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Interdimensional Tournament Battlefield

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by BadDo9, Mar 7, 2018.

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    After the newest competitors of the never-ending tournaments in this world's arenas were fed and housed (each with their own private room, tailored to be perfect for them) and given time to rest, all fighters were transported to their first fight. They would be taken individually to many different rooms, where once they stepped inside they would find themselves teleported to one of many floating arena-pods for today's entertainment. Once they arrived, they would find that they were each enclosed in an arena with marble walls and a dusty dirt floor, much like arena coliseums of old. There were of course the bleachers high above, but instead of actual beings sitting there it seemed to be virtual projections - and every once in a while one would flick out of existence, or another would appear in a similar way. They had been treated as kings and queens, but it still seemed that they were entertainment for these people. Indeed, once both opponents faced one another, a voice would ring out calling for them to begin their battle.

    Indeed - they had all been briefed about what would be happening at the feast, and assured that there was no danger of true death, and though they were technically given a choice in the matter, there was something in the voice of the orator that compelled them, as well as the lack of promise the royal treatment would continue should they refuse. (And of course, they had all been rescued moments before their deaths, so to be returned was to be given a true death). As such, anyone who stepped into the arena would be fighting to the best of their abilities, touted as some of the (many) greatest warriors of the many years in the galaxy.

    ~~ARENA I~~
    @Vulpas || @bossaroo
    Yarrick = Healthy 9/9 ----- Stefan = Healthy 9/9

    ~~ARENA II~~
    @Maleth || @Avenging-Angel
    Morioka= Healthy 9/9 ----- Athena = Healthy 9/9

    ~~ARENA III~~
    @BadDo9 || @Uriel1339
    Malthel = Healthy 9/9 ----- Bizzard= Healthy 9/9

    The fighter in this arena would find them facing what seemed to be a rather built human, covered in steel armor and holding a large, two-handed hammer with a rectangular head in a single hand. This paladin, as he was known in his universe, looked up at his new opponent from a large book he was carrying. After a moment's consideration, he let the book hang off the chain it was attached to, hefting the hammer up onto his shoulder. "I am Malthel Holystrider." he said with a nod to his opponent, standing tall for a moment. "Let me see what you can do, Dragon!"

    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Maleth || @Grall_Stonefist
    Delara = Healthy 9/9 ----- Stefan = Healthy 9/9

    ~~ARENA V~~

    @Wincent || @BadDo9
    Share'm= Healthy 9/9 ----- Damien = Healthy 9/9
    In another arena, a certain fighter would find themselves standing across from a man in what seemed to be combat robes and foot wrappings. There was a metal hilt on his best, and once the signal to fight was given he pulled it down and pressed a button, revealing a glowing, straight blue blade. The long-haired man got into a simple combat stance - weapon in two hands, blade held straight vertical - and bow his head to his opponent. He didn't seem to desire much to speak, instead waiting for his opponent to move

    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Brenda = Healthy 9/9 ----- Agu = Healthy 9/9

    ~~ARENA VII~~

    @CupcaknHell || @Grall_Stonefist
    Winston = Healthy 9/9 ----- Mordimer = Healthy 9/9

    ~~ARENA VIII~~

    @TuskatheDaemonKilla || @BadDo9
    Subject 6 = Healthy 9/9 ----- Kheledai = Healthy 9/9
    In the final floating arena, there was a different spectacle going on as one of the strongest scientific creations to be spawned out of the mysterious labs of this planet's bowels was being put up against one of the most powerful beings from its own universe. A large, humanoid figure in white, metal armor and wielding a heavy-looking pistol and a sword with teeth of a chainsaw as a blade. He had on a helmet, eyes of which stared straight across into the eyes of the beast it was facing. Without a single word the warrior charged forwards, sword raised and ready to strike.​
  2. Uriel1339 Uriel1339 Lord of Posts

    ~~ARENA III~~
    @BadDo9 || @Uriel1339
    Malthel = Healthy 9/9 ----- Bizzard= Healthy 9/9​

    "Holystrider? Could you come up with any more ridiculous name?" The Ice Dragon asked, raising an eyebrow as he put one of his hands each on one of the katana hilts, but not drawing either blade yet.

