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In Titan's Shadow (Realistic Sci Fi rp)

Discussion in 'Role Playing' started by TuskatheDaemonKilla, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    "You look like a walking biohazard. No doors will be opened or suits come off until we know the air is safe."
    Hallam stared at what he saw in disbelief. This hazmat suit made it awkward to move in let alone handle a weapon accurately. This was supposed to be a boring gig, easy money. This is turning out to be something else entirely.
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  2. @BuriasDempsey @Wata @Vulpas @Tamu @Wincent
    Following protocol(and the orders of the armed guards) Weishen was successfully quarantined within the lab along with the rest of the frozen bateria as it was too damaged to be used for much else anyways. Not to mention the fact that removing Weishen in his current state out of the lab would likely contaminate the rest of the facility. For all intensive purposes Weishen seemed unchanged mentally but the catastrophic deconstruction of his body and subsequent reconstruction into this thing that was being held within the lab was extremely strange. It seemed more like something from science fiction rather than reality but it was right there and impossible to deny. The scientists would have been able to exit the lab thanks to the decontamination showers stationed at the only exit.

    Calling what were basically internal airlocks with decontaminating sprinklers “showers” may be considered fairly generous though.With the hazmat suits being incinerated in a nearby bin to prevent possible contamination. Once out they would be able to breath a sigh of relief and perhaps rest after such a stressful situation. Several hours later everyone would be feeling refreshed and calm enough to attempt to investigate into exactly what happened in a more efficient capacity. Easily able to check in on Weishen with the lab’s observation window with a microphone connecting to speakers to communicate with him. Security of course did what they could to ensure the situation was under control and nothing horribly illegal was going on. Any attempts at contacting the colony about this would prove fruitless as the storm outside was scrambling any signal that they sent. Storms were such a rarity on Titan that the colonists had never really thought of developing a means of avoiding communication loss during one. As such there was no direct cable link to the colony and really the only way to get an immediate message out would be the old fashioned way by braving the storm. Attempting to fly in a Methane Storm was next to suicide but using the buggy could prove to have a chance.

    The young officer Adriaenne would volunteer for such a trip knowing that even though the chance was greater it would still be a hard and dangerous journey. The young woman would be suited up and leave on the buggy that had brought her to the facility to begin with, possibly giving some hope of bringing help to the scientists and officers still in the facility.
  3. Wata Wata Arkhona Vanguard

    After things had settled down, Hallam had put the hazmat suit away already. Now he had a chance to relax but he still spent it in the security center watching Adriaenne leave on the buggy from the surveillance cameras.
    Scott's vigil took a turn when he couldn't stop sweating. It got to the levels of too much to stink up the room with. He left a note in the center's desk for his fellow security personnel and anyone else if they came looking that he had retired to his quarters.

    At his domicile he promptly undressed, put his clothes to wash and took a shower to cool off. A possible bacteria outbreak nagged at the back of his head so when he had the chance he'd ask one of the eggheads give him a full physical.
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  4. Fox Vulpas Well-Known Member

    Oran after a decontamination shower and incarnation of her hazmat suit was in her room, fear and worry had begun worming their ways into her mind, She had nearly come close to a fate of one of her scientific comrades... poor fellow. Oran felt fear of the possibility of it happening to her or any of the other scientist and as such began writing several documents in her room retelling the past events in a log and going over it alone. As she did she began wondering how long until the storm would let up and they could get in contact with the colony it was like some sort of horror movie now they couldn't get in contact with them and the thoughts of becoming infected or dying hear nagged at the back of Oran's mind.
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  5. With one security officer gone out back to main base and the other taking leave from what the note suggested, Alexander was alone in the main Security room watching the cameras and performing his usual duties, the conditions not any worse than what's he's been through during the Red War where bunkers regularly had blackouts due to enemy activity. But the war didnt prepare him for what happened earlier, still unnerved by what he saw, what was a person becoming a black cloud leaking from his suit before reconstructing back into who he was. While the scientist still seemed sound of mind, Alexander couldn't shake off the feeling of wondering just how deeply the infection afflicted Oran. All of that because of some sort of alien shit. At this point he's expecting that better be a hefty hazard pay bonus after all the bullshit they just went through he would think to himself as he monitored the surveillance cameras, in particular the ones that could see the what should be considered patient zero.
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  6. SmurfKun Tamu Well-Known Member


    During his confinement, Weishen ignored the other’s as he attempted to get to terms with himself. He would reply and comply with them as was required but his focus was on getting his body back. Most of his time was basically spent just willing his body to be stable. He experimented extensively with his body size and shape when he could but often he let his body change from semi gaseous to semi-liquid states fascinated by the transformation process.

    With these experiments, he found the limits of how high he could grow along with how small he could become. Weishen also found out that he could grow limbs at various angles when he was sure the others weren’t looking he would attempt to grow various limbs and appendages from various location. Over the course of these experiments, weishen learned that extensive modifications and change consumed a lot of energy and required him to consume a lot of food, but the reserve also applied. Normally he didn’t need any food or water intake, he could change from gas to liquid to solid with the minimum of energy consumption.

    Although his confinement limited the tests he could take weishen theorized that he could absorb energy from the molecules in the air. Whenever the door opened and closed some small air molecules would exchange from the cell to the outside letting wieshen slowly experiment with this. Not all things were fascinating or interesting as he found out that he could taste neither the food nor the drinks. There was only texture, only an upsurge in energy when he ate and drank causing him to be vexed to no end for he could not even feel full if he ate or drank a lot.
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  7. Sarah was, in comparison to the others, much more cheerfull about the situation. She spent her time talking to Weishen, studying whatever tests she could do and doing psycological tests on him, to see how he was doing. This was the first interesting thing to happen here for weeks and she was oh so intregued. She studied his molecular makeup, his responses to stimuli and more. It was like a second christmas for her


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