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Iron Within, Iron Without!

Discussion in 'Recruitment' started by Rivara, Jan 24, 2014.

  1. Rivara Rivara Active Member

    Iron Warriors assemble!

    Listing the Iron Warriors here, those ones, who already stated that they will play IW, so at any beta or official release we will able toform the warband.

    Please note, that the ordering into squads are in order of appearance only.

    Our current squad rooster:

    Squad 1:
    1. TheCrazyness
    2. maxers101
    3. Warsmith
    4. TheFuzzyBunny
    5. White Angel of the Storm
    6. Carnivore
    7. Warsmith Sarteth
    8. Bob
    9. IronWarriorofChaos
    10. Rivara
    Squad 2:
    1. Cake Marine
    2. IronWarriorsVorax
    3. Carnivore
    4. Tallisar
    5. Melkor92
    6. LSTPcobra
    7. Elordis
    8. C'ntla'va
    9. cryptoshadow
    10. Nikos
    Squad 3:
    1. Dirty_Moses
    2. xNeolithic
    3. Thalias Blackhammer
    4. Arbiterze
    5. Wincent larsson
    6. General Grievous
    7. Slurpeeking
    8. Vicharus
    9. Bloodthirster
    10. Mandalorkian
    Squad 4:
    1. Fethaus
    2. Spyros Ntinos
    3. Cyberdyne
    4. WarsmithNico
    5. Vintage
    6. Voltius
    7. Tetti
    8. andy
    9. FuriousDolphin
    10. Loneone01
    Squad 5:
    1. TheHeartless
    2. Warboss Bludnuk
    3. Kyser
    4. TheWarSmithHimSelf
    5. Brother Lithemedes
    6. Bladerunner
    7. vorrax
    8. InfernalWarrior
    9. Tauntablez
    10. Siegecraft
    Squad 6:
    1. Scarcasm + his bike
    2. Iron Daemon
    3. Merciegone
    4. Bardiel
    5. Synapze777
    6. AnubisJoe
    7. amphetious
    8. Marenteius the Archivist
    9. RU55IO
    10. TrainYourRotze
    Squad 7:
    1. Rhodaan
    2. mrveng
    You can find our Steam Group here:

    If you wish to join, please send a friend request to "Rivara", or check me in the url:

    Visit our social thread.
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  2. Rivara Rivara Active Member

    Announcement: Official Steam group is formed for IM & some SM training. More info in first post.
  3. Tallisar Member

    Iron within, iron without, Brothers! The Imperium shall again know the fires of our hatred! Let your rage be as unbreakable as the walls of a fortress, let your anger scream like a bolt shell sent loose!

    Though ten thousand years of war has scattered our Legion across the stars, we shall once again gather beneath the Iron Skull to make bloody war. Heed the call, and join us as we strike down our foes!
  4. Prepare to lay siege brothers.
  5. Maladus Strytrix777 Subordinate

    We ssshall bolsssster our forcessss for the gloriousss daysss ahead!
  6. brothers, we shall turn anyone who thinks that they are better then we, there bodes shall become are walls, there blood shall become rivers, there souls shall be devoured, let all others know that if you stand with us, you shall become kings, any who want are destruction, they shall face death incarnate. NOW SHOUT TO WHICH EVER GOD YOU CHOSE, BUT IRON WARRIORS SHALL BE VICTORIES
  7. Valonox Valonox Preacher

    Burn Maim Kill thats to cliche BLOOD For the wait... Blood is made for rending in the blood gods name now thats a battlecry I shoot the with my autocannon
  8. this is the realm of iron, iron dose not bleed, you and your blood god may join us in are unholy crusade, but you battlecry will be iron within iron without, if not, then you shall be the foundation of are fortress of iron
  9. Rivara Rivara Active Member

  10. How's things brothers?

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