    "At least you are not a canine... Which might be better for your sake." Blizzard grinned, flashing a tooth as he got into a stance ready to sprint, but yet waiting for the right moment.

    "And I, Blizzard, shall be a gentleman to allow you to make the first strike. If you are lucky, you might even be able to hit me." That cocky grin remained as he awaited to see whether the Paladin was going to be faster than he looked. He wasn't Canis, so it was hard to gauge how this 'Holystride' would move, but the dragon knew he didn't want to get hit by such heavy blunt weapon.

    OOC: Total Defense; Evade then counter.

    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Brenda = Healthy 9/9 ----- Agu = Healthy 9/9​

    "Heeeeeeeeey!" Agu yelled over, waving his arm with the attached black onyx bracelet high and wide towards his opponent. "My name is Agu! I'm an Agumon! How are you?! Are you strong? What kind of person are you? Cool Sword and Staff you have there! I have no weapon! I only got my claws and teeth! What kind of things can you do?!" The orange relatively small dinosaur kept yelling to the yet unknown opponent. He definitely was full of energy and had an innocent soul about him. Almost strange one like him would be found in an arena like this.

    "Who starts first?! Want to throw a coin? Wait... I don't have a coin. What about Rock, Paper, Scissors?! Or you first? I mean we Digimon have no genders, but you are a lady. I was told ladies go first! So. Uh. Yeah, maybe you wanna go first?!" Agu scratched his head with his other hand, still waving.

    OOC: Balanced Defense; basically only do a Balanced attack & defense with claws if Brenda attacks.
  3. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Yarrick would step out of his pod simple as he did looking over he saw the romanian man from before, seemed he would be his opp anent, He kinda felt bad for the old guy, fighting him though there was no fear of death here, Though yarrick didn't believe any of that stick of being transported back to there deaths, unless he got killed by a car or something that would be lame.

    "So shall we get on with this? got to warn you Mr. Stefan you might not spot see whats coming at you from my stand, only seems certain people maybe able to see it though with our announcers here they might make it where one can see it. So lets get ready to rumble!" Yarrick said deciding to warn the man of his own powers, Maybe foolishly or politely. Yarrick moved into a fighting stance. "Infinite dreams!" he yelled out as his stand appeared a his spirit made manifest

    The stand unlike Yarrick was a dull muted color its skin or plating was a cloud grey while its body seemingly a bright blue its eyes were white and smoke came out of it seemed to be a brown, the Stands two fists appeared momentarily raised at him The stand kept up before vanishing back into Yarrick.

    Extending his baton out he kept it in his left hand as he readied himself to meet Stefan in the fight. Readying to see if he would attack first by getting close and in his range or go at a attack from range.

    OOC one defence on yarrick, Over watch on Stefan for attack attack if he attacks Yarrick in melee if at range defensive
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    It's going to be just like in the vids of what happens at the Colleseum then.
    Athena looked across the arena floor at her opponent, taking in their wooden armour and (from Athena's perspective) outdated weaponry. The big sword still looked intimidating though and Athena got ready to dodge as she grabbed a pistol and fired, sending a bolt of energy at the other combatant.

    OOC: Balanced - 1 Attack, 1 Defence
  5. The creature found itself out of its holding pen and staring down the thing placed in front of it, it’s body shimmering with the silver liquid that tricked from spots all over its body. It’s maw opened to release a growl as it’s tendril like spine covered arms twisted and lashed out in the air. Murderous intent oozed from its very being as the creature had most of the worthless non vital components removed. Leaving the hunched over monster before the space marine a monster that only existed for violence and carnage. As such it didn’t hesitate to charge right for it’s opponent with reckless abandon, flailing its spine covered limbs as mercury was sprinkled around the arena.

    OOC: All Out Attack
  6. Vanestus Vanestus Subordinate

    ~~ARENA VI~~
    @Vanestus || @Uriel1339
    Brenda = Healthy 9/9 ----- Agu = Healthy 9/9
    Looking across the arena at her opponent Brenda gave them a bright smile and an enthusiastic wave of her own saying, "Hello Agu! My name is Brenda, I'm a Magic Knight! I'd like to say that I'm a rather capable fighter. I'm able to fight my opponents at close range, while also being able to cast powerful spells." Giving a slight giggle at seeing just how enthusiastic Agu was being about this fight, she knew that she would be giving it her all to show him the proper respect due to a fighter like him.

