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Into A New Galaxy (non-wh40k Rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Uriel1339, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    RP Restart:

    A few of you know that I thought of a new idea for a Boardgame and I thought... Let's do one of the many many many capable scenarios as a RP here.... Not to forget that we get finally to kick-butt AND be emotional besides being Eldar :p

    The scenario is basically that the 4 races grabbed some Elite Troops together to embark into a new galaxy. The Spacecraft is a huge huge huge battleship (somewhat like a Spacehulk but actually intended to be constructed that way.

    It holds besides the elite-force also around a million servants of the NPC race 'Xarx' which are incapable of talking and are basically like spiders walking on 2 legs. (face and arm-wise) they serve food, water, weapons, ammo, etc. if asked but they never fight and even if you would kill their entire family in front of their eyes they just would continue on to serve the murderer. (They don't know what else to do than obey ; kinda inspired by the Oot from Dr. Who)

    You may assume that the besides the Xarx and players only ~30 important NPCs of mixed civilizations are on-board which are played by me. (Quartermaster, Captain, Navigators, etc.)

    Your Goal:
    Make first contact with the civilizations of the new Galaxy, find out their strengths, will for diplomacy, technology levels, and all other sort of intel and see if the worlds there are inhabitable or not. Once a proper planet has been found, the first colony in form as fortress and main headquarters for the galaxy-expansion shall be constructed.

    The Spaceship will then split into several other space objects to form Satellites, Space Stations, Orbital Defenses, smaller ships for defense and further exploration and optionally also trades.

    After that it may be assumed that more delegations of your civilizations may come

    Character Creation:
    I let you ALMOST free-hand in your char creation and therefor have also WH40k inspired Races ; you may make your own race if you do not like the ones below (PM me your char-sheet if interested ; typical Urian style sheet) If questions regards a special archetype / class are in the room, please PM me. Here the 4 Races I made:

    Basically like Ork-Kroot-Tyranids. They talk via telepathy ; come from a far far away Solar System at the edge of the Galaxy. They devour all kind of lifeforms and are capable of scanning DNA and dissecting it to take over only the best attributes.

    They may have a mouth but only use it for eating and primal sounds - coordinating in a way almost nobody understands but their own kin

    They are multiplying by primal mating and laying eggs, their society works on an alpha-male base. They do not need to drink as they absorb water with their skin (either from air or by swimming), which also somehow filters venom out and leaves it on the skin. So if they would get bitten, the poison would remain and kill the attacker.

    They seem primal but are capable of thinking and emotions, if they show that... Is another question. Their leadership seems random to outsiders, therefor it must be assumed they elect to whomever is most fit to leading the group.

    Underground Dwellers originally of Ganymede (one of Jupiter moons) are very pale, live in wonderful underground cities and also colonized several other planets including Mars, after destroying the Terrans and also having colonized Earth

    Basically like Eldar (arrogant, think they are better than anyone, smart, cunning, high-tech). For breeding purposes a male and female must copulate on a regular basis even if the embryo in the female started to grow.

    If another male attempts to 'feed' the embryo, it dies rather quickly. They elect their leaders most of the time based upon their age and their ability of how accurate to predict the future.

    They never colonize the surface as they see it as damaging the ecosystem and mother nature. Not to forget that Earth is much more formidable underground and reveals the true beauty.

    Especially since Ganymedians see beauty in the inside, not on the outside and surface. They are appreciate wits and intelligence over outside beauty.

    Basically like Tau-Astartes. They talk in their own language which sounds very noble, being masters of their tongue in more than just talking and having some sort of natural charismatic aura towards everyone.

    Each Zaber gets a small crystal implanted in their forehead after birth which comes from an ancient Crystal-Cave of their homeworld. Nobody really knows what it does, what it is made of or why it became tradition, but the Zabers know it is from ancient times when their race was nothing but Primal.

    It is only of aesthetic and sentimental value and they become either very angry or very sad if it is damaged or even destroyed. Each Male Zaber easily reaches 2.50 meters, females usually 2.30 meters. They are very strong and breed 'regular' to multiply.

    In general they tend to cooperate with other species.... As long as they work on common terms or towards a common goal.

    Basically Ork-Barbarians. The 'Grahl' are called after the main sound they make. They started to appear suddenly all over the galaxy and whenever they charge into battle or do not know a word they use 'Grahl'.

    That is what gave them their name. It also seems they named their homeworld 'Grahl' which may lead to confusion among their own kin. They can barely talk but easily grow up to three meters and some of them also evolve four arms, though most have three arms.

    Nobody knows why it varies. Some think it has something to do with males and females, though genetical testing of all kind of 'Grahl' indicated they have no gender at all. Nobody knows how they exactly breed or multiply... They simply do.

    Despite them raping some of their victims among their 'Grahls' which seems to be a synonym for 'War', their victims never get pregnant at all as it seems they have no kind of semen at all.

    Furthermore research suggests that their genitals in fact only exist for the purpose of demotion of other beings. Irritating is that they also have no digesting system, yet tend to eat and drink a lot which also explains why the Grahl never get drunk or can be drugged.

    Rumors say they are scientific experiments of a now extinct race which broke out of whatever laboratories they were withheld in and somehow figured out how Spacecrafts are built and work. They have a natural talent of engineering and tinkering which suggests memory-imprints in their very genetics.
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  2. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    hmm mind if i make a energy Based specices?
  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    Nope.... At least if properly made. so PM me what you have in mind.
  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    hmm could it be like 2. 1 is like a parasite commanding another? Possibly through energy while another is a mechanical raise?
  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    1 char per player. No multi-consciousnesses like Exarchs or anything such sort.
  6. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    i meant it like one alien uses them as a power source and gets around and there consciousnesses are one ultiamtly they became one race.
  7. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    You can always be a humble servant of my Queen. :p
  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

  9. Bjorn Hardrada Bjorn_Hardrada Well-Known Member

    is there anyway i can basically make a race that was dieing so transferred their consciousness into machines/robots? kinda like necrons but fully sentient, and nicer, and can transfer their consciousness to other machines if they physically connect to it (probs) meaning "ohhh you cant hack that? i can!" *enters the computer and basically makes the computer its bitch and then goes back into its own body* "ok its done!" but if the computer has a virus or something else like that it may become a battle of wills so to speak
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    you could try to make them a species that is a ai that makes other ai though its up to urian. I Plan to make mine be a energy specices that uses either mechincal suits or bodys to get around due to there bodys being made of energy. Something along those lines

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