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Interdimensional Tournament Battlefield

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Mar 7, 2018.

  1. ~~Tournament I~~
    ~~Round II~~

    ~~Arena I~~

    @bossaroo || @Avenging-Angel
    Stefan= Slightly Wounded 8/9 ----- Athena= Wounded 6/9
    1 die each (4a, 5d) || 2 attack dice (2a, 1d[critfail])

    Stefan watched patiently as Athena stepped forwards, lowering his pistol and holstering it. As Athena took her final step forwards and fired, he quickly slid to the side. He was a touch too slow and part of his arm got burnt by the blast, but then he dashed forwards - farther than Athena thought and with his sword out quicker than one thought he could. It slashed out and cut across Athena's gut, cutting into the skin and sending red lifeblood dripping from the wound.

    ~~Arena II~~

    @Uriel1339 || @Grall_Stonefist
    Blizzard= Wounded 7/9 ----- Guldrek= Wounded 6/9
    Ice Fangs 2 attack dice (2a, 12a[crit]) ||Dirty trick 2 attack dice (5a, 11a[crit])
    Ice Fangs used (4 turns)|| "Pass" on cooldown (2 turns) Dirty Trick on cooldown (3 turns)

    Guldrek smirked a little and charged forwards, preparing one of his many dirty tricks to use on the dragon. His fist slammed forwards into the Dragon's gut, digging into the scales and sending a shockwave through his body. However, as he jumped back from that attack it seemed as if the dragon was unfazed, and quickly slashed his weapons forwards, chopping each blade deep into the Dwarven shoulders and causing the skin around to go blue and flash-frozen.

    ~~Arena III~~
    Share'm= Wounded 6/9 ----- Agu= Slightly Wounded 8 /9
    1 die each (2a, 1d[critfail]) || 2 attack dice (10d, 6a)
    "Thy Life is an Insult" used ||

    Share'm didn't say anything once more, finding the chatter of the digimon rather annoying. He once more cut his blade, this time downwards and cutting just the edge of one of Agu's shoulders. However this brought him down to Agu's level, the 'mon leaping forwards and gouging his claws into his opponent's chest. They dug in deep and tore outwards, causing deep wounds.

    ~~Arena IV~~
    @Grall_Stonefist || @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    Mordimer= Slightly Wounded 7/9 ----- Subject 6= Healthy 9/9
    Burning Crown 3 attack dice (11a, 11a, 5a) || 2 attack dice (5a, 11a)

    Subject 6 roared and charged forwards while Mordimer dropped to one knee and let loose a gout of flame from his crown. The subject skid to a stop and leapt out of the way, causing the burning substance to blast forwards and past the subject. Who had indeed lost all his momentum, so he wasn't able to bring an attack to bear this time.​
  2. ARENA I

    “Lucky strike.”
    There was pain in her voice when Athena spoke, how could there not be after recieving a wound like that, and she bent forward slightly to put pressure on her new injury. Taking a step back, starting to respect the Romanian for his abilities, she took aim at his left knee and opened fire. Maybe if she could cripple him or slow him down she could win.

    OOC: Balanced - 1 Attack, 1 Defence
  3. Subject 6 did not waste time and sought to continue with its original intentions of attacking the human who had just tried to burn it alive. Mindless aggression was also the creature stood for and all it would exude, perhaps at one point the creature had something more to it but as it stands there is no higher purpose to it than ripping its opponent apart.

    OOC: All-Out-Attack
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  4. ~~Arena II~~
    @Uriel1339 || @Grall_Stonefist
    Staggering a few steps back from the frozen slash, "I guess thats why only wiffy things use blades on the honest fields of bloodbowl" he said trying to ignore the instant frostburn, it would be shamefull to be slowed down by such means, so instead
    ~~Arena IV~~
    @Grall_Stonefist || @TuskatheDaemonKilla
    "TERRIBLE BEAST HOW DARE YOU AVOID THE CLEANSING FLAMES OF REDEMTION" Mordimer yelled as he revved his evicerator, letting the overzised chainsword roar with its own indignant fury, "SCOURGE AND PURGE" he yelled also charging towards his foe.
    OOC: using scurge and purge
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  5. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~Arena II~~
    @Uriel1339 || @Grall_Stonefist
    Blizzard= Healthy 7/9 ----- Guldrek= Healthy 6/9
    Blizzard coughed a little after the blow, rejuvenating his lungs with new air as the old was punched out. He couldn't help but chuckle. "I fight to live. I live to protect. When villains and evil is out to prey upon the weak, it is good folk like I consider myself to do whatever we can to annihilate them. Yet I sense no evil in you. So! Fight with honour!"

    The ice dragon would charge straight forward, both blades drawn and slashing them vertically down into each shoulder of the dwarf, trying to weaken him before finishing him off.

    OOC: All-Out-Attack with both Blades

    ~~Arena III~~

    Not really interested in fighting a botted player @.@​

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