    "Very well for being such a gentleman, I assume your a man any way though I don't want to cause any offense if I'm wrong, I'll take you up on your offer of making the first move," Brenda said politely. With that said she drew her Magic Blade from her side with her right hand, while readying her Knight Shield on her left arm. Now fully prepared for battle she sprinted towards her opponents position, ready to bring her blade down on them in an overhead slash while also readying her shield to protect her from any counter attacks. As an after thought she also began channeling mana to her right hand, ready to let loose with a spell at a moments notice.

    OOC: Balanced Attack (Activate Ability: Smack and Spell. Adds 1 Attack Dice to Dice Pool)
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  7. Maleth Maleth Subordinate

    <Arena II> @Avenging-Angel

    Regarding her foe with a glare of surprise, someone certainly not looking anything like a warrior from her, Morioka readied her Nodachi, as her evident foe in this arena went to attack with something that seemed downright magical. So she tried to get out of the way of the bolt, while charging forwards to bring the sword to bear on her target.

    OOC: Balanced Attack

    <Arena VI> @Grall_Stonefist

    "Well, looks like I need to find someone my own size." The Avian said, looking at her foe in particular like she was unimpressed by what she saw, Still, she readied her rifle, red and black in coloration with numerous angular off shoots layed in frost from the mechanisms within, and waited for the foe to make the first move.

    OOC: All out defense.
  8. <Arena IV> @Maleth
    "That come from you, you look like a harpys ugly cusin, CATCH" Guldrek answered the strange bird creature, this certainly wasent like bloodbowl, and therefore he could use the ball for its other purpose, taking a few *running* steps he then proceded to hurl the spiked ball at the avian with his dwarfen strength.

    OOC: using Pass

    <Arena VII> @CupcaknHell
    "DEGRENERATE, CAST YOURSELF BEFORE THE REDEEMER, SO I MAY ENACT SWIFT REDEMTION ON YOUR STAINED SOUL" Mordimer yelled as he saw the degenerate state of his oponent in the heretical tournament, he was not happy to be here, away from his holy couse, he would make sure whomever had apducted him would learn the true fury of redemtion, but first he would expunge the sin of this degernerate.
    Taking at first a carefull advance, since none could be too sure with possible mutants. Mordimer raised drew his hand cannon and fired during his steady aproach.

    OOC: balanced attack/defence
  9. Gallows CupcaknHell Active Member

    <Arena VII> @Grall_Stonefist
    The man whom Mordimer faced merely stared at him for a couple seconds then asked. ”Oi mate, the fuck are you on about? You’re one pretentious git, ramblin’ about ”Redemption”. He then noticed the fire, and a plan struck his mind; he grabbed one of the bottles he had in his bag and threw it hap-hazardly at his enemy, hoping it was one of the flammable ones and not just his scotch.

    OOC: Using ”Made i’ meself”
  10. Bossaroo bossaroo Well-Known Member

    Stefan Cel Rau would exit his pod with the grace of a gentlemen , brushing off his coat , straightening his hat hat atop his head and in general seeming almost entirely uninterested in his opponent nor their meaningless banter, Nor the young man's strang familair . "Do you simply have to be so loud ? Did you parents not give you enough attention as a boy or do you work on you back for a time i the limelight ?" Now normally this Man would be courteous to his opponents and Duel properly but aomething alerted him to the deeply off nature of this man.

    After his remark he would stand totally still , not even blinking or breathing. Simply staring down the man before him . the boy was more clever than he appeared , unfortunately he had man one crucial mistake in this duel. He had not a pistol on his person. In one action so swift it that almost tricked the eye as if it had happened at all his Revolver was ready and aimed as he began taking shots at the other man across the arena "I apologize for this discourtesy but to bring a familair is a disrespectful thing in a duel, to accompany yourself with its magicks is quite uncouth, send it away and we shall sort this like Gentlemen" he said over the shots
    ( OOC : All out attack over ranged )

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