that it chews through the 350 ammo and the second 350 from an ammo pack like a halfing in a pieshop. Find a buddy to be your ammo runt, or get a supply point nearby and your gud.

    I tend to use the Dakka Deffgun much like a point defense weapon, in that i will roam a point with one. And if you stumble across a heavy bolter and your both in the open, there's a good chance that you'll win, There's only two scenarios, maybe three where you won't win vs a ranged weapon. That's the Voice of the Emperor unique heavy bolter, that suppresses more than the regular one, the Quicksilver Bolter who's three round burst seems to ignore suppression. (At least, when I've come up against one.) The last is the most obvious. Stalker Bolter. If you see them first, chances ar you won't die. But if they see you first, and get a shot off your going to die before your wound up and firing.
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  2. Blasron Paquet Active Member

    yeah ork have 2 bad supressing gun but you know if the gun are bit better than a SM one they need to be beat by the nerf hammer has hard has possible
  3. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    Kannons needed a fix, you have to admit that, they were faster than plasma and got a better area than plasma too (plasma was like kannon in the begining and got nerfed too), dunno why they removed supression from dakka though. Fire kannon is a bitch, but at least costs a lot.
    As for heavy bolters being OP...I always say this, if they're OP why every CSM havok picks autocannon the moment they can buy it? I don't understand why call heavy bolter Op but then say Autocannon is fine.

    Also, and forgive me if I'm mistaken because it's been a while since I play ork, do rokkits still not damage the owner?
  4. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    No complaining, I'm not dealing with it this time. Damn forum's FULL of LSM/CSM salt and it never gets anywhere. They got it better than us and probably always will, quit bitching like everyone else and try to work around it with tactics (their ultimate weak point). And frankly if no Ork player is willing to use weapons that will aid his fellows in obtaining overall victory at the expense of their own kill count, then they're no better than the tons of LSM schmucks that make up most of this game and oughta switch factions.

    Autocannon outdamages the heavy bolter, so most players are following that formula of "better damage = more kills". They also have far better armor than Orks, so unlike us it makes sense for them to ignore something that Suppresses and instead take the gun that kills in 3 decent shots. Also ork Rokkits will damage(kill) the owner if you shoot the wall in front of you or something.
  5. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    Will kill? I guess they changed that, last time I used it I was shooting the ground behind me to get rid of meleers and I only stunned myself, no damage at all, every time.
  6. Lootmasta Kaptin_Pokkets Arkhona Vanguard

    Yeah it'll kill you. Maybe you were firing it just far enough away to be on the edge of the blast? Either way I know for a fact you can kill yourself with your own Rokkit Launcha.
  7. Kageshira Kageshira Active Member

    I was firing at my feet to be honest.
    I didn't start using this immediately because I thought it would kill me, but once I fired too close and saw no effect, then tried it, and every time I would survive without damage, only got stunned/staggered. Going to assume it was a bug and not intended seeing your reaction, nvm then.
  8. Khrook Thorndal Firebrand

    Dunno if sumeone mentioned it, but waiting for da point to be capped gives 400xp + something if locked by da Warbozz. Tho waiting for it takes loads of time. Time in which da opponent can gather up, shout orders, think and get ready. That 400xp youll get back easily if you chop som of dem down. Just take da point, leave 5 gitz back for makin sure point wont be recapped and keep stompin forwards, since thats da only direktion.
  9. Teef Trooper909 Recruit

    Didn't your whole clan throw a massive bitch fit and leave the game just recently? Couldn't resist.

    Bitching most defiantly does get you somewhere around here otherwise kannon and AD will be how they was no?
    If none complained ever the devs wouldn't know what to fix,I never suggested to nerf anything I just said Orks needed compensation for nerfing 2 of our best Dakka sticks and all the other hindrances the faction has.
  10. Gungazzam Choure Subordinate

    Dunno why everyone is saying Kannon is dead, it's still the ultimate weapon vs Braced opponents and the unwary, yes your shots have to be dead accurate now, but that's how it should be, Find a wall or pillar to hide behind that you can move left/right to see the enemy, charge your kannon, at 60% start to poke your head out and aim at your target (slightly above there head if they're braced) and pop em before they shoot/suppress you, profit.

    See problem here is 90% of the population care more about there Xp/Requisition then the battle itself, they're all going to stay at a point currently being captured for those confirmed 400 points, even if the timers run out for that phase of the battle and you will only have 5 mins for the next point in which everyone should really be heading for the next point. I bring the truck too the next point and tell everyone to redeploy, do they listen, nope.

    It's gotten pretty ridiculous, it's even worse with freebies though, one time a guy absolutely lost his shit because he was killed before the capture went off and missed out on the points from it, I think the Devs need to rework the point capture XP

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