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Interdimensional Tournament Battlefield

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  1. ARENA V

    Share'm looks at the man. The insectoid eyes finding this weird pale being quite strange. He then gives a soft clicking sound... a laugh perhaps?
    "Ah, interesting. A energybased sword. Impressive. Was half expecting you to try and hit me with only that stick."
    Share'm hold out his weapon to the side, the long staff humming before a golden scythe blade appearing on it. Glowing softly. Share'm then suddenly dashes forwards. For him was this a very controlled and simple move, swinging his scythe in a low swing towards his foes legs, in an attempt to take him out quickly, but for the viewers would it seem as a incredibly fast one.

    OOC: Balanced attack
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    ~~ARENA I~~
    Yarrick = Slighty Wounded 8/9 ----- Stefan = Healthy 9/9
    2 Defense Dice (12d[crit], 7d) || 2 Attack Dice (6a, 12a[crit])

    As Yarrick stood there, seeming to do nothing, his opponent decided that he'd have none of these games and pulled out a pistol, loosing two shots from the barrel of the gun in quick succession. The first one seemed to disappear in the air as Yarrick's stand simply slammed the projectile out of the sky, but as it was occupied with that one, the second bullet whizzed by and embedded itself in Yarrick's shoulder. It was a simple through and through, not much for one to worry about.
    ~~ARENA II~~
    Morioka= Healthy 9/9 ----- Athena = Healthy 9/9
    1 Die each (6a, 5d) || 1 die each (11a, 6d)

    This fight started quickly but simply, with Athena drawing one of her pistols and firing a blast of energy which sailed right past Morioka, who curved her body out of the way before charging forwards with sword raised to strike. She moved swiftly, as the wind, but Athena seemed to see through the movements and jumped backwards right at the last moment, tip of the blade barely catching on the tip of Athena's clothes, them ending up in a standoff.
    ~~ARENA III~~
    Malthel = Slightly Wounded 7/9 ----- Bizzard= Healthy 9/9
    2 attack dice (9a, 7a)[counter 1] || 2 defense dice (12d[crit][Counter 12], 1d[critfail])

    The hammer-wielding Paladin simply scoffed at the dragon's deration of his name and rose his hammer, moving forwards with a speed one might not expect. This very nearly caught the samurai off-guard, leaning back just in time to not get a hammer to the face. Unfortunately this powerful swing caused the paladin to overextend, Blizzard taking full advantage of this and slicing through a point in the armor through Malthel's side, before kicking away slightly.

    "You are good, Dragon. You will be a tough one to best." he said, while his hand begun to glow with a golden light
    ~~ARENA VI~~
    Delara = Healthy 9/9 ----- Stefan = Healthy 9/9
    2 defense dice (5d, 9d) || "Pass" 2 attack dice [3a, 7a]
    "Pass" on cooldown

    Delera perpared herself for an incoming attack, staring down her opponent who pulled out what looked to be some sort of spiked ball. He gave a smirk and threw it, but it didn't even come close. It was powerful, of course, but it sailed right through her head and somewhere into the virtual audience.
    ~~ARENA V~~
    Share'm= Slightly Wounded 8/9 ----- Damien = Healthy 8/9
    1 die each (8a, 10d) || 2 attack dice (10a, 6a)

    Share'm's move was quick to be sure, but the jedi, it seemed, was also quite fast. The scythe cut out Damien's feet as intended, but instead of falling on his feet he caught himself with one hand, and pushed himself up and over - a flip during which he swung twice, Share'm quick enough to turn around and block the second, but the first hit them on the back, the Jedi turning around and smirking. "An opponent of equal skill. Finally."
    ~~ARENA VI~~
    Brenda = Healthy 9/9 ----- Agu = Healthy 9/9
    Balanced + S&S 2attack dice, 1 defense die (5a, 9a, 9d) || 1 defense die, 1 attack die (4d, 9a)
    S&S on cooldown

