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Is anyone out there anymore??

Discussion in 'Eldar' started by Sneaky-krumpin, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Fangz Fangz Confessor

    Our guild has had a lot of fun grouping as Eldars lately.
    If you are lucky you might see "Masq" running around late pacific time.
  2. The Eldar are going extinct from boredom... somehow that is fitting.
  3. Genos Brutuz Steam Early Access

  4. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Lol thread has sort of proven itself. 12 replies in 2 days, most from LSM players using Alts by the looks of it.

    I think recent twitch and valraks video is gonna be a nail in the coffin for many players. I'll play on, I still love the game bugs and all, it has its merits. But even I don't play as much as I used too.
  5. Trashed Recruit

    I guess I should try out this war party thing every now and then. I've just been solo queuing the whole time and since it seems like we have so few players, I end up playing with most of the same people when going game to game (especially with fortress disabled).
  6. Zaxie Zaxie Arkhona Vanguard

    The main Eldar guilds out there now are The Obsidian Tempest (OBST), Myriad Shrines (MYST), and I believe one more. Were out there, (OBST) and we play often. At least once a week planned a planned event with other times on a whim.
    Also its always a generally bad idea to assume player/game activity on forum activity. We are a very small fraction of those that play. Hell, I was playing for like a year before I hopped on these things.
  7. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    Yeah, WP and WoK are the other main contenders. Our guild had a good start (ASRA), but it's pretty quiet these days. Most are, which is why it would be good to see us ban together. Dom has the right idea to have weekly game get togethers.
  8. Zaxie Zaxie Arkhona Vanguard

    If the leaders want to get together and plan something out I wouldnt be opposed to that. Perhaps get some GvG going with some active LSM or CSM guilds. Perhaps the rare orc guild.
  9. Demetri Dominov Demetri_Dominov Arkhona Vanguard

    Done it for almost 3 years now. We just had one on Saturday. Played 16 games on Saturday from 2pm CT to 8pm CT. 518 executions, just to see how many we could get. We played Orks and CSM because it's not important what you play, it's who you play it with. It's a regular event, consistently held for years (had about a 4 month break). The next one will be not this Saturday but next, 2pm CT as always.

    And definitely Eldar.... This last weekend We wanted to be... Gentle against the salt.

    Also @Razmirth if that player/group was mine I need to know. PM with a screen if it was one of MYST. I take those things seriously.
  10. Razmirth Sneaky-krumpin Subordinate

    I'll try to jump in with everyone, I'm working Saturdays for the next while till 3 my time, so I'll get in when I can get in. Eventually things will stabilize.

    And no it wasn't anyone from MYST or OBST, or any other guild mentioned in the thread.

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