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Interdimensional Tournament Battlefield

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Mar 7, 2018.

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    Stefan cel Rau drained his foe of his vitality of the traits on which he had made such a great opponent to duel against. He felt that vitality glow through him now as his opponent fell apart in his grasp. Life draining away. Releasing his grip and staring down at his nigh lifeless foe he smiled " you deserved a better fate than most sir Yarrik, hopefully this will provide you that" taking his blade into his hand and slicing a gash across his wrist , black blood pouring down from the blade and wound. Opening his foes mouth he coaxed the blood into the now prone man. "This should aid you to the other side good Yarrick, may we duel once more !"

    ( OOC : Farewell Yarrick ! Stefan trying to turn a good foe into a vampire though )
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    Letting out a cry of pain as Morioka’s blade cut deeper into her already-injured shoulder, more blood pouring down her torso, Athena hurriedly holstered her pistols before trying to stem the bleeding.

    Retreating from Morioka, moving towards the edge of the arena, Athena reached down to the belt at her waist and retrieved a small health-kit before injecting herself with it, hissing as she felt the medicine start to work.

    OOC: Medical Treatment
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  3. Guldrek wiped some blood away from his mouth as he looked down at his punched out opponent, "Thank nurgle for that block" the dwarf said as he took up his beerstein foe a celebratory swig, only to sadly remember that he had allready emptied it, hopefully whoever sponsered this bloodsport Also worked with bloodweiser.
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    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Brenda = Heavily Wounded 3/9 ----- Agu = Slightly Wounded 7/9
    "Woah! I was sure you had me there!" Agu bursted out in surprise, blinking at the magic knight. "But time to one-up my game!" Agumon focused his eyes on his target - Brenda - and inhaled deeply. But instead of fire charging in his muzzle like before, his claws started to glow red before they suddenly ignite in a burst of flame and Agumon running straight for the female knight, yelling as he did so. His arms held high, ready to bring them down diagonally onto his opponent.

    OOC: Cross Fire attack.
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    Yarrick felt the blood drain from his body, his strength slowly leaving him and his body slowly shutting down, His last thoughts were, Crap, I might piss off Sybil and old man smith by catching Vampirsm. Falling to the ground dead. Yarrick's spirit would leave his body and his body would begin almost turning into sand like objects before blowing into the unknown. As somewhere else his spirit would be caught and guided into a tube with a body slowly being built out of flesh resembling his own. As it drifted into it Its eyes would open as its body was being made new. Huh so thats what its like to leave your body permanently. Yarrick thought slowly feeling would return to him as the bodies flesh weaving would be finished.

    After completing the glass wold slowly slide out and the liquids and a newly revived Yarrick would fall out onto the floor as a waiting being waited. "Your clothing and weapons will be returned to you soon I suggest wearing these for the time." The alien said showing him to some robe. Yarrick putting them on would go on back to the halls to watch the battle once more. Seeing who was left and who would be continuing to the next battles.
  6. Arena V

    Share’m ignored the pain. While blood flowed, and it stung, had it missed anything important and he would be fine within a week or two. He focused on the warrior in front of him, going for a harsh stab towards the jedi’s Chest.

    OOC: All our attack + buff = 4 dice.
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    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Brenda = Heavily Wounded 3/9 ----- Agu = Slightly Wounded 7/9
    "That was a nice move there Agu," Brenda said as she leapt back onto her feet,"I can't say that I was expecting my attack to bounce off you claw like that, they must be quite durable." Snatching her sword up off of the ground from where she had tossed it aside. Setting it ablaze with her magic she charged forward to meet Agu in a head on clash.

    OOC: All Out Attack (Smack and Spell: Add 1 attack die to the die pool.)
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    ~~ARENA II~~
    Morioka= Wounded 5/9 ----- Athena = Slightly Wounded 8/9
    1 die each (7a, 3d) || 3 healing dice (12d[crit], 4d, 4d)
    Medical Treatment Used

    Morioka rose her blade once more and charged forwards, blade swinging quickly at the other warrior, who had grabbed her medkit and quickly dove out of the way. She opened it and was quickly able to close and heal up some of her larger wounds, coming out of this quite a bit better than how she left it.

    ~~ARENA V~~
    Share'm= Near Death 2/9 ----- Damien = Dead -1/9
    4 attack dice (10a, 1a[critfail], 6a, 12a[crit]) || 2 attack dice (3a, 5a)
    Thy life is an Insult Used (Wears off in 1) ||

    Damien charged forwards with a smirk, slashing his way against Share'm and cutting slightly into his chest. However, it seemed that the opponent had enough.. With a huff, The weapon was raised and brought down into a quick cut, bisecting the jedi and ending the fight in spectacular fashion.

    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Brenda = Defeated 0/9 ----- Agu = Heavily Wounded 4/9
    3 attack dice (8a, 4a, 8a) || 3 Attack Dice (10a, 10a, 4a)
    Magical Attack Used ; Smack and Spell on Cooldown (1) ||Crossfire on Cooldown (3)

    The two fighters charged forwards and their flaming weapons came down on each other. Brenda slammed her weapon into Agu's body, smacking the air out of him while Agu's claws flew forwards and cut into Brenda's body. That seemed to be the last of the fight she left in her, and she would fall to one knee.​
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    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Agu gasped as the air was knocked out of him, having fallen to the side after the encounter, panting heavily as he attempted to catch his breath. His eyes were wide in shock from the sudden lack of oxygen but slowly he got back on his legs, a bit wobbly at first. "Woah that.... That was..."

    The Agumon started, turning towards Brenda and seeing her unable to get up or so it seemed, he rushed to her side. "Hey, Magic Knight girl! Brenda!" He semi-yelled at her, putting a hand on her shoulder. "You okay?" His eyes showed concern, his muzzle a soft smile.

    "You fought really, really hard and well there!" Agu tried to cheer her up, seeing she was pretty badly beaten. Happened sometimes, but both would grow stronger from this encounter.
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    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339

    Swinging her flaming weapon into Agu's chest knocking the air out of him, Brenda was finally able to land her first solid blow throughout the match. Though it would prove to be the last attack she made as she cried out in pain from feeling Agu's flaming claws slicing through her chest. No longer able to power through the pain she was feeling she collapsed to her knee. Looking up at Agu as he rushed over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder she said,"Haha, thank you for your concern Agu. You were a most wonderful and honorable opponent and I'm glad to have had the chance to meet and compete with you. I wish you luck in your fights to come."
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