    Brenda and Agu faced each other off happily for a while until Brenda made her first move. She charged forwards with her sword at the ready, quickly reaching Agu. however, he ducked under her sword and came up behind her, leaping at Brenda afterwards in order to attack. She stepped back, however, and he fell to the ground - sadly, instead of allowing her to follow up, her magic sputtered and failed to materialize any effects.
    ~~ARENA VII~~
    Winston = Healthy 7/9 ----- Mordimer = Slightly Wounded 7/9
    Made i' meself (12) [3 attack dice 4a, 3a, 2a] || 1 die each (12a[crit], 5d)
    MiM - Used

    Mordimer roared out his fury as he began to move forwards against his opponent, gun raised and firing a heavy round towards the Chav he was facing. It hit while Winston was reaching for one of his many bottles. It slammed into his shoulder, burying itself with a spray of blood into his shoulder. However, in his fury it seemed that Winston grabbed one of the better bottles and tossed it out, breaking on the flaming crown and sending small exlposions through the air, breaking some of the skin on Mordimer's face and causing his ears to bleed.
    ~~ARENA VIII~~
    Subject 6 = Slightly Wounded 8/9 ----- Kheledai = Slightly Wounded 7/9
    2 attack dice (10a, 2a) || 2 attack dice (10a, 9a)

    The two beings charged right at one another, neither one of them seeming to be one for subtlety. The White Scar was the first one to strike, chainsword roaring as it slammed into the beast's hide and cut partway through, digging into the flesh and starting to sheen with mercury and blood. However, Subject 6 wasn't going to be one to stand there and take it, gabbing the marine by the waist and hefting him up. With a roar, it threw him down unto the ground, smashing him into the floor and causing some dust to be kicked up, some of the armor cracking on the front where he fell.
  3. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ARENA III~~
    @BadDo9 || @Uriel1339
    Malthel = Slightly Wounded 7/9 ----- Bizzard= Healthy 9/9​

    The ice dragon was serious as their weapons failed to clash. Like the Bushido taught, it was more efficient to evade and kinder to the blade than attempt to parry. He leaned back and low when the brute weapon came for him. This holystrider must have failed to realize that if he misses, the rotation would continue of his body. And as such when the hammer came down on the ground, Blizzard saw opportunity to strike.

    He lept forwards, drawing both blades at the same time in wide slashes, each landing a hit and piercing the armor. The blue scaled warrior did not push onward, and instead retreated with several quick backsteps. The blades were sheathed once more. His eyes fell to the glowing hands, a grin forming on the muzzle that flashed a few teeth.

    "You want to use magic now that you realize your martial arts are not keeping up?" Blizzard asked and jumped back one more time, getting down on his fours. He inhaled sharply, sucking in all the air his lungs could hold before aiming his head directly at Malthel, roaring with the ferocity of a dragon and the power of ice combined.

    OOC: Using Ice roar [once per match] - The dragon roars with a voice that freezes the very air. 3 attack dice, every hit removes one random dice from the opponent.

    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Brenda = Healthy 9/9 ----- Agu = Healthy 9/9​

    When the blade came, the Agumon got very scared and made himself as tiny as possible, placing his claws on top of his head to protect himself. When nothing happened except Brenda running past him, he decided to jump at her. But instead, Agu landed face-flat when trying to attack her. He sat up and rubbed his nose a lot. "Ouchie ouchie ouchie!" He complained, the nose glowing red.

    "They really should change the ground with something softer! Like grass! Or or or training mattresses! Like a gym!" He was completely oblivious that a spell should've hit him. His big wide green eyes blinked at Brenda. "Wait a moment! We are fighting, yes!" He jumped right back up.

    "It's my turn, ma'am!" Agu ran straight ahead, arms wide extended to the sides of his body. "Aaaaaaa-Guuuuuu Slaaaaash!" he roared, jumping high and coming down with both of his claws trying to tear into the magic knight.

    OOC: All out attack with claws.

    "Shit!" Backpedalling away from the sword-wielding woman, now that she'd identified her opponent as another woman, Athena hurriedly fiddled with both of her pistols, boosting their output. The modifications might not make any difference but if there was a chance Athena could neutralize the warrior's agility and speed then she was going to take it.

