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Intersecting Lair mode paths.

Discussion in 'PVE Discussion' started by bossjesse, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. as said in the title, have multiple lair pathways overlap with one another at points. so two teams of 5 start at two different starting area's and as they go along the lair paths they intersect at points, such as having marines fighting on a bridge, while being able too see a bridge below them where an ork team is fighting in a different direction.

    or have eldar going through the sewer sections, to see a squad of chaos marines going the opposite way through the grates. they wont really be able to interact (though in the future that could be changed) but they could easilly trade pot-shots at each other at certain points. mabe even have they're lair paths converge into a boss battle arena to take down some big nidzilla at the end.
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  2. I guess... this will be covered in PvPvE one day... I hope so at least.
    So i doubt they will make what you suggest, allthough it would be kinda cool, if done right
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  3. Azrakhai Exosus Arkhona Vanguard

    The only issue would be your idea about the 2 factions working together to take down some large Tyranid at the end.

    If it was let's say, Space Marines & Eldar for example. I can see this happening as the 2 sides have worked together to an extent before (DoW for example) However I don't think you could have this work for say, Chaos & Eldar.

    I honestly can't see any reason why these 2 would work together with the whole Eldar absolutely hate / fear Chaos and Chaos is...well Chaos. Even if you throw in the whole "They'll do it to survive THIS situation" because even if it was their only chance of survival they wouldn't do it. Pretty sure GW would say No to the idea.

    (If anybody has an example of perhaps a novel or such where a partnership between the 2 actually occurred, I apologize and retract my statement but to my knowledge it hasn't nor would it ever be likely to happen)
  4. Brikksmasha DoomedOne Drill Abbott

    <Points on Dawn of War 2 - The Last Stand> Preaty much that - pure fun over lore. If it is fun and interesting than why not?

    But from a lore standpoint - in like 32nd Millenium, when a very big ork boss called The Beast (compare to that monster Ghazghkull Thraka is a standard ork boy) was wrecking everyones shit - even managed to lay siege on Terra once (and he had an actual civilised ork diplomat to troll the crap out of High Lords of Terra), Imperial Fist did team up with Iron Warriors (from necessity - eighter that or they all would get stomped) since Orks were wrecking their somewhat chaotic butts (that was a faction of IW that were not so kind with all that Chaos business, but still).

    Than are the Orks, especially Blood Axes and Freebooters which are in great number in this game Waaagh, that were hired by the very Imperium that Spehs Mehrens are fighting for, to, as Orks do, fight their wars.

    And about Eldar? They get involved into ANYTHING! So... yeah.\

    And There is this:


    Becouse why the hell not? :D
  5. Azrakhai Exosus Arkhona Vanguard

    I understand what you're trying to say and I'm not saying it CAN'T happen, I just don't see some of the partnerships actually being given the go ahead.

    For example as you pointed out Last Stand. The thing is Last Stand was just a little fun game mode on the side for DoW2, it wasn't a main story mode or anything of the sort so it doesn't really matter that a Tau is fighting alongside a Necron with a Mek boy walking around.

    In regards to the Blood Axes, I can see your point about them being used by the Imperium as Mercenaries, but can you really see Goffs working alongside the Ultramarines? Evil Sunz & Dark Angels?

    Now to be completely fair, I COULD see a potential alliance to take down Tyranids between 2 factions (Hell Blood Angels teamed up with Necrons for this very purpose once)

    But Eldar & Chaos working together? I honestly do not see the possibility in that at all.
    I don't think GW will give a thumbs up to the idea of 5 possible Slaanesh Followers fighting alongside the Eldar, even if it was against the Tyranids. (Unless of course the 2 sides were allowed to turn around and start killing each other immediately after, but a simple "Well we did help eachother, we'll go our separate ways" would probably not get a yes)

    Yes it is a game and yes it should be allowed to do whatever it wants in order to be more fun, but GW ultimately make the big decisions when it comes to things that can possibly go against their lore, especially as I believe all of this would end up being incorporated in to it if I recall correctly.

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