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Ingame Hud

Discussion in 'Ask the Team' started by ToMorOaY-Nidon, Oct 17, 2013.

  1. Revenlear Revenlear Subordinate

    Nice to hear that, it is just really annoying to use the minimap in PS2 to find your fireteamleader. I hope that not only number one can be squad lead.
  2. Venareus Hazard Member

    Quick question: will the whole HUD be optional? like say if i wanted to record something but wanted no HUD in the clip?
  3. Sqbi New Member

    About weapon HUD:
    I wouldn't really mind if the bullets count was displayed on the weapon itself. Also I hope the weapon sound will change when you get closer to emptying your magazine, just like in Spacemarine.
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  4. Freakbeast hyroyuy Subordinate

    honestly, something like what Rift did with their Mods. They had an in game manger for them.... just don't be as restrictive on what people can MoD. let the people do what they will and the results will surprise you.
  5. leperkhaun leperkhaun Subordinate

    I agree that if they are going to allow add ons they need to have an in game manager like rift or Wow, however i dont agree with easing a lot of restrictions. Part of the problem with some addons is that if you allow too much access to the game information you end up giving players who use specific addons a great advantage over those who dont use them.

    So as long as the addons cannot get information that players can otherwise get then im fine.
  6. Freakbeast hyroyuy Subordinate

    i was talking about how much rift had a choke hold on Add ons... it was pretty much just a basic DPS meter... and thats about it. I was honestly talking about changing how the UI looks, colors, shape of minimap... stuff like that. i hated things like DBM and Gladius for WoW... it turned it into an even easier game for people.
  7. DoWIIAtlas Subordinate

    I am curious about what the HUD would look like for players that are wielding melee weapons.

    In past games, most just leave an "aiming" crosshair in the center but that never really seems to apply for melee weapons. I mean, you're already in their face and you don't really need it for its main purpose.

    Don't really know if that's the way to go.
  8. Woa New Member

    As far as the HUD, color, sizing, positioning, and model. Pretty much if it can be in the HUD, it should be able to to have options for all of these, for each element.

    You cannot underestimate the power of crowd sourcing. From DoWs user made content, to WoWs large base of crowd sourced labor, has made these games beloved and kept fresh for long after they were released. I really hope there is consideration to opening up ui scrip like WoWs API for crowd sourcing. It will extend the life of the game by years, have more interest from a larger pool of gamers and keep gamers interested in the game for longer. WoW has saved thousands upon thousands of hours of labor due to crowd sourcing. A development team only has so many hours dedicated to a task till the product needs pushed and the next task completed. Crowd sourcing has no constraints in this regard. Your ammo counter might be fine and ok. But someone may have a better idea, a better design. That person might do it for free and share it with world. The players of your game might like it better than what you have and download it. They might like it so much that they spend more time in the game. Not everyone will like your design, no matter how customizable it is. I do not like my IOS7, go figure.

    WoW has 7 million players, it would have ALOT less if the ui was not open for customization. GW2 and SWTOR would have more players if they would have opened the ui to crowd sourcing.

    My advise would be to have a customizable UI/HUD, but not spend to much time on it. Use crowd sourcing.
  9. belevan belevan Subordinate

    I think we should have the option to make it look like were actually in a helmet and not just another mmo with a million abilities, bars, and useless things.
  10. Warlord683 Active Member

    Customization is very important & will prevent the need for downloadable customizable hud options from 3rd party sources that may or may not effect game mechanics. It should also be imperative that Macros are disallowed within the game as it will then simply be a 'click & forget' strategy that few people have any right to enjoy.

    In my lengthy MMO experience the majority of gamers are two types. Key binders, and Skill Bar clickers. In my experience the later eventually gets pushed out or force themselves to become Key Binders because either the mechanics of the game become too difficult or they are to slow to contend with those familiar with Key Binding.

    That said, ditch the skill bars on the Hud.
    Instead go with three small icons located somewhere on your Hud which are keybound to 3 keys (lets say, by default, Esc, ~ & Ctrl for giggles) as well.
    One will be your Game Options (graphics, sounds, exit, etcetera)
    The second option would be your skill tree & Key Binding options. A screen will pop up giving you the two choices. One will lead you to the Skill Tree, the other to your list of skills. By placing your mouse over a skill in your active list & by clicking a freed up key (lets say Mouse1, or the 1 key) you have automatically key-bound your skill to your keyboard without any further effort. You can lock them by clicking an option to each skill with a check box, or you can override an 'unprotected' key binding at will.
    The third and final option would be your character appearance, gear, title/'guild' affiliation or what have you as well as your inventory if the game dines to have one necessary. Seriously though? I doubt a Space Marine would bother with crafting jewelry or hunting for squig-skins to make a cloak but who knows at this point...

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