    Lifting both pistols, taking careful aim this time, Athena opened fire. This is probably going to end up hurting me as much as it will hurt you.

    OOC: Neurological disruption and All-out Attack - 2 Attack
  5. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    <Arena II>
    With bolt and blade both failing to strike their targets, Moriokia let loose a war cry as she practically hurled herself and the sharp edge of her blade towards her foe, going for a strike that would hopefully prove decisive in turning the battle in her favour. Despite the other woman's tools of choice for war being two hand-held things .

    OOC: All Out Attack, Using Heavy Strike. (1x Auto Hit damage, on top of regular damage.)

    <Arena VI>
    "Missed." Delara cawed, before raising her rifle and letting loose a ice-blue beam of energy at the Dwarf, keeping an eye out for any more attacks coming her way. Needless to say, she did her best to put up an air of disaffection, even with the fighting on-going.

    OOC: Balanced Attack.
  6. <Arena VI>
    The ball went wide, damn Guldrek had never been the best of throwers, and with the ball now out of the pitch for now, and that arrogant avian still flying high. As it fired some sort of handgun, Guldrek attempted to dogde out the way, and then make a B-line for the tacklezone.
    Ooc: Balanced attack defence

    <Arena VII>
    "YOU DARE BESMITCH THE HOLY CROWN OF PURGING FIRE" Mordimer yelled as the Explosive still Rung in his ear, "YOUR HERESY SHALL END IN HERE. SCURGE AND PURGE" and with that his massive evicerator reved as he ran maddened at the man who dared deny his own redemtion.

    Ooc: Using Scourge and purge :p
  7. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Brenda = Healthy 9/9 ----- Agu = Healthy 9/9​

    Watching Agu duck down in order to dodge her blade, Brenda quickly dodged backwards in order to dodge his follow-up attack. She couldn't helping wincing slightly in sympathy as he landed face first on the ground, though that didn't stop her from attempting a follow-up strike with her pre-charged spell. Frowning a bit as her spell fizzled out to no effect her expression turned to a concerned one as she asked,"Are you okay Agu? That fall looked like it hurt."

    Seeing Agu begin to charge at her with both of his outstretched, she quickly sheathed her Magic Blade in favor of drawing her Rune Staff. Channeling her mana through the staff, the runes engraved into it began lighting up with an icy blue glow. "I hope you don't fell to badly about me giving you such a cold shoulder Agu," Brenda quipped as she swung her staff in arc towards him, releasing a blast of freezing wind towards him.

    OOC: All Out Attack with Ice Magic.
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  8. With its opponent on the ground Subject six made a gurgled burp as something began coming up its throat. Eventually spewing forth as a stream of heated mercury coming up from its tampered with insides as its wound bled and leaked the silvery liquid metal. The creature was not concerned with the injury however, perhaps its brain had been lobotomized and had the ability to feel or fear pain taken away. Or perhaps the creature was simply too enraged and the pain only increased its anger.

    OOC: all out attack using mercury spit
  9. ARENA V
    Share'm looks at the jedi. The lightsaber had skratched his back, the carapace damaged, but otherwise wasn't it anything he couldn't ignore. He lifts the weapon again.
    "For the Glory of the Moonkeeper"
    He lifts the staff, which begins to vibrate, the blade glowing like the sun, turning into a more crecent shape. He then sweeps the staff towards the jedi, the blade creating an arch of light trough the air. The energy wave flying towards the jedi. Keeping distance while also attacking at full strength.

    OOC: Full attack.
  10. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    "Ehhh sadly its not really like a familiar more like its apart of myself that comes out on instinct and even at great times on command." Yarrick said his stand reacting instinctual and was able to smash one of the bullets out of the way and the other getting into his arm.

    "Owww. well if we shall fight then gentlemen I Shall fight as gentlemanly as I can Un guard!" Yarrick said taking out his baton in going for a charge and aiming to get into close combat, Dodging and zig zaging he attempted to dodge any more bullets that might come his way.

    OOC Balnced attack one defence once Yarrick and one attack on vampire gentlemen

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