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Interest/OOC for Errant Sagas RP

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by Virgil_Corbec, Jan 15, 2017.

  1. I have worked on the Errant Sagas for 5 years now and I have filled stacks of books with information from it, now I want to try something new and expose it to the world in an RP thread! Basically the Errant Sagas is arranged in chapters and I'll have you guys play as characters in between chapters. Now the Errant Sagas was not meant to make sense or even be put out in the public but I thought it would be something fun and different from 40k. As for how to explain is a long story. I will try to sum it up as best as I can here from the chaotic notes of my books. Note: this skips a lot of detail.

    It starts in a universe much like our own. A human named Tadhg Reid does some stuff and then some stuff happens that causes him to summon a robot army and kill a bunch of people but then he realizes what he is doing and in sorrow and shame he takes a spaceship into exile. Then the A.I he created to lead the war takes over and tries to find Tadhg. Eventually Clarkes 3rd law allows it to grow to be the size of the universe itself and then it discovers some sort 0f primordial energy and uses it to create a whole new fabric of reality for it to rule over. It sends agents, called demiurges, to the universes to seed life. Two of them realize what is going on and then one of them dies so the other disappears and is worshipped as a sun deity and one of her descendants is Aeone who hides among the sentient races using her immortality. Some stuff happens and she decides to take charge directly and establishes a empire. Then some game of thrones stuff happens and one prince rebels and seeds decent in the empire. Then a bunch of evil wizards working for the prince summon a creature from beyond to help them fight and to sow chaos in the kingdom. The creature awakes with no memory and makes some friends and goes on adventures yaddy-yaddy-ya and then they unite the league of kingdoms and attack only to find out that there is a puppet master that was manipulating the prince and that the creature that lead them was actually Tadhg reid. Upon realizing the truth of his existence he disappears and leaves a android to look after his stuff and friends to train in a temple and get powerful. Upon defeating the puppet master a rift opens up and a army sent by the evil A.I from earlier invades but thanks to Tadhg's technology they are held at bay and then the world is rendered uninhabitable and Tadhg dies in a climatic fight that destroys both armies and the moon and a universe. The Aeonic empire is founded and seeks to expand to fight the A.I that calls itself God.

    That is where you guys come in. You are all exceptional individuals who were chosen to join the Knights-Errant; a intelligence/military/political entity that polices the Aeonic empire and now seeks to attempt a expedition into a new universe to claim it in the war against God. Your equipment will be provided to you and you can basically come up with any being you want to roleplay as since it is an INTER-DIMENSIONAL EMPIRE and thus offers a lot of variety.

    If you have any questions or are interested then post here or make a conversation with me and we can figure out characters and stuff.

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