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Interest thread: Custom Chapter RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Spurius, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Spurius Spurius New Member

    Alright, as the title suggests, this is an RP that will be focused on a Custom Space Marine Chapter that I'll be making. The idea is that this is an Ultima Founding based Chapter so the majority of the Astartes within its ranks are Primaris Marines. The idea of this RP is to essentially write a story/fanfiction together about the Chapter's founding and first Campaign/War. The main story would focus on this new Chapter having to secure a system near the Great Rift (as with many of the other new Chapters), however, unlike their brothers, they have to liberate their world from the foul Green Skins, while also having to battle off potential Chaos raiding parties that emerge from the rift. Basically, its a way for the players to become the heroes of this new chapter... this new chapter will be featured in a novel I plan to write in the future for Black Library, and with your permission will include your characters as mentioned heroes or cameos in the story as they will serve as the "Command" ranks; due to it being a relatively new chapter and all it would make sense that they'd be the Captains and Veterans of the Chapter.

    And yes, if this does muster up a fair amount of support I'll start working on the Chapter and post all the details below. If we get a good thing going I'll even commission an artist to draw up what our Astartes look like! Anyways, looking forward to hearing from you all!
  2. Shadhunter Shadhunter Well-Known Member

    Do let me know if you need a link to the discord, might be able to catch more people's attention and answer questions better there.
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  3. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    sign me up for some reivers
  4. Spurius Spurius New Member

    Which Discord Shad? If its one for the RP area, yeah, send me a link! :D. If its the official EC one I'm on there already XD.
  5. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member

    Its called EC Tavern RPing
  6. Krooza Nob Bozz KroozaNob Well-Known Member

    Aw zog yeah! Been a while since I last RPed, I am more than interested in participating!
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  7. Spurius Spurius New Member


    Is their appearance. These Primaris Marines are known for their tradition for utilizing special curved blades that are akin to sabres and or Scimitars (katana's can also be used) which are forged for each Primaris Astartes upon becoming a full Battle-Brother. The blade is a personal item forged and made unique for each Marine and is upgraded with every promotion. By Captain, the blade looks like the above or something similar (depends on what you want it to look like hilt wise and blade wise).

    Their name: The Emerald Sabres.
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  8. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    I am semi interested
  9. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    This sounds interesting.
  10. Spurius Spurius New Member

    Here are the basics of the Chapter, though they are still new I've added some stuff for the future, after the liberation of their worlds I'll add more to the Heroes areas and details on how they became heroes within the Chapter.


    Reason for Chapter Founding: Standing Force; to serve as one of the Chapters tasked with defending their assigned sector from invading forces from the Great Rift.

    Chapter Founded: Ultima Founding

    Progenitor: Ultramarines

    Chapter Heroes:

    -Chapter Master William Siegfried, former Ultramarines Lieutenant; Primaris Astarte.

    -Earned recognition and renown for slaying a Daemon Prince during the Indomidus Crusade, with the help of his squad.

    Homeworld & Recruitment Worlds:

    Cegraenus - Homeworld

    -Feudal World

    -Prussian/Polish like culture

    -Temperate World

    -Fortress-Monastery; Direct Rulership of the world.

    Enmei Recruitment world

    -Feudal World

    -Japanese like Culture

    -Jungle World

    -Direct Rulership of the World

    Cegraenus II

    -Death World

    -Training ground

    -Wasteland World

    Combat Doctrine: Close Quarters Combat.

    -Focus on Assault and specialized units known as “Sword Saints” who are specially trained Primaris Astartes who are considered a class of their own within the Chapter being able to use both assault and tactical equipment. Each Sword Saint is known for utilizing their blade over a bolter; although it’s not uncommon to use a pistol of some kind.

    -Sword Saints are distinguished by the tabards they wear which are held in place by a silver cord near the collar.

    -The Emerald Sabres tend to focus on Drop Assaults when initially invading a world as they find it best to strike at the heart of an enemy formation to get up close and personal.

    -Reaver Squads are known for carrying smaller curved blades into combat when compared to their counterparts and are often tasked with hit and run, scouting, or DZ marking operations.

    Special Equipment:

    -The Emerald Sabres are known for their use of Traditional weapons, namely curved blades which will often take the form of their recruiting world’s culture; some will have a sabre and others a Katana like blades. These blades are unique however in that they are forged solely for the Astarte upon completing their time as a Neophyte. Upon being ‘Knighted,’ the battle-brother will be awarded a blade forged specially for them -This blade is their blade and will ONLY be used by said Astartes. The sword grows and develops with its owner as well as the Forge Master will upgrade the blade upon the Astartes Promotion; power swords, chain, etc.

