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Iron Hands Clan Raukaan

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  1. Azkaellon Aze Master

    The Iron Hands Chapter comprises ten clan companies, each a brotherhood one hundred warriors strong, and a formidable army in it's own right. Each possesses its own unique qualities, and each has a different role within the Chapter. Clan Raukaan , the Iron Hands 3rd Company, are masters of the sledghammer armoured offensive. Implacable, conquering warriors, the battle-brothers of Clan Company Raukaan have a caged fury in their hearts that few foes can stand against.

    'The Iron Hands are not saviours, nor should we be. A man who cannot save himself is weak, and do not deserve to be saved. For such a man, only death is fitting. this we can provide.'
    -Iron Chaplain Fernous

    +++Planetary Broadcast System+++
    "This is Iron Captain Azkeallon of Clan Raukaan to all surviving Iron Hands that made planet fall, the Iron Council have deemed the defense of the Hive Primus to be of utmost importance. We are to regroup there and form up battle plans with local forces, and one last thing brothers, only the strong are worth saving."
    +++End of Transmission+++

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