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Instant Death By Headshot ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bladerunner777, Dec 17, 2013.

  1. why would they be useless?
  2. I hope not, Tac marines are the backbone of any space marine chapters.
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  3. are they? I thought the normal space marine was the backbone
  4. Bladerunner Bladerunner777 Well-Known Member

    Tac Marine = Tactical Marine = Normal Space Marine. ('re welcome)
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  5. Domilyus Schlifer Prefectus

    Tac marines are never useless but they are just too bland, and they do serve a purpose of flexibility.


    I want to be important person or like the very important person, if i can look unique then i would not feel as a scrub or just another tactical marine out there.
  6. AHHH, I thought you meant TECH marines...
  7. You will start as scrub and it's up to you and your skills to become the very important person. ;)
  8. Calistarius Calistarius Active Member

    Instadeath only on STRGH = 2x TOUGH
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  9. i dont get why anybody wants bonuses to headshots....helmets protect just as well as any other armor piece.
    it sounds like people want to make it as close to things like CoD and MWF--which have tiny TTK's and rely on getting headshots and the like with automatic weapons--and that is not what this is. people are durable as hell here. and if you aren't, you can still take bullets, and are fast enough/far away enough/invisible enough etc that it doesn't matter.
  10. wa--wat?

    tactical marine is its own class! bolters are a very powerful weapon and they are trying to give reason to keep it instead of other weps

    and how could they ever be a "stage" to get a "better" class like a havoc or terminator? a terminator is a limited/separate class, and a devastator is a separate class. its like saying i play tactical so i get better at devastator in space marine.

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