    -Upon the death of the Astarte, their sword is taken to the Hall of Broken Sabres which serves as both a mausoleum and chapter hall of records as the massive structure (found on their homeworld) is the main building that houses the Chapter’s history, achievements, and their fallen. The Chapter’s heroes, however, will have a statue built of them wherein their blade will be placed in the statue's hands as if the fallen hero is forever watching over his Brothers.

    -It is also a tradition for the Emerald Warriors to request to entomb fallen allies whom they have deemed worthy of being buried along with the Chapter’s fallen warriors.

    Chapter Belief: Honour the Ancestors.

    -As stated, the Emerald Sabres deeply respect and honour their fallen Battle-Brothers, so much so they view them as being something akin to the Emperor’s own core of warrior angels who upon falling in battle go to watch over the Emperor’s servants and his warriors; hence the statues of their fallen heroes.

    Chapter Organization:

    -They field the standard 10 Companies as dictated by the Codex Astartes. However, their Chapter Lieutenants are known as ‘Sword Saints’ and are often tasked with taking point in battles.

    -Redemptor Dreadnoughts are seen as being both mentors and warriors within the Chapter. Having refused to join their brothers in the Hall of Broken Sabres, these warriors have chosen instead to continue the fight believing their task is not yet done. These fearsome fallen Emerald Sabres are often charged with passing on the stories and educating the next generation of Astartes.


    -The Adepta Sororitas; Having fought beside them once before, they have two Sisters of Battle entombed within their Hall of Broken Sabres.

    -The Ultramarines; having the same Primarch and being a relatively new chapter have the Emerald Sabres see the Ultramarines as both their equals and their brothers.

    -Adeptus Mechanicus; With the tradition of forging and respecting their weapon as another part of themselves, the Emerald Sabres have earned the respect of the Adeptus Mechanicus.


    -Chaos Daemons of Khorne; During the Indomidus Crusade, William Siegfried and his squad of Intercessors struck down slew a Daemon Prince of Khorne, it was this act that has seen to the Chapter being despised by Khorne above all others; yet also somewhat respected intrigued.

    -The Orks; With many of their worlds within their assigned sector being infested by Orks it stands to reason that the Emerald Sabres see these creatures as one of their most hated enemies.

    Ranks: (and known Astartes)

    Grand Master of the Sabres: The Chapter Master in command of the Emerald Sabres, and is ruler of the Chapter homeworld.

    - William Siegfried

    Chief Magistrate(Chief Librarian): A powerful and well-respected Librarian who acts as both the advisor to the Grand Master and Second in Command of the Chapter. Also rules over Enmei.

    - Kazuki Oda

    Lord of the Forge: The Head Tech Marine who oversees all the day to day operations of the Chapter’s armoury and maintains diplomatic relations with the Adeptus Mechanicus.

    - Alexanderus

    Keeper of the Faith: The Chief Chaplain of the Chapter who acts as an advisor to the Grand Master

    - Decimus Siegfried

    Knight Captain(s): Veteran Primaris Marines in command of the 10 Orders.

    -Spurius Varus; Commander of the elite 1st Company (The Order of Cegraenus)



    Sword Saint/Lieutenant(s): Each Sword Saint commands a Squadron/Platoon of Sabres, though they tend to focus more on the “leading by example.” Method of command.



    Magistrate/Librarian: Powerful pyskers of the Chapter who are trained in not only the body but in the mind.



    Chaplain(s): The spiritual heads of the Chapter who ensure the mental and spiritual needs of the Sabres is met.



    Ancient of the Sabre: The Standard Bearers and Veterans of the Chapter, highly respected and Masters of the blade.



    Knight Sergeant(s): The commanders of small individual squads known as Troops. Often have the tactical designation at the end of their title; e.i., Knight Sergeant Intercessor Kitsure, Knight Sergeant Inceptor Fidelis, etc.




    Apothecary: Emerald Sabres who have found the medical profession to be their calling within the Chapter. While they focus on the medical needs of their Brothers that doesn’t mean they are to be taken lightly, as each Apothecary has served their time as a Knight and have become experts in swordsmanship.



    Forge Masters: The Tech Marines who work to maintain the tech and machines of the Chapter. Each is a highly respected and talented individual who has proven themselves in battle countless times.

    Sabre Knights: Or simply Knights/Sabres, are the standard Battle-Brother rank within the Chapter, there are hundreds of these Astartes spread across the ten orders of the Emerald Sabres.




    Emerald Knights: The Reivers, the masters of stealth and sabotage, these skull-helmed warriors have chosen the path of the shadows, focusing on the use of smaller blades for hit and run operations. Troop Leaders are the same in rank but have Reiver at the end.




    Dull Emeralds: The Neophytes or the Squires as they are also called. These young unproven warriors are still undergoing the trials to become fully fledged Knights of the Emerald Sabres. The Squires make up the 10th Company and often work closely with the Reivers due to their light armour and weapons.
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